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Neat Places has handy Pocket Guides to help you discover where to eat, drink, shop, and explore in New Zealand. We’ve rounded up all the neat places to go in Dunedin, Southland, Manawatū, Hamilton, Rotorua, Ōamaru & Waitaki, Wellington, Christchurch, and Wanaka to help you plan your next trip. We even have a Pocket Guide to New Zealand's best coffee roasters.

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A picture of the front and back cover of the first edition Neat Places Invercargill pocket guide.

Edition #1


Ōamaru & Waitaki

Oamaru and Waitaki pocket guide front cover.

Edition #1

Our first edition Ōamaru & Waitaki pocket guide.


A photo of the front cover of the new Neat Places Christchurch pocket guide.

Edition #26


Collect the set

The set of pocket guides.

Set of 8 pocket guides from around NZ!



Wellington pocket guide.

Edition #16