11 Cracking Cabinets in Christchurch

Three staff members behind the counter at Grizzly, with a cabinet filled with croissants, morning buns and filled bagels
Ōtautahi locals know we are on to a good thing when it comes to our cafe scene. We are spoiled for choice throughout the city when it comes to quality establishments serving up incredible coffee, food and service. In fact, in Christchurch, the problem you are often faced with when deciding where to catch up with a friend or enjoy a lunch date is the sheer number of cafes that are smashing it.

Pedro’s Secret Vegan Picks in Christchurch

Chef Pedro Johnston sitting on couch smiling at Scoundrel in Christchurch
Christchurch & Canterbury

Once upon a time, creamy sauces and flaky croissants were strictly off limits to the vegan community. Thanks to innovative chefs like Christchurch-based Pedro Johnston, this couldn't be further from today's reality.

Better than New: Finding the Sparkle in Secondhand with Nifty’s Rosie Carroll

Photo of Rosie Carroll sitting on orange semi-circle couch at her secondshop Nifty in Christchurch
Christchurch & Canterbury

There are people in this world who have a knack for turning one person’s trash into their own wardrobe treasure. After years of working in retail, schooling up on fast fashion, and selling her own threads at markets, Rosie Carroll is undeniably blessed with this gift.

Meet Sung Park: The Triple Shot Threat of Christchurch’s Café Scene

Christchurch cafe owner Sung Park drinking a coffee in the sun-drenched space of Akin
Christchurch & Canterbury

Operating one successful business in the hospitality sector is no mean feat – but managing three thriving establishments? Well, that’s something else. Sung Park, together with his wife Jenny, is the mastermind behind Christchurch’s beloved café trio: Lux, Doubles and Akin.

The Wine Bars Winning Over Christchurch Ōtautahi

Bottles of red wine lined up in a row on a table.
Christchurch & Canterbury

Whether you prefer a pinot or crave a cabernet, we’ve got your guide to the neatest wine bars winning over Ōtautahi locals and visitors alike.

8 Businesses Championing Sustainability in Christchurch Ōtautahi

A wooden building nestled amongst tall pine trees.
Championing sustainability is no easy feat, but these businesses are walking the walk and making a positive impact on the world around us.

New Brighton Good Life Guide: Elisha Blogg

A woman and child standing amongst a log playground.
Christchurch & Canterbury

Elisha Blogg grew up in pre-quake Christchurch before taking off overseas for nearly ten years. When she was pregnant with their first child, Elisha and her partner Mike moved to Christchurch to be closer to the much-appreciated support of her folks, and landed in New Brighton in 2018. Six years, two tiny humans, one very needy black cat and their second New Brighton home later, they have immersed themselves into the culture and community. They cannot imagine living in any other part of Ōtautahi Christchurch. We chatted to Elisha about her favourite experiences in New Brighton and what makes it special.

The Best Eats Down Riccarton Road

Inside Chinese Restaurant with dining table and yellow and red painted wall
Christchurch & Canterbury

While for some Riccarton Road may conjure up images of slow crawling traffic, BYOs gone rogue or adolescent moments at the mall that they’d rather forget, the quantity of exceptional eateries makes up for the road’s lesser qualities.

The Neat Places team’s favourite places to brunch

Someone holding a plate of eggs hollandaise with smoked salmon on the side

Here at Neat Places, we're certainly partial to great food – and brunch is no exception. We've spilled the beans on our team's favourite spots around the country to enjoy a slow morning over eggs, smashed avo, pancakes, omelettes, and more goodness...

Ashburton is the New Black - A New Look Guide to this Mid Canterbury Town

Plates of food and cocktails on a table.
Christchurch & Canterbury

Just over an hour south of Ōtautahi Christchurch sits the rural township of Hakatere Ashburton. Servicing a greater area of Mid Canterbury, this is where the coast, the mountains, the rivers and the rural landscape meet. For many Cantabrians, this is a town you pass through along journeys north or south, but scratch the surface, and you’ll find much more to Ashburton than you see along the highway.

New Brighton Good Life Guide: Jenna Ingram's Picks of the Neatest Things to do in New Brighton

A woman and her son standing in front of a colourful mural painted on the exterior of a building.
Jenna Ingram is a Canadian-born, New Zealand-raised artist, mother, occasional MC/singer, and keen gardener who is slightly obsessed with growing and pickling pickles. She’s also the co-owner and Director of Fiksate Gallery, New Zealand's leading Urban Art gallery. We chatted to Jenna about her experiences in New Brighton and what makes it special.

Shafeeq Ismail's Favourite Christchurch Food Spots

A man wearing casual clothes sitting down and smiling to camera.
Chef Shafeeq Ismail gives us an insight into some of his favourite food spots in Ōtautahi Christchurch.

Christchurch's Finest Places To Go For A Cocktail

Bartender adding purple pansy as a garnish on top of a cocktail
No matter the weather it's always the right time for a cocktail. It could be the height of summer, the sun is shining, you’re with good friends and fruity concoctions are flowing. Or perhaps the temperatures have taken a dive, cosy vibes are key and your drink of choice also has the job of providing some much-needed warmth.

Elevate Your Lunch in Christchurch's CBD

Bowl of fresh salad with a boiled egg on the table at Estelle Cafe in Christchurch
Christchurch & Canterbury

When it comes to meals throughout the day, breakfast is touted as the most important and dinner often gets all the glory, however, we say there is a serious case to be made for lunch being the best. In Christchurch’s city centre, there are plenty of options to satisfy your twelve o’clock hunger.

The Best Christchurch Spots For An Iced Drink This Summer

Women sipping on an iced coffee at a cafe
Christchurch & Canterbury

Picture this… the sun is shining, the vibes are popping and you’re in the mood for the perfect icy beverage to complement your day.

How to Survive a Hot Summer’s Day in Christchurch

Exterior shot of the historic Arts Centre and Frances Nation Cafe in Christchurch on a hot summer's day
Christchurch & Canterbury
Is it getting hot in here or has El Niño finally come to town? While sticking your head in the freezer all day may be a tempting solution, we’ve got some slightly more interesting ideas that don’t involve frozen peas. 

Where You'd Rather Be: The Best Mediterranean Restaurants in Christchurch

A glass of red wine next to a platter of cheese and cured meats at Salut Salut.
Christchurch & Canterbury
Pizza and paella, souvlakis and sangria, cannoli and croissants… There’s a reason we’re always pining over the Mediterranean way of life.

Neatest Places in Christchurch for an Ice Cream

A hand holding an ice cream.
On a hot day in Christchurch, there’s no better way to cool down than with a delicious iced delight.

Dine Out on the Neat Places’ Team's Restaurant Picks

A flatlay of plates of pizza and drinks on a table.
Christchurch & Canterbury

If there’s one thing we can be certain of, it’s that New Zealand’s restaurant scene is up there with the best. Whether it’s cheap eats or silver service, our country really does have it all. Our Neat Places team has taken the time to each pick their absolute favourite (or two!) places for dinner across the country and their reasoning behind each selection. Expect casual eateries and breweries to Italian pasta houses and Asian eats - there really is quite the range.

