Your Insider's Guide to Eastbourne and Days Bay

The exterior of Goldie Home store in Eastbourne.

Just across the harbour from Wellington are the charming seaside villages of Eastbourne and Days Bay. Their tranquillity and natural assets certainly see both coastal villages become popular destinations for sunny-day excursions, and the community feel of the local businesses not only binds the residents it keeps the visitors coming back for more. 

Getting to Eastbourne and Days Bay from Wellington is simple. Either take the downtown ferry to the Days Bay wharf or catch a bus from the CBD or Lower Hutt. There is a newly upgraded cycle trail paving the way from Days Bay to Eastbourne, and it’s only about a 15 minute walk. If you want to drive, follow the highway north out of Wellington, curving right with the harbour, and simply follow the eastern bays around.

With its well-preserved colonial architecture and community, Eastbourne exudes a timeless charm that captivates visitors. Nothing short of a coastal retreat, take the time to stroll through the historic village, where shops and cafes beckon, offering a glimpse into the daily life of what is an extremely close-knit community. Nearby, Days Bay is a quaint enclave with much the same community vibe, offering an incredible outlook over Wellington Harbour with a stunning natural backdrop. 

From the sandy sheltered beaches and scenic walking trails to the charming boutiques and vibrant eateries that line the streets, Eastbourne and Days Bay offer a much sought-after coastal retreat. Use this guide to unveil our insider's perspective on these seaside treasures, enabling you to see the best of the Hutt Valley's slice of coastal paradise.

Trading in the fast-paced life of Wellington city for the picturesque seaside villages of Eastbourne and Days Bay has surely never sounded so tempting.

See & Do

Getting to Days Bay via ferry can be considered an activity in itself. East by West runs regular services between Days Bay and Wellington, the short trip offering stunning views of the Wellington Harbour. Ride the Ika Rere to experience the first electric ferry in the Southern Hemisphere. Anyone who’s been is well aware that the beaches are a real drawcard for visitors, especially in summer. Whether it’s walking, swimming, jumping off the Days Bay wharf or merely picnicking, the pristine beaches framed by emerald hills provide the perfect spot for a leisurely day by the water. Beyond swimming, there are plenty of opportunities for water activities such as kayaking, paddleboarding and boating. Rentals are available for those wanting to explore the harbour from a different perspective.
Two women in yoga poses.

Pause Yoga Studio

Take some time out at the Pause Yoga Studio, tucked away in the serene bush of Days Bay. The architectural award-winning studio is designed to make visitors feel as though they are inside a tree looking out over the bush and the Wellington harbour. The experience is breath-taking, and not just because of the yoga!

Two people on bikes looking out to sea.

East Harbour Regional Park

For those wanting to get out and get active, there are plenty of hiking opportunities in the East Harbour Regional Park (including the well-known Butterfly Creek trail) as well as the multi-purpose trail out to Pencarrow Lighthouse. Whether you want to tread gently or hike hard, there are options for everyone, including bike hire from Wildfinder. Expect wide-spanning vistas, plenty of lush native foliage and various other landscapes along the way. 


It doesn’t take long to realise that everyone knows everyone in Eastbourne and Days Bay. There’s a warm feeling amongst locals that quickly spreads to anyone who visits. The local businesses operate as a cohesive network, a supportive community of quality boutiques, stores and art galleries.


Fashion key icon.

27 Rimu Street, Eastbourne, Lower Hutt

One such store is Goldie, a beautiful home and lifestyle store for design lovers. With a focus on quality products designed to make daily life a little better through good design, Goldie offers a thoughtfully curated range of design-led products for the home, lifestyle and little ones. Featuring a seamless blend of Danish and New Zealand design labels, expect brands like Ferm Living, Audo Copenhagen, and OYOY Living alongside Kiwi favourites such as Citta, Nature Baby, Sophie and Yu Mei.

Studio Toru

Galleries and museum key icon.

