Kimi Knott and Zane Oosthuizen

Kimi and Zane standing next to their fungi smiling to camera.

Zane actually grew up not liking mushrooms—he found they had kind of a soggy texture. But one day, he had them cooked differently through 'dry frying,' and that changed everything.   

So we started a business called Good Vibes Fungi about three years ago. There's a pretty popular farmers' market here in Hawke's Bay, and they didn't have a mushroom stall, so we saw an opportunity to grow organic, gourmet mushrooms.

Kimi's family previously farmed on the perfect four-acre block just outside Hastings, which they've owned for the last 20 years. We often laugh that we've done a full circle. We're now back on their land, farming on their land and going to the same farmers' market they went to every Sunday.

We're a young family who enjoys spending time outdoors—we love being active and often explore the local trails and bush. While we mainly eat veggies that we grow organically, we can appreciate a night out with good food at some amazing restaurants around the Bay.

Take On Te Mata Park By Foot

We're just a short drive from Te Mata Park, which is a blessing to walk through. You'll find us here on a crisp autumn day with the whole family (including the dogs). This is a space that will only grow more beautiful as lots of native trees have just been planted. There are plenty of walking tracks to choose from with varying difficulties. You may stumble upon the 'Goat Track,' which is as formidable as it sounds, or stroll through the towering redwood trees in the foothills.

The tall native trees at Te Mata Park.

Shop Local Treats for Someone Special

Hastings Farmers' Market is your weekly one-stop shop for all the goodness that Hawkes Bay offers. It's guaranteed to bring a smile to your face, from delicious pickles and preserves to the best honey, locally made cheese and wine, or even the most unique fungi.

Seek Out Mushrooms at Mohi Bush

Autumn is the perfect time for a mushroom adventure in the Bay. Mohi is only a short drive from town, tucked away in the hills, and you can really feel the magic there; crisp, clean air to fill the lungs, no noise and a gorgeous walk. If you're not too savvy on the 'shroom front, pop into Wardini Books in Havelock North and pick up a copy of 'A Photographic Guide to Mushrooms and Other Fungi of New Zealand.' This is sure to help you spot some funky fungi in the bush.

Fill Your Soul with an Ocean Fix

Flat Rock is where the cliffs meet the ocean. This one-hour adventurous walk will have you scrambling cliffs and strolling along untouched beaches. If you're lucky, you might even spot a whale. We often stop at the second beach for a dip before we continue. When you get to the end of the trail above 'Flat Rock,' there's a small but steep hill you can scale for a tremendous ocean view of Napier. We always pack a picnic or pick up some goods from Bellatino's Market on the way through to enjoy. 

Refuel at Red Bridge Café

Red Bridge Café is an absolute must-do whether you're passing through to Ocean Beach or going for a scenic drive down the coast. Nestled on the Tuki Tuki river, it's the perfect location to stop off for great nibbles and coffee. We usually grab a chai latte and check out the daily specials or pastries.

Unwind on the Farm and Camp in Luxury

Clifton Glamping is the ideal place to escape and unwind. Situated on Clifton Station, a sixth generation working family farm that dates back in the family for over 150 years, it's a perfect balance of camping and luxury with all you need, including kitchen set up and deck with sweeping views.

Tour Local Street Art

A short walk around downtown Napier is sure to fuel your creative mind. More than 50 murals are around town, from small side walls to massive paintings spanning the whole National Aquarium building. These are part of a project called Sea Walls, coordinated by a local and exceptionally talented artist Cinzah. You could even hire pushbikes, e-bikes or scooters to drive around town and check out the walls.   

Chill With Dinner and a View

If you're keen on a quiet evening, grab some pizzas from our friends at Pipi's Café. Our go-to is the wilting greens on a tomato base alongside a few beverages. We'd opt for a glass of local wine or a beer from Brave Brewing Co, then head up Te Mata Peak for dinner with a view.

Capture Holiday Memories

Create some unforgettable holiday moments and meet up with one of the local photographers—we use Alexa Doula. Duck away to one of the many spots around the Bay for a good old fashioned family photoshoot. Our last one was in a sunflower field and pumpkin patch, making for amazing shots with all the autumn colours.

Rewind Time at the The Faraday Centre

The Faraday Centre is a little unknown gem in Napier. Take the family and check out all the cool gadgets and inventions. Items here are from an era that feels so long ago, closer to ancient Egypt than today's time. You'll find it in the Hawke's Bay Museum of Technology, where history comes alive through hands-on experiences.