In Our Book: Here are the Best Bookshops in Christchurch Ōtautahi

A woman with a short brown bob reading an old book.
Christchurch & Canterbury

There is a certain kind of feeling you get when you enter a good bookshop, it’s warm and inviting, and a sense of cosiness and calm takes over. The scent of hundreds and thousands of pages waiting to be discovered and devoured is nostalgic, and it is easy to lose an hour or two browsing the aisles deliberating over your next read. In Ōtautahi Christchurch, we are blessed with a stellar number of bookstores, from a specialist children’s shop, booksellers that have been in the city for generations and second-hand shops that ensure literary gems reach the hands of new readers. So whether you are on the hunt for the latest bestseller, looking to build up your child’s library collection or happiest when spending an afternoon amongst stacks and rows of books, here’s your guide (in no particular order) to enjoying the best bookshops around the city.

Fill your Christmas Table with Christchurch’s Best

A hand holding a glass of champagne over a Christmas table setting.
Christchurch & Canterbury
If the thought of planning your Christmas Day menu sends you into a more frazzled than festive state, we’re here to let you know that you needn’t go it alone. We’ve rounded up Christchurch’s very best grocers, florists, bakers, butchers and more to help you spend less time in the kitchen and more time at the table.

Best of 2023: The Neatest Newcomers of Christchurch’s Food Scene

A large window looking into Kokomo cafe and restaurant in Christchurch.
Christchurch & Canterbury

Sandwich shops, spritz bars, the return of old favourites, churches converted into pubs and open fire cooking. This year was arguably one of the most exciting times to be dining out in Christchurch Ōtautahi, as we were treated to an influx of new cafés, delis, wine bars, pubs and restaurants. From flashy riverside venues to humble hidden gems, here are 17 notable newcomers who opened their doors in 2023.

Rolleston Fields: Experience the New Side to Rolleston

The exterior of the Rolleston library on a sunny day.
Hit the motorway heading south from the centre of Christchurch, and in a mere 15-20 minutes, you’ll arrive in New Zealand’s fastest-growing town, Rolleston. Once dubbed “the town of the future”, it’s apparent this is now very much a reality with a booming population, plenty of investment and exciting new developments appearing on the scene. With its modern, design-led town centre, it’s clear to see why so many people from around the country and further afield are choosing to call Rolleston home.

New Brighton Good Life Guide: Cam Burgess of Southpaw

A man holding a beer and smiling to camera outside.
Cam Burgess is the co-owner and brewer of Southpaw Beers, a New Brighton brewery that's currently brewing in Hornby South for the time being. However, don’t let that fool you; Southpaw is New Brighton through and through, and their tagline, 'bringing flavour home', is a nod to their desire to open a brewery in New Brighton, where Cam grew up and where he and his partner Penny now raise their two boys Paeroa and Atakura. We chatted with Cam about his Brighton memories and what he loves about living in this staunch coastal suburb.

Our Pick of the Tastiest Veggie Burgers in Christchurch

Close up of hands holding a vegan burger.
Ask a kid what their favourite food is, and you’re bound to get a simple answer: a burger. Ask a grown-up, and who knows what answer you’ll get, but in all honesty, there’s really that kid within most of us who finds digging their teeth into a good burger a satisfaction unlike anything else.

Venture forth: Your Guide to the Best of Banks Peninsula

A woman walking on a hill with the ocean in the background.
Christchurch & Canterbury
If it weren’t for the Port Hills naturally demarcating Ōtautahi’s southern extent, the bays of Banks Peninsula may well have morphed into extensions of city suburbs by now. As it is, we’re exceptionally glad for this natural backdrop, hiding but alluding to the world that lies beyond.  

The Recipe for a Neighbourhood Institution with Sarah Freeman of The Birdwood

A blonde woman sitting at a bar smiling to camera.
Christchurch & Canterbury

Is there much better than a great neighbourhood local? A place where everyone knows your name, usual order and favourite seat. A place you’ve frequented so often that it feels like an extension of your living room. Wellington and Auckland have endless ‘locals’, but here in Ōtautahi Christchurch, they’re a little harder to uncover. For residents of Beckenham, however, they’re blessed with The Birdwood. A prominent character building perfectly positioned in the heart of the community. A café by day in one space and a restaurant come evening in another, and now thanks to some renovations, there’s more connection between the two and a new bar to familiarise yourself with.

The Emerging Organic Wine Brands of Waipara, North Canterbury

A hand holding a bottle of wine in the air on a sunny day.
Christchurch & Canterbury

If you look beyond the standout Waipara wine brands we all know and love, four passionate young Canterbury winemakers are doing things a little differently. We spoke with each of them to better understand their inspiration and wine styles.

The Tale of Tussock Hill; The Journey of Vineyard to Table on Christchurch’s Port Hills

The Tussock Hill management team smiling to camera outside.
Christchurch & Canterbury

Growing grapes on Christchurch's Port Hills is rare and, from what I've been told, not easy. Match that with an onsite restaurant with a vantage point looking over Christchurch City and the vineyard while enjoying your glass of organic goodness, and you've got Tussock Hill. It's only been open since 2021 but already feels like part of the landscape.

New Zealand’s Top Hotels For Unforgettable Staycations

A massive red 'HOTEL' sign on a wall.
Forget the stale hotel stereotypes; New Zealand's staycation scene is flourishing with bold character and unrivalled charm.

An Interview with Josh Bradshaw of Sonder Leather Goods

A man holding a large piece of kangaroo leather.
Christchurch & Canterbury
We’re excited to announce the first of our Neat Places urban travel products, created in collaboration with some of our favourite makers. To kick things off, we’ve partnered with our friends at Sonder Leather Goods to create a travel wallet for all your essentials, including your wallet, credit cards, and of course, a Neat Places pocket guide. We sat down with Josh Bradshaw of Sonder to chat about the collaboration and the rhythms of leather...

Venture Out: A Day Trip from Christchurch in Every Direction

A view of the Canterbury plains on a sunny day.
Christchurch & Canterbury
Christchurch Ōtautahi is an excellent starting point for a whole host of diurnal excursions. Nature lovers, vintage (grapes and/or permanent objects) enthusiasts, pie connoisseurs, keen boulderers, or those with a penchant for something new, look no further when the conditions for a day trip transpire. Feeling spoilt for choice and can’t decide which direction to head in? Spin a compass - there’s one on your phone.

Culinary Inspirations: Behind the Scenes with Sweet Soul Pâtisserie's Rea Scur

Rea Scur working behind the counter at Sweet Soul Patisserie in Christchurch.
Christchurch & Canterbury

As a passionate Francophile and self-confessed sweet tooth, Nicola Amy Hinman was rather excited to chat with Rea Scur, one half of the incredibly talented sister duo behind Christchurch Ōtautahi’s favourite pâtisserie, about her culinary inspirations and the creative process behind their exquisite desserts.

