Punky Brewster







Sunday12:00 – 5:00 pm.

22B Tyne Street, Addington, Christchurch

03-662 9943

The craft beer scene has been growing in Christchurch, but for a long time there’s been a hole: no decent fillery – a place to go to for filling up bottles with craft beer from a tap. Now that hole has been filled, thanks to the good people behind Punky Brewster (who just so happen to be a family of four and one hanger-on).

Housed in what is, quite literally, a garage in the back streets of Riccarton, Punky Brewster is an unexpected find in an otherwise nondescript part of town. Mum’s the one in the family who’s good at finding things, and much of the space’s look can be credited to her – 70s style furniture and lighting, an eclectic array of drinking glasses for beer tastings and an old school overhead projector that projects the ever-changing menu onto the wall (yes, turns out those relics of your childhood do still exist). Not only is Mum the family’s best scourer of op shops, turns out she’s also the brains behind the place (it was her idea).

Punky Brewster takes inspiration from Portland, Oregon, the current craft-beer-capital-of-the-world, which we’re told by Rachel (the daughter, who runs the off-license with her friend Will) can lay claim to having about as many breweries as it does people. Mum and Dad have drunk beer forever. Dad knows a thing or two about business and the son/brother has been an entrepreneur since his days of selling chatter rings at primary school. Visit and you’ll have even more admiration than you already do for a whanau working together – this team has got running an off-license you’d happily visit every day down pat.

And there’s reason to visit everyday, too. The selection of craft beer on tap is ever changing, so much so that chances are there will be a new beer to try every day of the month. Punky Brewster sets out to provide you with beer that is hard to come by – like one of only five kegs of a beer to be available country wide – put it down to Mum’s good sourcing of things. Expect national and international offerings, and something for everything palate.

Punky Brewster’s one of a kind, and it’s pretty elusive too. Not only is there good beer, there’s plenty of loud punk music, plenty of education on where each beer comes from and what it is made from, the chance to sample plenty and special Punky Brewster glass bottles that you can bring back time and time again to refill. In short, it’s bloody brilliant.

Words by Grace Hall & Photography by Naomi Haussmann

22B Tyne Street, Addington, Christchurch

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