10 Best Independent New Zealand Florists to Celebrate Spring

Are you ready for a fresh bunch of blooms as we head into Spring? Here's where to go for your floral fix.

Close up of a bouquet.

 Words by: Ashlyn Oswalt

Photography by: Neat Places and Supplied

Nothing brings in the freshness of Spring like freshly picked flowers. With the ability to brighten a room and lift someone’s mood, flowers can show someone you care, celebrate a special moment or give yourself a little pick-me-up. In honour of spring, we’ve rounded up New Zealand’s best independent florists to help you usher in the season with a beautiful bouquet.

Woman holding spring bouquet from Isadia.

Isadia Floral

Auckland, New Zealand

Guided by nature, the arrangements that come from Isadia Floral are inspired by New Zealand’s beauty. Isabel Johnston and Lydia Reusser, the two women behind Isadia, prefer to take an artistic approach with their flowers and create unstructured, elegant arrangements. They aim to find unique and interesting flowers, working with local growers and even growing their own to ensure no two bunches are alike.

Photo credit: Isadia Floral

Spring blossoms in white vase made by On My Hand.

On My Hand

Tauranga, New Zealand

Stunning displays are what’s on offer from Shaye Woolford of On My Hand. Based in Tauranga, Shaye highlights the bright, beautiful florals from the Bay of Plenty through her arrangements. Specialising in floral design and styling for weddings, parties and corporate events, On My Hand works with each client to curate a look that suits them. In the shop, you’ll find breathtaking wreaths in bright, earthy colours, alongside dried flowers and homeware. 

Photo credit: On My Hand

Flower arrangement from The Welder made by Little Botanica.

Little Botanica

Queenstown, New Zealand

Little Botanica out of Queenstown creates “bold, unapologetic florals” for weddings, elopements and events. Florist Amy Zareei has an eye for flair and creates show-stopping displays that act as backdrops for special moments. Specialising in sculptural arrangements, Little Botanica uses fresh, seasonal flowers to create made-to-order beauties that reflect the client’s personal style. Bouquets in an array of colours can be ordered to brighten the home as well.

Photo credit: Kate Roberge Photography

Bunch of flowers from Harakeke Florist.

Harakeke Florist

Christchurch, New Zealand

Harekeke Florist has been a mainstay in the Christchurch floral scene since 2007. First located in the CBD’s Poplar Lane, the floral and home shop moved out to Sumner post-quake to create beautiful arrangements in their airy, seaside shop. Focussing on bright, happy blooms, Harekeke offers a range of bouquets, plus a flower subscription service for those wanting their floral fix on the regular. If you’re looking for bright blooms, you’ve found the right spot.

The Green Room

Wānaka, New Zealand

The Green Room lives and breathes flowers. From beautiful dried options to large bouquets featuring all the colours of the rainbow, this Wānaka shop does it all. With a team of women determined to create an eye-popping display, they are masters in everything from curated bouquets to jaw-dropping wedding displays.

Flowers on display at The Flower Crate.

The Flower Crate

Hamilton, New Zealand

The Flower Crate, out of Hamilton, is more than just your local flower shop. With a focus on bespoke, New Zealand-grown flowers, The Flower Crate uses ethically produced stock to create beautiful bouquets. Choose between lush, lavish, lovely, or luxurious and let The Flower Crate do the rest!

A hand reaching for flowers.

Estelle Flowers

Dunedin, New Zealand

Based in Dunedin, Estelle Flowers specialises in earthy, vibrant flowers for bouquets, weddings, funerals and various events. Describing their style as romantic, natural and botanical, the flower arrangements created by Estelle Flowers are easy to fall in love with. Impressive bouquets abound, making this a great place to send an arrangement to someone you love.

Exterior of Mrs Bottomley's Flowers.

Mrs Bottomley’s Flowers

Christchurch, New Zealand

Mrs Bottomley’s Flowers provides whimsical delight in flower form. The shop, located in Woolston’s The Tannery is like stepping into another world. With dried flowers hanging from the ceiling and big wooden tables filled with cuttings, the space is a hive of activity — complete with fresh, botanical smells. The floral arrangements are rustic, romantic and fun. The florists at Mrs Bottomley’s strive to use seasonal New Zealand-grown florals, and as well as finding inspiration in their own gardens, aim to find new ways to use unusual flowers.

Bouquet of spring flowers.

DIRT Floral

Marlborough, New Zealand

DIRT Floral, out of Marlborough, focuses on local and seasonal produce — showcasing the ever-flowing bounty from this prolific area. Bianca Nardella, the florist behind DIRT, has ten years of experience in the industry and specialises in installations that capture the area’s surroundings. Using locally sourced and foraged flowers, DIRT offers stunning bouquets in a wide variety of natural colours.

Photo credit: DIRT Floral

Woman arranging flowers at Bunch Floral.

Bunch Floral

Christchurch, New Zealand

Alicia Erceg, owner and operator of Christchurch-based Bunch Floral, wows us with her brilliant bouquets. She cleverly offers just one bunch to choose from - a made-to-order, in-season arrangement that’s steeped in her sustainable ethos. Working hard to curb the single-use plastic and waste associated with the flower industry, she opts for seasonal arrangements without floral foam or plastics, and collaborates with local farmers to showcase the range of the season. Bouquets aside, you can see her work at local weddings and events and also in installations around town.