Exploring The Terrace: An Insider’s Guide

Buildings lined up alongside a river on a sunny day.
Christchurch & Canterbury

Unearth the hidden gems of Christchurch Ōtautahi's most vibrant dining and entertainment precinct. Just a stone's throw from the picturesque Avon River, The Terrace is a hub where authenticity meets creativity, a meeting point for the intimate and the avant-garde.

Your Guide to Second-Hand Clothes Shopping in Christchurch

The busy and bright interior of a second hand clothing store.
The neatest second-hand clothing finds in the ‘03.

Where to Catchup With Friends During the Week in Christchurch

Two groups of friends chatting on a sunny day inside a restaurant.
Weekends aren’t the only time for catching up with friends, and they no longer hold the monopoly on being when you can have some fun.

Five Late Night Spots in Christchurch for Coffee, Treats & Sweets

An orange cafe at night time.
For night owls in search of a cosy corner to enjoy excellent coffee, dessert or cake, Christchurch has a few hidden gems perfect for enjoying leisurely evenings with great company.

From Novice To Advanced Yogi, These Are The Best Yoga Studios in Christchurch

A yoga teacher taking a class of students lying on their backs.
Christchurch & Canterbury

In the heart of the city and the surrounding suburbs, there are several specialist yoga studios that know their downward dog from their chaturanga. Here are our picks of Christchurch's best places to practice yoga.

Connect With Your Core At The Best Pilates Studios In Christchurch

A pilates class in action at Well Studio.
Christchurch & Canterbury

Tired of lifting weights, sweating out in a HIIT session or just looking to shake up your fitness routine? A low-impact (yet still highly effective) Pilates class might be what you are after. Here are our picks of the best Pilates studios in Christchurch.

New Brighton Good Life Guide: Matt Morris, The Urban Monk

Matt Morris from Urban Monk smiling to camera.
Christchurch & Canterbury

Meet Matt Morris of The Urban Monk, a fermentary providing nourishing sauerkraut to the people since 2012 and, more recently, opening doors on New Brighton Mall.

A taste of Mexico in Christchurch: The city's best Mexican restaurants

A corn chip shopping up a bean mix.
Christchurch & Canterbury

Craving Mexican food? Here are our picks of the best Mexican restaurants in Christchurch.

Our Pick of the Best Indian Restaurants in Christchurch

A man's hand serving himself at an Indian restaurant.
Who doesn’t love a good curry with perfectly cooked rice and soft Naan bread? Add to that a side of raita, some onion bhajis, plus a mango lassi or perhaps a nice cold beer, and let the feast begin!

How to Slow Down in Ashburton: A Guide to Elevating The Drive Through

A view of a black and brick building from across the street on a sunny day.
Christchurch & Canterbury

From gua buns to boutiques, artistry and espresso, there’s more to Ashburton than meets the eye. So next time you pass through this Mid Canterbury town, put your foot on the brakes and try some curated exploration. You’ll leave feeling better off for it.

Table For One: The Best Solo Dining Spots In The Garden City

Sardines on toast on a table.
Christchurch & Canterbury

Go on, free yourself.

Christchurch's Sweetest Treats: Where to Find the City's Best Desserts

Shiny cakes on a cake stand on a white table.
Christchurch & Canterbury

This may be a bold statement… but the best (and often most overlooked) meal of the day would have to be dessert. While some may argue that it doesn’t qualify as a meal, we would very much counter this, and our evidence lies in the many sweet sensations you can find around Christchurch Ōtautahi. One of the greatest qualities dessert has going for it, in our humble opinion, is you can eat it any time of the day. From a decadent pastry with your morning coffee to a treat-yourself-ice-cream moment to a lavish creation enjoyed post-dinner.

Mid-Canterbury Adventures & Where to Treat Yourself Afterwards

People in a kart going fast over a dirt track.
Christchurch & Canterbury

Mid Canterbury is a district well worth visiting, as there are endless tramping opportunities, thermal pools, motorsport and adventure-filled gems.

To Methven & Beyond: A Weekend Getaway Guide

A woman walking through the water at Opuke Thermal pools with the Southern Alps in the background.
Methven is an outdoor playground, and thanks to some recent additions to the town scene, there's even more reason to visit this mountainside community on the western edge of the Canterbury Plains.

How to Spend Autumn in Christchurch Ōtautahi

Two people spending time outside a glasshouse at Christchurch Botanic Gardens.
Put on your flannel and get ready to explore. This South Island city is teeming with the best things to do in autumn.

Dinner and a Show? Here are our Picks on Where to Dine and be Entertained in Christchurch

A man dressed in a black holding a red piece of fabric.
Make a night out in Christchurch Ōtautahi with our roundup of the best places to enjoy dinner and a show.

From Udon Noodles to Yakitori: Here are Our Picks for Christchurch's Best Japanese Restaurants

A flatlay of plates of Japanese food at Bar Yoku Christchurch.
Christchurch & Canterbury

Just like food from any country, Japanese cuisine has an array of regional specialities that have been created from local ingredients and traditional recipes. The best way to sample these would be to take a culinary tour across the island nation, but luckily for us in Christchurch, the city offers a number of authentic Japanese restaurants, all with their own speciality.

New Brighton Good Life Guide: Hamish Evans from Switch

Hamish Evans at the beach smiling to camera whilst wearing a wet suit.
Christchurch & Canterbury

Meet Hamish Evans, a coffee impresario, family man and local legend who calls New Brighton home.

Mangia Italiano: Where to find Christchurch's finest Italian restaurants

A chef serving a plate of spinach pasta on a plate in the sunlight.
Christchurch & Canterbury

We've searched out Christchurch's best establishments offering a slice of the good life, inspired by the fields of Florence, streets of Rome and canals of Venice.

Fast and Flavourful: Our Must-Try Takeaways In Christchurch

A flatlay of salads and hot chips on a table at Zeek's.
Christchurch & Canterbury

Discover some of Christchurch’s best food and eateries without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Where to Dine as a Big Group in Christchurch

Big group dining at The Laboratory.
Planning a birthday celebration, special occasion or just a big catchup with friends or family? Inevitably one of the first thoughts that pops into your head is where to go and will there be enough space for a larger group. Luckily in Christchurch, we’ve got some pretty neat spots that have you covered when it comes to booking a big table or will happily rearrange things to make it work for your numbers. So let us take the pressure off trying to find a location, all you need to do is peruse our best-of list, make a booking and you are all sorted to enjoy whatever celebration or occasion you are organising.

