Guide12 hours Whanganui

A wonderfully quiet place, Whanganui’s charm is in the pretty streets where there’s no rush to find a park or feel frazzled by traffic. There’s no need to drive far here anyway, so join the locals sipping coffee on street corners, and find some of the most acclaimed art in the country at the numerous galleries.

A hand holding a doughnut.

The neatest things to see, eat and do.

A creative way of thinking comes second nature to a town with such a high number of artists, so sit back, relax, take off your watch and take your time enjoying this little slice of river side paradise.


There’s no use exploring on an empty stomach, so first things first, make your way into town to remedy that.


Not that you’re getting sick of the city centre, but there’s just more to experience a little further afield you see. Make the most of midday and head out to Castlecliff for further great food and art.


A slower paced time of day, it’s lucky we’ve got activities to keep you moving. When you feel like all you’ve done is eat all day then you’ll be pleased to hear there’s plenty of wandering in this afternoon plan.


It may be a fairly peaceful town by day, but come evening time there’s no shortage of people who love a good gig where the music is loud and bass is a’thumping. Stay up past bedtime and have a jig instead.

Staying for the weekend?

If you’re a clever cookie and you’ve timed it right, then a weekend in Whanganui is well worth staying for. Some town gems only open doors at the end of the week, so if you’re wanting to experience it all, we suggest you stick around.

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