Opposite 4 Square, 3 Oroua Street, Eastbourne, Lower Hutt

Somewhere people can rely on for their fix of both art and beauty is Studio Toru, a unique 3-in-1 jewellery workshop, retail area and gallery exhibition space housed in one of Eastbourne’s original settler cottages. Works are produced by a variety of contemporary New Zealand jewellers, along with ceramics, sculptures, paintings, prints and textiles created by both local and national artists, emerging and established. At Studio Toru, the vision is to create a welcoming, inclusive and uplifting space where people can discover and be inspired by exquisite artwork and jewellery. It is a place where the creative juices can’t help but flow, and fresh ideas are constantly brewing.

The Cove

The Cove is a Days Bay store offering a curated range of premium lifestyle brands. Much-loved brands include iKOU, Boody Eco Clothing, and Dock & Bay, and all are perfect for self-care, souvenirs, or gifts for someone special. Quality goods combined with friendly staff offer a calming respite from the often busy beach just across the road.

Eastbourne Quality Meats

Renowned as one of the best butchers in the whole of Wellington, Eastbourne Quality Meats is operated by a husband-and-wife duo from the heart of Eastbourne village. Many of the meats are prepared onsite (such as the sausages, thick-cut pancetta and manuka smoked bacon) and their black pudding is literally award-winning. It may not be what you came for, but it’ll be hard to leave empty-handed!


Both villages are home to a variety of cafes and eateries, offering a range of culinary delights. Whether you're in the mood for a casual beachside snack or a sit-down meal with a view, the local establishments cater to diverse tastes.

Chocolate Dayz Cafe & Sea Salt Cafe and Eatery

Sweet tooths will love the sound of Chocolate Dayz Cafe, a rustic cafe in Days Bay with an outlook that is near impossible to beat. Overlooking the beach, the views are worth a visit alone. Add in some freshly brewed coffee and the crowd-pleasing salmon Benedict and you’ll never want to leave. Neighbouring Sea Salt Cafe and Eatery offers a similar view but with a more evening-focused menu, centring on European cuisine.

People on a beach on a sunny day.

Days Bay Pavilion

For those with families, the Days Bay Pavilion is always hard to beat. Offering ample play areas, scooped ice creams, outdoor tables and even the occasional gig, the Days Bay Pavilion really does cater to all wants and needs. Again, it’s just across the road from the beach but it also offers plenty of green space of its own.

Hive Cafe

Cafes key icon.

16 Rimu Street, Eastbourne, Lower Hutt

Eastbourne’s Hive Cafe is a spacious spot that prides itself on being genuine; baking everything fresh every day, and having particularly friendly staff. There is certainly enough space for everyone, whether you want to take a seat inside, upstairs or in the spacious and relaxing courtyard. Coffees are brewed with locally roasted Karamu beans and the cabinet includes goodies such as ham off the bone baguettes and almond croissants.

Tartines French Cafe

Cafes key icon.

Village corner 1, 2 Rimu Street, Eastbourne, Lower Hutt

Another Eastbourne mainstay is Tartines French Cafe. Bringing a small slice of French culinary delight to the Hutt, Tartines is a popular cafe and deli located in the heart of the village. Tartine’s menu is designed to be authentic, with traditional delights such as French onion soup, beef bourguignon, crepes and galettes on the menu. The deli offers shelves laden with chutneys, preserves and oils, and the delectable cabinet overflows with delicately made tarts and pastries. And the icing on the cake? Tartines boasts a beautiful and sunny conservatory, which always manages to feel warm and inviting.

The exterior of Eastbourne Bakery in Wellington.

Eastbourne Bakery

If you’re on the move (pre- or post-hike perhaps), Eastbourne Bakery will cater for all your basic bready needs. There’s a huge assortment of sourdough options, pastries (including sweet and savoury croissants and scrolls) and, of course, Flight coffee. Doing simple things well, Eastbourne Bakery is unlikely to leave you disappointed.