Seats in the City: Best Seats in Ōtautahi Christchurch

A big wooden building in the forest at Christchurch adventure park.
Christchurch & Canterbury

People watching and view gazing are among life’s small pleasures, and there’s nothing quite like walking into your favourite café and seeing the prime table empty and beckoning you. Now while this may seem like a bit of an exaggeration, anyone who has ever ended up seated by the bathroom or a swinging kitchen door will be nodding their heads in agreement.

New Brighton Good Life Guide: Samantha Fay

Samantha Fay looking to camera inside her studio.
Christchurch & Canterbury

Meet Samantha Fay, a textile and fibre artist who calls New Brighton, Christchurch Ōtautahi home. Here is her guide to this beachside suburb.

Best Urban Wine Experiences in New Zealand

Glasses and a bottle of wine sitting on a table in the outdoor seating area of Puffin Wine Bar in Wellington.

All around New Zealand, we are blessed with incredible wine experiences right in our own urban backyard. No matter your vino preference from a classic Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc to a Central Otago Pinot Noir or perhaps an interesting blend from a far away European vineyard, you don’t have to travel far to sample and enjoy a glass or two (responsibly of course!).

Catherine & Lin from New Brighton Community Gardens

Catherine O’Neill and Lin Klenner smiling in their New Brighton Community Gardens.
Christchurch & Canterbury

Meet Catherine O’Neill and Lin Klenner of New Brighton Community Gardens. Catherine has been the trusted Garden Manager since 2010 and Lin looks after everything but gardening. From the ground up is how they roll.

Best Things To Do In Christchurch This Spring

The old greenhouse in the centre of the Christchurch botanical gardens is surrounded by tall green trees.
On a gorgeous day, it’s hard to beat Ōtautahi Christchurch in the springtime as the garden city comes into its own.

Where to Find Christchurch’s Best Burgers

A Chicken burger on a black plate sitting on a wooden bench.
If you are looking for a good burger in Christchurch, you don't have to look very far!

A Wondrous Walking Guide to Christchurch Ōtautahi

A big glass house filled with rows of plants.

Lace up your comfiest shoes and hit the pavement, the best way to explore a city is on your own two feet and Christchurch is no exception. In fact, with not a hill or steep incline in sight in the city centre, it’s arguably the easiest city in the country to walk around - or at least the easiest on your calf muscles.

A Guide to Shopping and One of a Kind Fashion in Christchurch

Interior image of the fashion and homeware store Indigo & Provisions.
Christchurch & Canterbury
Christchurch is a city known for its many incredible cafés, greenspaces and close proximity to day trips and adventures throughout the region. However, now the city is also gaining a reputation for its emerging shopping offering, particularly in the central city, where there are many districts and laneways to discover. 

A Guide to Architecture and Art in Christchurch

A red and white bricked building in Christchurchs city centre.
Christchurch & Canterbury

Ōtautahi Christchurch’s cityscape is ever evolving and the combination of historic structures versus new modern buildings, works together in harmony to create a vibrant city.

10 South Island Ski Fields and Bars for Your Après-Ski

People skiing at one New Zealand's best ski fields Roundhill.
Christchurch & Canterbury

The feeling of cracking open a cold beverage after a hard day on the ski fields is tough to beat. Whether it’s while soaking those sore muscles in a hot tub, or changing gears for a big night out, it always feels like a drink well earned. Even more so if it’s freezing outside.

Memorable Christchurch Accommodation Worth Travelling for

The exterior of Christchurch accommodation with roses and hedged in front.
Christchurch & Canterbury

Looking for that one-of-a-kind Christchurch accommodation that will make your trip to Ōtautahi truly unforgettable? From fancy five-star hotel experiences to secluded cabins in the heart of wine country, whatever your needs and whatever your budget, our Christchurch accommodation guide has you covered.

Christchurch Food Guide: Alex Davies of Gatherings

Image of the Chef Alex Davies wearing a cap.
Chef Alex Davies gives us his insight into some of the best places for food in Ōtautahi Christchurch.

The Key Ingredients for a Wellness Weekend in Ōtautahi Christchurch

Women soaking in the hot pools at New Brighton Hot Pools in Christchurch.
Christchurch & Canterbury

Now more than ever people are making their health a priority, often travelling around the country to get the very best wellness experiences.

The Ultimate Local's Guide to Christchurch & Surrounds

The colourful facades on New Regent Street on a sunny day.
Christchurch & Canterbury

Christchurch Ōtautahi is proud to be a place full of rich experiences that no matter where your interests lie or what stage of life you are at, this city is sure to deliver in spades. Armed with local insider knowledge, this guide gives you the very best that Christchurch Ōtautahi has to offer and ensures you won’t run out of things to do anytime soon.

Welcome to Eating & Drinking in Christchurch's East Block

Lots of people sitting around tables at Smash Palace Christchurch on a sunny day.
Christchurch & Canterbury

The 'East Block' is home to many of Christchurch, Ōtautahi's best bars and restaurants. You will find a various range of cultures to meet every occasion.

Fill Your Picnic Basket with Sydenham's Finest Artisan Food & Drinks

Person in denim jacket using tongs to put donuts and croissants into a take away container.
Christchurch & Canterbury

The streets of Sydenham are filled with all the best artisan producers and quality food and drink. From picnics, special lunches or filling the pantry, we've made this list of Sydenham's top locations so you don't have to.

New Brighton Good Life Guide: Reuben Woods

Image of male in yellow beanie infant of a painted wall.

Meet Reuben Woods, an arts writer, curator and the creative director of 'Watch This Space', an urban arts trust dedicated to exploring, documenting and celebrating graffiti and street art in Ōtautahi and wider Aotearoa.

He wrote his PhD thesis on the performances of graffiti, street art and independent public art at the University of Canterbury, a challenge that strengthened his bonds with the city and, in some ways, with New Brighton, a village that has embraced colour and creativity.

Bottoms Up ... 9 of the Best South Island Pubs

A wooden bar with green downlights where there are 4 beers on tap.
Pack up the car, gather a group of mates and most importantly designate a sober driver… it’s time to embark on a tour of the South Island.

Aotearoa's Underground Haunts, Rooftops and The In-betweens

A view of the Pink Lady building looking up from the ground.

From rooftop bars to underground haunts and hidden gems in-between, New Zealand has plenty of incredible spots hiding in our cities and towns. They may be a bit hard to find, but the best stuff takes a little effort, right?

South Town

People working inside a busy cafe in Christchurch's South Town.
Christchurch & Canterbury
Named for its position at the bottom edge of the city's main centre, Christchurch's South Town offers a pretty fantastic mix of eateries and shops. Made up of a collection of boutique cafés, bars and workspaces, the area has seen a massive renewal since the 2011 Christchurch earthquakes. An ambitious group of young owner/operators have flocked to the area to combine forces and bring a bit of quirk to the centre city’s southern suburb. If it’s coffee you’re after, this is the place to come. Those who excel at roasting have set up camp here and are followed religiously by those who can’t start the day without a cup of joe.

