Mahinga Kai in Moeraki

Fleur Sullivan

Fleur in her restaurant.

After a few years of amateur foraging I was giddy to meet Fleur Sullivan of Fleurs Place, a Moeraki restaurant I’d imagined many times in my head.


48 hours Ōamaru & Waitaki

The heritage precinct.

Ōamaru & Waitaki

The Waitaki region has got it all - the ocean, mountains, bike paths, walking tracks, great food and award winning wine.

Neighbourhood - Whanganui


A suburb once left largely to its own devices and burdened by economic decline, Castlecliff has seen a huge turnaround in recent years thanks to a community determined to see it succeed.

A now beautifully landscaped central street has meant an increase in businesses popping up in the area, and the black sands of Castlecliff Beach are a popular place to build a fort, walk the dog and take a breather from the bustle of the centre city.