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How Can I Be a Neat Place?

Neat Places is New Zealand’s guide to the neatest things to do, eat, drink, see and experience across Aotearoa. We have a team of content creators who spend time on the ground uncovering all the aspects that make a town or region neat and share stories from people behind the scenes.

Neat Places has a framework for the places we feature. We showcase local businesses and aim to uncover places that offer unique, inviting and positive experiences in a place or region. We are a trusted, curated resource for our users, and hand-select places we think our users will love. 

So, how do we choose a Neat Place? The key pillars we look at are:


First and foremost, we almost exclusively feature places that are locally owned. We love businesses that are owner-operated, and those that build a community around their business. We like to consider how the place interacts with its surroundings and local community, and bonus points are given to places that bring opportunities into their community. 


Whether the business is a restaurant, hair stylist or shop, we like to look at where their products come from. Businesses with a hyper-local focus interest us, as do places that collaborate with local makers.


We love a spot with a unique, memorable and even a bit quirky, fit-out. We’re suckers for heritage buildings, beautiful interiors, good design and great curation. 


The environmental impact of a business is a major concern today. We’re drawn to places that actively work to reduce their carbon footprint and seek out alternative ways of doing business. 


Our name “Neat Places” says it all. Sometimes, a place is neat just because it is. These are both the businesses stamped as “institutions” in their local community and the new favourites that have staying power for years to come. 

Be sure to look at our current Neat Places to get an idea of what sort of businesses we work with. If you’re unsure if your business is a Neat Place, feel free to get in touch to ask


Apply to List with Neat Places

Neat Places are more than just restaurants, bars and galleries. We promote accommodation, activities, theatres, salons and more. If you think your business or place is neat and would like to be considered, we invite you to apply here


Neat Regions, Towns, and Cities

Neat Places partners with councils, regional tourism organisations, and business associations to create fresh, authentic content on the neatest places across New Zealand. 

If you're keen for a chat or interested in learning more about featuring your region, town or street, get in touch with Johnny.

The Process

Once you’ve applied to be considered as a Neat Place, sit back and relax! We receive a large number of enquiries and will get back to you as soons as we can. If you’re successful, we’ll walk you through the next steps to becoming a Neat Place.

Please note, some content on Neat Places is paid advertorial.