Some Like It Hot: A Guide To New Zealand’s Best Hot Pools

Blue steaming hot pools surrounded by the New Brighton beach.
Christchurch & Canterbury

Remedy your winter chills by submerging yourself in one of these dreamy (and super steamy) hot pools.

Christchurch's Secret Spaces and Places

Blue, yellow and green building fronts in Christchurch's new regent street.
Christchurch & Canterbury
There’s something thrilling about discovering a secret place. Whether it be a little speakeasy underground or a garden not on any map, it’s a gift for you to enjoy. 

10 Craft Beer Destinations To Add To Your South Island Getaway

A staff member pulling a pint of craft beer behind the counter at B.Effect in Wanaka.
Christchurch & Canterbury

Few things top the feeling of sampling a local craft beer while on holiday. Lucky for you, the South Island is brimming with places to get your small-batch fix.

Free Things To Do in Christchurch Ōtautahi

A group of adults looking intently at a colourful painting on a wall at Christchurch Art Gallery.
Even without spending a cent, you can enjoy the rich history and beautiful landscape that Christchurch has to offer.

7 Urban Hotels Worth Travelling For

A colourful bedroom inside The Intrepid Hotel in Wellington.

In the UK, the term ‘city-break’ is frequently used to describe a weekend away visiting the European city of the moment, exploring everything on offer and most often staying in boutique accommodation. Now, we may be thousands of miles away from being able to achieve a casual few days in a European city, but here in New Zealand, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to urban hotels that are worth travelling around the country for.

New Brighton

View of the New Brighton Mall, Christchurch.
Christchurch & Canterbury
Bygone days of seaside prosperity linger in the eastern suburb of New Brighton, but don’t be surprised if you fall for its current scruffy charm. With newly emerging hospitality, He Puna Taimoana hot pools and eighteen kilometres of sandy coastline, New Brighton has a distinctive appeal. Having famously gained popularity in the 1960s - when New Brighton was the only shopping centre open on a Saturday in Christchurch - crowds would routinely flock to the shops where they could pick up their wares, an ice cream and stroll along the pier. Nowadays, locals and visitors alike can still be seen meandering down the longest pier in Australasia and breathing in some of that salty sea air. 

New Brighton Good Life Guide: Sam & Caroline at The Burger Joint

Sam and Caroline sitting on the couch at The Burger Joint, New Brighton.
Christchurch & Canterbury
We shifted to New Brighton 10 years ago. Caroline moved to New Zealand from England 25 years ago and has always dreamed of living by the beach. We bought a little cottage in South New Brighton and live there with our teenage daughter Lola, two dogs and three cats. Our eldest son, Mali, recently moved out to live with friends but stayed local.  

7 South Island Road Trips to Add to Your Bucket List

A view of Punakaiki on a sunny day.
Christchurch & Canterbury

Fill up the tank; a South Island road trip adventure awaits.

7 Café and Restaurant Interiors that will set your heart aflutter in Ōtautahi

Interior view of gin gin feature green and pink contrast archway.
Forget Pinterest, head to these Christchurch spots for major mood board inspo.

Crazy about Hazy? All about the stouts? Time to read our CHC Craft Beer Guide

Hand reaching into fridge to grab a can of craft beer.

Christchurch has a raft of excellent craft beer bars at its disposal and, quite frankly, that’s great news for locals and visitors alike. If you’re on the hunt for a bar that serves high quality brews with a similarly authentic vibe, we suggest having a perusal through our Christchurch Craft Beer Guide. We won’t claim it as definitive, but it's a bloody good attempt. Any visit to one of these top establishments will likely have you ordering another round faster than you can say ‘blimey, they’re crafty...’

8 Unexpected Things To Do in Christchurch

Someone zip-lining at Christchurch Adventure Park in the Port Hills, Christchurch.
Take the lesser known track and try our list of unexpected places to visit in Christchurch.

Get Acquainted at the Chef’s Table at these Christchurch Spots

People dining at the bar at Londo.
Christchurch & Canterbury

Dine up close and personal.

Time to Mastermind an Outing with Your Family at One of These Kid Friendly Spots

Mum with three kids inside Riverside Market in Christchurch.
Christchurch & Canterbury

You’ve got the mini-mes in tow and you’re needing a bite to eat - we’ve got you covered…

Let's Celebrate Women in Hospitality

Three women on strike in 1913.
Christchurch & Canterbury
To mark International Women's Day, we reached out to five women who live and breathe hospitality in Christchurch. These women put in the hard yards, work tirelessly (dishes and all) and have the energy and stamina to do hospo day in day out with a smile in tow. We have massive respect for that.   Amongst their answers a common thread emerges. These Women - sommieliers to gelato makers - love connecting with people. It is inspiring to hear how they chose their path (or rather it choosing them in some cases) and they've shared some tips for budding hospo wāhine out there. 

Great hair days on repeat with Christchurch’s best hairdressers

Hairstylist washing a woman's hair at Mod's Hair in Christchurch.
Christchurch & Canterbury

Fall in love with your locks with a visit to one of these top salons in Ōtautahi

Stock Up On Vinyl At The 8 Best Record Stores In New Zealand

Interior of record store.
Give Spotify a rest and throw your money behind local artists and record retailers.

Tick Off Your Reading List At New Zealand’s Independent Bookshops

Bookcase jam packed with books at The Last Chapter, Wānaka.
Bibliophiles gather around; here's your comprehensive guide to New Zealand's best bookshops. Each of these fiercely independent bookstores brings a strong sense of personality, enriched by the culture and history of the towns they call home.  From North to South, from mystical fantasy to heartfelt memoirs, there's plenty to tickle your bookish brains at these local spots. So clear your shelf and break out your Good Reads list; here's where to get your literature fix across Aotearoa.  

Get the Glow with Christchurch's Best Facials

A woman draped in a blue towel getting a facial  at Total Body Concept in Christchurch.
Christchurch & Canterbury

There’s no better time than the present to get your glow on with a facial from one of Christchurch's best facialists. With specialists in all corners of the city, a facial is the perfect way to relax, rejuvenate and refresh. Catering to all skin-types, and genders alike, your next pamper session is sure to leave you feeling lit from within, while giving your skin the tender love and care that it needs.

Score The Inside Scoop On New Zealand’s Best Ice Cream And Gelato Spots

Two ice creams in holder at Utopia Ice, Christchurch.
Licking back an ice cream on a sweltering hot day is a Kiwi pastime we all know and love. As far as summer favourites go, it's up there with long balmy nights, beach days and sausage sizzles. Whether your vice is hokey pokey, mint choc chip or cookies and cream, the list goes on.  So it's only fair we save you the hassle of scouting out the best spots to pick up a scoop (or three) when the temperature rises. From North to South, these are the best ice cream and gelato shops in New Zealand.

Best on Bread: 7 Carby Delights to Eat Your Way Across Christchurch

A selection of different sandwiches on a table.
Christchurch & Canterbury

Not all sandwiches were made equal so we've rounded up some of our favourite spots to grab a sammy in Christchurch.

