Waste to Wear

A photo of Adrien Taylor.

Adrien Taylor

We sit down with Adrien Taylor to talk textile waste, the fashion industry, and personal mentors.

Adrien Taylor doesn’t just wear his environmentally conscious heart on his sleeve, he also wears it on his very own caps. Not impressed by the huge amount of textile waste that finds its way into New Zealand landfill each year, he has found a truly creative way to redirect it.

What was the driving force behind Offcut?

The driving force for Offcut has been from the start, and still is, a goal of reducing the amount of perfectly new fabric which ends up in landfill. Millions and millions of tonnes of unused fabric goes to the dump every year and we want to stop that by turning those discarded fabric offcuts into the world’s coolest hats.

What is a typical day for you like? 

There’s no such thing! I’m involved in a few projects, including trumpforest.com and making climate change documentaries, so there’s always lots on and no real typical day. For Offcut though, visits to some of the clothing and curtain companies we partner with are common, and I like to check in on the wonderful people making our hats too. Then there’s producing content for social media and chatting to the amazing community of people we have around the world who wear Offcut.

What were the challenges/unforeseen moments in setting up your own business?

Unforeseen moments are all part of the startup life! Some are good, some are not so good. I’m lucky not to have had any major hurdles along the way but producing anything, especially fashion in New Zealand, is damn hard. There are always things that don’t go quite to plan or numbers which don’t seem to add up, but that’s all part of the challenge.

What other cool NZ fashion creatives have you got your eye on?

Tim Brown at Allbirds is a personal inspiration and mentor of mine. What he’s achieved with Allbirds is incredible, and he’s doing it with care for the environment and society. Annabelle at Rose Road is doing some seriously cool stuff in the active wear space!  


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