9 of the Best Plant-Based Eateries in Christchurch

Christchurch & Canterbury

Food and wine at Grater Goods.

With options ranging from casual cafe grab-and-go options, to full sit down dinners, it’s never been a better time to explore your plant-based options in Christchurch’s food scene.


Innovation and exploration in Palmy and beyond

Mahalee and Benoit with their family on the streets of Palmerston North.

Mahalee and Benoit Guieysse

Like many people you’ll meet in Palmerston North, Mahalee and Benoit Guieysse aren’t originally from the region, but they’re some of its most genuine ambassadors.

Neighbourhood - Dunedin

Moray Place

It’s thanks to the forward thinking of an early surveyor that the much-loved central part of Dunedin was left bare of buildings, which in hindsight was a very good decision, as Moray Place now serves as a favourite place to meet up with friends, have lunch in the sun or simply soak up the Dunedin culture.

A fire station built in the 1890s was moved from Moray Place 14 years later due to disgruntled residents being woken up by noisy trucks. However, now a popular place to boogie the night away, it is likely the sound of students partying that may keep neighbours up to the early hours.