CHC Institutions We Love

Lots of people sitting outside at Smash Palace, Christchurch.
Still going strong after 10 plus years, and there's a whole multitude of reasons why.

Quirky Christmas Shopping in Christchurch

Person standing by presents under the tree.
Nary a big-box gift insight, we’ve curated a list of alternative shops that will make your Christmas gift-giving one-of-a-kind.

Christchurch’s Art Galleries and Where To Grab a Drink Afterwards

Man looking art at CoCA.
From heritage spaces to dealer galleries, here are the best places to get your dose of art culture in Christchurch, and where to grab a drink afterwards.

Kid-friendly Spots in Christchurch for Your next Family Day Out

Woman with two children walking through the botanical gardens in Christchurch.
Christchurch & Canterbury

Head to any of these Christchurch locations for parent and kid friendly experiences sure to delight on all levels.

Get to Know the North Canterbury Wine Region

The rolling hills of North Canterbury during sunset.
Christchurch & Canterbury

The North Canterbury wine region is a hidden gem for wine, food and relaxing accommodation — the perfect recipe for a long weekend. Surrounded by the Southern Alps, close to the sea and with fertile soil for a variety of growing opportunities, this close-to-Christchurch destination is a must-stay. Discover some of North Canterbury’s finest vineyards, ready and waiting for you to explore.

9 Reasons You Should Visit North Canterbury's Cellar Doors

The exterior of the Black Estate building on a sunny day.
Christchurch & Canterbury

The North Canterbury wine region offers diverse and intriguing varieties and unexpected delights.

Drool-worthy Donut Spots You Need to Devour in Christchurch

Row of donuts from Grizzly Baked Goods.
Christchurch & Canterbury

From sprinkles to custard, Lyttelton to Wigram, Christchurch has plenty to offer in the donut scene.

Upgrade Your Home Cooking with the Best Craft Food Stores in Christchurch

Pantry items for sale at Akaroa Butchery.

Grocery Stores, Farmers' Markets & Local Growers

Snack Your Way Through 9 of the Best Baos in Christchurch

Evil Genius bao bun.
Christchurch & Canterbury

You may not have heard of bao buns before, but we can guarantee you’ll quickly become addicted from the first bite.

Where To Get Your American Food and Drink Fix in Christchurch

A plate of meat and chips on a table sittling alongside beers.
Christchurch & Canterbury

American food spans many cultures, locations and cuisines, making it an exciting and varied cuisine.

7 Must-shop Menswear Stores in Christchurch

Close up of CDG play shirts at PLUME.
Christchurch & Canterbury

The Christchurch menswear scene has graduated from jeans and a t-shirt, and we couldn’t be more grateful.

How to Spend an Afternoon in New Brighton

Pierside building sign in New Brighton.
Christchurch & Canterbury

Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside (in New Brighton) and here's a whole bunch of reasons why.

Where to Find the Best Pastries in Christchurch

Trays of croissants and pastries from Bohemian Bakery.
Pastry has been kicking around since Egyptian times so it’s high time we put together a list for the best spots to pick up pastries in Ōtautahi.

8 Places to Elevate Your Dining Experience

Two woman dining outside at Black Estate.
When was the last time you treated yourself to a slow dinner with friends and family or visited a restaurant that is a little bit special? We think it's about now.

Sweet or Savoury? Scope Our Definitive Guide to Christchurch's Best Scones

Jam on scones.
The humble scone is synonymous with New Zealand hospitality and a staple of our café culture.

Throw on Your Barbour, Here's 11 Things to Do in Christchurch This Winter

Photo of puffer jacket hanging up by Rick Barrett.
Christchurch & Canterbury

Has the drop in temperature and southerly blasts got you hunkered down? Well, it’s time to grab your puffer, we’ve got some activities to get you out of hibernation mode this winter.

Warm Your Winter Soul at the Cosiest Places in Christchurch

Roaring fire in fireplace by Stephane Juban.
Christchurch & Canterbury

If the winter weather is keeping you curled up at home, we suggest warming up at some of our favourite cosy spots in Christchurch instead.

These 8 Christchurch Roasters Will Change the Way You Think about Coffee

A woman working behind the counter at C4.
Christchurch & Canterbury

Christchurch’s coffee roasters are the ones to watch. With established roasteries and new players popping up on the scene, the South Island’s biggest city is competing with the best of ‘em.

Sip Your Way Through Our Guide To Kiwi-Made Spirits

Cardrona Distillery looking out to the mountains.

From specialty gin to artisan whiskey, amp up your next cocktail party with our curated selection of homegrown spirits.

Where To Find The Best Architecture in Christchurch

Exterior view of The Arts Centre.
Contemporary, Modernist, Gothic Revival, Renaissance, there’s no shortage of striking architecture to see in Christchurch.

7 Unique Date Ideas in Christchurch

Close up of two hands clinking wine glasses.
Christchurch & Canterbury

Whether you've just met on Hinge or been together longer than The Rolling Stones, here are a few ideas for date night that isn't dinner and a movie.

Top Plant-Based Brunches in Christchurch

Avocado on toast from Grizzly Baked Goods.
Christchurch & Canterbury

Plant-based brunches are settling into the Christchurch food scene, and we couldn’t be more excited to branch out and enjoy.

8 Fried Chicken Alternatives in Christchurch

Foundation fried cauliflower.
Christchurch & Canterbury

Vegetarians rejoice - we’ve found the best fried chicken alternatives in Christchurch, so you can enjoy the finger-lickin’ goodness sans cluck. No chicken, no problem.

6 Unique Activities to Try in Christchurch

Go-karts with sails moving around a track in Christchurch.
Christchurch & Canterbury

Whether you’re looking for a unique adventure for the whole family or a little R&R, you’ll find a host of unique activities in Christchurch.

Go Plastic-Free With These 10 NZ Homeware Brands

Inside the GoodFor store.
We’ve rounded up some of our favourite online resources throughout New Zealand to help you towards plastic-free bliss.

How to Spend the Perfect Night Out in Christchurch CBD

Here's your guide to the Christchurch CBD after dark.

Dine Al Fresco at the Best Outdoor Restaurant Spots in Christchurch

Lyttelton Coffee Co. balcony.
Whether you’re looking to settle in for an evening of people watching or prefer to enjoy your long black in al fresco solitude, keep scrolling for where to find outdoor dining in Christchurch

Back Local These Holidays with Our Christchurch Shopping and Gifting Guide

Interior view of Co.locale.
Christchurch & Canterbury

Shopping local is a treat with so many offerings around Christchurch. Make a day of it and revel in the diverse range of shops, price points, and offerings, all while supporting the spirit of Ōtautahi.

6 of the Best Plant-Based Eateries in Christchurch

Food and wine at Grater Goods.
Christchurch & Canterbury

With options ranging from casual café grab-and-go options, to full sit down dinners, it’s never been a better time to explore your plant-based options in Christchurch’s food scene.

