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Neat Places is your guide to the neatest things to do, eat, drink, see, visit, and experience in New Zealand. From the big and beautiful to the small and secluded, we uncover and profile favourite spots around Aotearoa. From brand-spankin' new cafés to dusty thrift stores, we put everything neat in one easy place. Need help with researching a great restaurant? A local baker? A place to take Grandpa for lunch? We have you covered.

The idea of Neat Places came about following the September 2010 earthquakes. After hearing people say there was “nowhere to go and nothing to do” in Christchurch, founder Marcia Butterfield took matters into her own hands and set about creating a website to encourage them to re-connect with their city during its time of recovery. 

Not expecting it to be any more than a hobby, Marcia together with Johnny Gibson and the rest of the team, have turned Neat Places into a guide for the cities, towns, and regions of New Zealand. 

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Neat Places partners with regional tourism boards before entering a new region, so get in touch with Johnny if you want to see your hometown added to Neat Places, here

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