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34 Mulgrave Street, Pipitea

04-473 6722

Wellingtonians may not realise just how lucky they are when it comes to housing some of New Zealand’s greatest heritage places, and sitting proud in old Thorndon, is Old St Paul’s.

Built in 1866, the building is an unusual combination of Gothic Revival architecture, constructed entirely from native timber. The church served as the Anglican Pro-Cathedral for 98 years and in the 1960s, the Anglican Church moved into St Paul’s Cathedral, which had been recently built on Molesworth Street. Following the move, Old St Paul’s was threatened by demolition, but was saved by the Government owing to public protest. Today, the building remains consecrated, and although Old St Paul’s is no longer a parish church, it is non-denominational, which makes it a beautiful spot to come and reflect no matter what your beliefs are.

The breath-taking building is a popular choice for weddings, funerals, concerts and even music videos. The Old St Paul’s team is open to hosting a wide range of events. The impressively high ceilings and wooden interior make for fantastic acoustics which Dave Dobbyn once professed “the best in the country”, and with an impressive seating capacity of 460 people, this historic building has become a favourite with local and international acts. It is one of Wellington’s most popular tourist attractions - roughly 100,000 people a year make their way across the threshold of Old St Paul’s. This is a place to escape the busy city, a serene place to brush up on the local heritage, and at 153 years old, the venue is keeping up with modern times by offering WIFI.

If only the walls could talk, you really would be in for some entertaining stories - from historical figures in leadership, to couples celebrating love (proudly LGBTQIA), from state funerals, to live hip hop gigs, the walls of Old St Paul’s have seen it all.

Words by Rosie Morrison & Photography by Anna Briggs

34 Mulgrave Street, Pipitea

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