The Neatest Campgrounds in Canterbury

A person swinging on a swing over a forested gorge.
Christchurch & Canterbury

Whether you’re a seasoned camper or are only just getting into the thought of ‘roughing it’, Canterbury is spoiled for choice with the neatest campgrounds.

Reply ‘STAB ME’ to Confirm

Naith Morrow inside Absolution Tattoo
Christchurch & Canterbury
We caught up with Absolution's owner and artist, Naith Morrow, to learn more about this Christchurch tattoo/piercing studio and art gallery rolled into one.

48 Hours Christchurch

Entrance to Botanic Gardens.

There’s nothing like the promise of a full weekend ahead. We’ve already curated the best way to spend 12 hours in Christchurch, but if you have a little more time to spare, we have no shortage of ideas. From buzzing city cafes, quirky gallery exhibits, seaside walks and memorable meals, not a moment will feel wasted.

The Modern Mess

Jen Pomeroy smiling to camera.
Christchurch & Canterbury
The Modern Mess is a recipe subscription service that inspires people to get good at seasonal home cooking in Christchurch.

11 Walks to Do in Canterbury and Where to Reward Yourself After

Bealey Spur Track on a sunny day.
Christchurch & Canterbury

Now’s the time to get out and explore all Canterbury has to offer, both outdoors and in the towns that make this region so special.

Explore New Zealand's most beautiful street

People sitting around down New Regent Street.
Christchurch & Canterbury

A stroll down colourful, pedestrianised New Regent Street in Christchurch will instantly transport you to a bygone era.

Low and Slow from Christchurch to Tokyo

Tristan and Nathan looking to camera inside Smokey T's.
Christchurch & Canterbury
Smokey T’s is the work of pitmaster Tristan (‘T’) Anderson and brother Nathan Anderson. Nat refers to his bro as “The Dan Carter of NZ BBQ” and if you’ve been to their Cashel Street joint, you know what he’s talking about. T does things low and slow and the end results (we’re talking ribs, brisket, chicken, links and more) are seriously delicious. Served up in a laid back, family friendly atmosphere it’s no surprise that Smokey T’s earned the People’s Choice in the 2019 Christchurch Hospitality Awards.

A Dram with Whisky Galore's Stella Fraser Milne

Stella Fraser Milne from Whisky Galore.
In 1993 Stella Fraser Milne launched Whisky Galore with her partner, Michael. Since then this emporium to the drink has become a Christchurch institution where whisky fans both old and new can taste, learn and simply have a good time. The impressive Whisky Galore shop on Colombo Street is experiential and completely welcoming - the perfect place to enjoy whisky. After moving the business from Colombo Street, to the family’s wool shed post-quake and then back to the CBD once more, Stella’s passion for whisky and this special city are more than evident.

Trading the Corporate Life for Biang Biang Noodles

Nicole Zou from Miss Peppercorn.
Nicole Zou, chef and businesswoman behind Miss Peppercorn, has been on a full circle journey when it comes to Sichuan Chinese cuisine. Growing up, she didn’t pay the realm that was her mother’s kitchen much mind. Since then, however, quite a lot has changed.

A Road Trip Guide to Akaroa

Looking out towards the water.

Akaroa is simply picture-postcard. The harbour town is perched on one of the dozens of inlets on Banks Peninsula.

Found just an hour and twenty minutes drive from Christchurch, Akaroa has fast become a popular and charming location to visit in the region. As Aotearoa’s only French settlement, the town exudes a certain je ne sai quois with colourful history, great food, quaint accommodation, and stunning scenery. No surprise really that the rare Hector dolphin decided to call this place home too.

7 Places Every Brunch Enthusiast Needs to Tick off in Christchurch

Brunch served in a Christchurch cafe offering the best brunch in the city.
Christchurch & Canterbury

Brunch enthusiasts, rejoice! Neat Places has compiled your weekend hit-list for the best brunch in Christchurch. From the caffeine hit to the perfectly poached eggs, you'll find somewhere just right for that next weekend brunch outing.

Unstoppable: Andy and Mia

Andy Shiau and Mia Zhao outside Little High Eatery in Christchurch
Christchurch & Canterbury
In just three years, Mia Zhao and Andy Shiau have managed to bring the city Eightgrains, Sushi Soldier, TOM, Ramen Ria, Midnight Shanghai, Dose Diner, Gelato and Tea and more. While the list of their accomplishments is long, the pair are as humble as ever. Each establishment they’ve opened has been special to them in a different way and is the end result of careful planning and a hands on approach to hospitality. We caught up with them to learn more about how they keep it all together, and thriving.

Cool Hangs - Indigo & Provisions

A photo of Dominic Ellett from Indigo and Provisions looking to camera.
Christchurch & Canterbury
Step inside the historic Boys’ High building in central Christchurch and you’ll find your way upstairs to Indigo & Provisions, a stunning retail space. Focussed on quality, the space has a great brand story for the curated fashion and homeware items that adorn the shelves. We caught up with owner/operator Dominic Ellett to hear more about the brand, his ethos, and his inspiration for the store.

SALT District

A photo of Little High Lanes Christchurch.
Christchurch & Canterbury
Named after its geographical positioning in Christchurch’s CBD (Saint Asaph, Lichfield, and Tuam), SALT District is dubbed the city's most alternative neighbourhood. Here you’ll meet a mishmash of interesting characters making heritage buildings, multi-purpose containers, and mural-splashed laneways their home. Things are done differently on this turf, from the way the coffee is brewed (delicious that is) and how menus are designed (100% local) to the creative possibilities offered by tattoo parlours, thrift shops, and art studios. If you’re looking for a neighbourhood to unashamedly express yourself in, this is it.

Mountain Biking is the New Golf

Aaron Hogg the trail builder.
Aaron Hogg likes to build "punk rock trails". Find him and his crew in the thick of it on dig days at the Christchurch Adventure Park.

West End

Close up of Christchurch's Art Gallery.
Christchurch & Canterbury
With landmarks like the Arts Centre and the historic Canterbury Museum, there's plenty to love about Christchurch's West End. Walk down from The Terrace towards the beautiful Christchurch Botanic Gardens and you'll see what all the fuss is about. From the tram tracks to the collective of cultural hotspots, this is a neighbourhood that is quintessentially Canterbury. As the central city has been rebuilt after the 2011 earthquakes, there's been plenty invested in West End - from the building restorations to swanky new office blocks. Dive into the restaurants and cafes tucked into ground floor haunts, and while away a morning exploring.

City North

Brightly coloured macaroons in a white box.
Christchurch & Canterbury
Encompassing Merivale and St Albans, City North in Christchurch is chock full of chic spots to get some retail therapy or a caffeine fix. Fancy a wine or a bite? City North has you covered there, too. Dating back to 1851, it's an area with plenty of history, and a wide range on offer for anyone venturing just outside the Four Aves. Easily reached by bike, bus, or on foot, make your way to City North and check out what's on offer.


