Get to Know the Town of ... Timaru

An old building in Timaru on a sunny day.

The Riviera of the South, Timaru, is a South Canterbury east coast town well worth getting to know. The second largest city of the region, Timaru has so much to offer visitors that it’s pure madness not to have the town on your must-visit-list. From a small selection of great restaurants to wonderful galleries and shopping opportunities galore to interesting after dark activities, make sure you stop in Timaru for more than a flying visit.

Timaru town center is easily walkable and boasts plenty of retail therapy options from fashion outlets to independent bookstores, giftware and beyond. Dotted with plenty of cafés, restaurants and bars, you won’t have a chance to get hungry or thirsty while in town either.

With a unique harbour town atmosphere, Timaru is a mix of Southern class and seaside ruggedness. Make sure to take in the plentiful styles of architecture around town, taste a cold one by the town’s only microbrewery and enjoy some unpretentious, yet sophisticated dinnertime service.

To top things off, the landmark of this gem of a town is the stunning Caroline Bay with its picture perfect sandy beach. This is a popular summertime destination for locals, who enjoy walking along the dunes, playing a game of touch on the vast town green, or spotting the resident penguins hiding away in the rocks along the shoreline.

Bring the family, bring your best friend or that special someone and make it a holiday well spent in Timaru.