Entrance to The Colombo in Sydenham in Christchurch.
Christchurch & Canterbury
Sydenham continues to push the boundaries when it comes to delighting Christchurch locals with its fantastic array of bright and bustling shops and eateries. Once a non-descript part of the mighty Colombo Street in Christchurch, Sydenham has seen a welcome resurgence since the earthquake with the arrival of the popular boutique shopping mall, The Colombo. Further along, you'll find plenty of bars, restaurants, and street art sure to delight. Originally named after a china shop on Colombo Street, Sydenham continues to push the boundaries when it comes to delighting shoppers with its fantastic turnaround from grey and mundane to bright and bustling.

Where to Go For A Gin Cocktail in Christchurch This February

A bar man making a gin cocktail at the counter inside Gin Gin Christchurch.
Christchurch & Canterbury

Is that holiday vibe starting to feel like it was long ago? Are the work days stretching ahead of you with no light at the end of the tunnel? Well, think again. Thanks to East Imperial, we’ve got just what you need to take after-work drinks and weekend days to the next level… it’s the Gin Jubilee!

Brunch in the 'Burbs with the Best Neighbourhood Cafés in Christchurch

People dining around a table at The Origin, Christchurch.
There’s nothing quite like the comfort of your local neighbourhood café where familiar faces greet you from day to day and your regular order can be placed with a mere nod and a smile.

Dose up on Goodness, Here's 5 Places to Sink a Green Smoothie in Christchurch

A green juice on a table at Dose Diner Christchurch.
Healthy, filling, nutritious, energising, the green smoothie is one craving not to feel guilty over.

Drool Your Way Through Christchurch's Finger-lickin' Fried Chicken Dishes

A bowl of fried chicken from Chicken Empire.
We've scoured Christchurch to find the best places to get your hands on the finger-lickin' fried chicken.

Pantries at the ready. Here's our Guide to Shopping without a supermarket

Cheese and bread on a table with flowers.
Christchurch & Canterbury
Whether you’re preparing a picnic, BBQ or just looking to stock up your fridge and pantry with items not from the supermarket, we have your guide to the independent butcheries, bakeries, delis, greengrocers and liquor stores in Christchurch.

Hospitality Hero

A photo of Emma Mettrick from Twenty Sven Steps restaurant Christchurch.
Christchurch & Canterbury
We sit down with Emma Mettrick – co-owner of much-loved Christchurch restaurant, Twenty Seven Steps - to find out what makes her tick.

12 Hours Amberley & Waipara

A little house in Chamberlain Park in North Canterbury.
Christchurch & Canterbury

The best things to see, eat, and do.

Christchurch Cafés Open on a Sunday to Stave off Your Work Week Blues

A burger, chips and beer sitting on a table in Ten27 Christchurch cafe.
Christchurch & Canterbury

There’s no bigger bummer than a well earned weekend off rolling round and discovering your favourite Christchurch café is closed.

Five of the best: where to fill your own beer

A bottle being filled up with craft beer at The Brewery Christchurch.
Bring your own bottle? How about filling your own bottle - of delicious, fresh craft beer, that is.

Lunch Lady

Flip Grater of Yumbo, Christchurch lunch delivery.
Christchurch & Canterbury
Flip Grater is switching up the lunchbox scene with her delivery service, Yumbo.

Sharing is caring. The best places for shared plates

Sharing plates on a table at Earl, Christchurch
Christchurch & Canterbury

Whoever first coined the phrase “sharing is caring” was clearly a good person to head out to dinner with.

Live the Digital Nomad Life with 11 Christchurch Cafés That Have Free Wifi

A woman working in a cafe.
Christchurch & Canterbury

A necessity in homes, workplaces and public spaces – but wifi connections in cafés, bars and restaurants can feel few and far between.

High Street

A large black and white sign for Smash Palace on High Street.
Christchurch & Canterbury
Once home to Christchurch's greatest number of Victorian and Edwardian style buildings, High Street has been built from the ground up following the 2011 earthquake. Now welcoming back some of the very shops that give it such an edge in the city, High Street is once again becoming the shopper's go-to destination for the greatest and latest in high-end fashion. A street that slants its way through the grid of inner-city laneways, High Street is comfortably at odds with staying within the box, and its popular array of eateries doing things a little differently are all proof that this neighbourhood is very much happy to move to the beat of its own drum.

Port Lyttelton

Looking out to Port Lyttelton from Lyttelton Coffee Co-op.
Over the rolling Port Hills in Christchurch, you’ll find the eccentric suburb of Port Lyttelton. This is a place where cosy houses teeter on steep streets and the weekend farmers market brings London Street alive with the colourful characters who call this side of town home. Lyttelton was historically known as the ‘gateway to Canterbury’ for colonial settlers who came to the bustling port back in the 1700s. With a love for music, food and culture, the port suburb lays claim to some of the country’s current music stars - Aldous Harding, Nadia Reid, and Marlon Williams to name a few. With a passion for community, local produce, and doing things their own way, any Lyttelton dweller will be quick to tell you this is one of Christchurch’s best-kept secrets.

Amberley and Waipara

A boy swimming in a lake.

Not to be mistaken for simply a place to pass through, North Canterbury's Amberley and Waipara have a few aces up their sleeves when it comes to places worth lingering a while. Wine country in Waipara is home to a number of top-class vineyards and tasting rooms. Here, you'll look out upon rolling hills of vines and sip wide varieties of wine, while hearing about the process from the talented winemakers themselves. Vintage shopping or boutique beer anyone? Amberley has the best of both, and after meandering your way through thrift shop finds and filling up your takeaway rigger, there are cafés aplenty to rest your feet in and fill up on small-town cheese scones.

Sweet & Savage

A photo of Rachel Savage with her children.
Let’s be honest, there’s no denying that Rachel Savage clearly has a bit of a thing for food.

Roses to Riches

A photo of Natalie-Rose holding a bunch of flowers.
Christchurch & Canterbury
We chatted with the green-fingered entrepreneur Natalie Rose Rutherford of Flowerhead to discuss posies, best work practices and what it takes to run a floristry business.

A Decade of Making It Raw

A photo of Julia with her mother and child.
Christchurch & Canterbury
Make It Raw founder, Julia Brown, chats to us about making her delicious raw creations, balancing motherhood and what’s next for the family-run business.

A Guide to New Zealand's Coffee Roasters

A coffee on a table.
Not all coffee is created equal, so in our guide to New Zealand’s coffee roasters, we pay homage to those roasting, brewing, and serving it the best. You’ll find micro-roasters rubbing shoulders with the country’s biggest producers.

12 Hours Christchurch

An outside photo of Arts Centre and Frances Nation Grocer.
Christchurch & Canterbury

The best things to see, eat, and do in Christchurch