Art, Design & Inspiring Finds Within Wellington’s Te Ngākau Civic Precinct

The exterior of Page Galleries in Wellington.
From art galleries to game shops and a clothing store with its own in-house barber, there’s plenty of arts, design and other inspiring finds to explore in Wellington's Te Ngākau Civic Precinct.

Good as Gold’s Raag Ponnuchetty’s Guide to Te Ngākau Civic Precinct, Wellington

A man wearing a casual clothes smiling to camera outside a shop in Wellington.

Meet Te Aro local Raag Ponnuchetty. He’s been part of the furniture at Wellington fashion institution Good as Gold (GAG) for seven years. His customer service on the floor is the stuff of legend. Here is more on the GAG journey and his picks for the best spots to uncover within Te Ngākau Civic Precinct, Wellington

Meet Five Shopkeepers from Wellington's Te Ngākau Civic Precinct

A woman wearing black and white standing in front of a clothing store.

From beauty salons to clothing stores and ceramic shops to jewellers, these are the people running the Te Ngākau Civic Precinct’s businesses.

Brewing Dreams: Hannah & Andrew Childs of Churly’s CBD

A man and woman standing behind a bar counter in Wellington.

Nestled in the heart of Wellington, Churly’s CBD is the latest venture from Andrew and Hannah Childs – the dynamic duo behind Behemoth Brewing. Andrew, a public servant turned award-winning brewer, and Hannah, a trained chef, butcher and culinary talent, have combined their passions to create a space where exceptional beer meets exquisite charcuterie.

Lower Hutt

A cafe counter at Twenty Eight in Lower Hutt.
Hutt Valley
For a smallish city - often seen by many as an extension of Wellington - Lower Hutt certainly packs a lot of punch.Only a short drive from the Wellington CBD and hosting an incredible range of things to see and do, it’s no wonder Lower Hutt is a popular day trip or weekend option for families around the region. Each suburb in the city brings a unique flavour to the overall Lower Hutt experience, from the arts and culture of central Lower Hutt; to the brunch, beach, and shopping hotspot of Petone; and the industrial yet welcoming embrace of Seaview. Like the Hutt River that weaves its way through the heart of the city, a sense of creativity and community is the common thread, linking the disparate locations together. With some of the region’s trendiest cafes and plenty of cultural highlights to explore, it’s never a dull day in Lower Hutt.

How to Spend a Day in Petone, Lower Hutt

Old buildings lined up in a row on a street.

Nestled along the picturesque shores of Wellington Harbour, Pito-one, or Petone, is a suburb of Lower Hutt offering a well-blended happy mix of old-world charm and modern-day sophistication. Its seaside location adds to its natural allure and its historic main street exudes a charm that is often hard to come by in small towns — or in this case, suburbs.

Beers, Bites, and Bowling: A Guide to Upper Hutt’s Brewtown

People walking under a large 'Brewtown' stign.
Hutt Valley

Just a stone’s throw from Upper Hutt train station lies Brewtown, a 6,000 square metre entertainment and dining hub that effortlessly attracts families, parties, and thrill seekers from around Wellington and beyond.

Your Insider's Guide to Eastbourne and Days Bay

The exterior of Goldie Home store in Eastbourne.
Hutt Valley
Just across the harbour from Wellington are the charming seaside villages of Eastbourne and Days Bay. Their tranquillity and natural assets certainly see both coastal villages become popular destinations for sunny-day excursions, and the community feel of the local businesses not only binds the residents it keeps the visitors coming back for more. 

48 Hours Hutt Valley

People dining at tables inside an Italian restaurant.
Hutt Valley
Just across the harbour from Wellington city lies the Hutt Valley, an underrated and outdoorsy destination offering popular eateries and a somewhat happening cultural scene. Spending 48 hours in the Hutt Valley has never been so easy (in fact, you’ll likely be pressed for time!) as the sister cities of Upper Hutt and Lower Hutt continue to grow and offer an abundance of things to do. There are picturesque parks and walking trails, bountiful shopping, arts scenes and an array of culinary delights, and this guide is designed to help you make the most of two days spent immersed in this vibrant community.  

10 Trails in the Hutt Valley and Where to Treat Yourself After

People biking on a trail in native bush.
Hutt Valley

Nestled within the lush, rolling landscapes that make up the lower North Island, the Hutt Valley offers an expansive network of interesting walks appealing to both seasoned hikers and casual strollers alike. Whether you’re after a leisurely meander or a more challenging multi-hour ‘slog’, the Hutt Valley trails offer a variety of native bush landscapes and panoramic vistas, meaning there really is something for everyone. Fortunately, the adventure doesn’t have to end with the last step of the walk; the Hutt Valley also offers a yummy selection of culinary spots to reward the tired explorer. Our guide below unveils ten of the best walks in the Hutt Valley and our suggestion of the perfect places to treat yourself afterwards.

Upper Hutt

The exterior of Dough Bakery in Upper Hutt.

Upper Hutt can perhaps be best described as a harmonious juxtaposition. While much of it can have a gritty, industrial feel, largely due to its history, it’s also a real breath of fresh air and home to some of the best natural places to explore in the country. The city has embraced both of these qualities over the years to turn itself into an immensely popular place to visit.

From the sprawling Kaitoke Regional Park, with its swimming holes, walking tracks, and its own little slice of Middle Earth, to the ever-popular Staglands Wildlife Reserve, there are plenty of spots to explore for nature lovers and adventure seekers. Venture towards the heart of the city centre and you’ll encounter Brewtown, a beer craft connoisseur and foodie’s paradise that also doubles as an entertainment hub.

Sprinkled elsewhere throughout the city you’ll find art galleries, cosy cafes, and all manner of eateries from chicken shops to sandwich bars to keep you nourished.

Top 9 Barbers and Hairdressers in Wellington

Black barber chair in front of salon mirror at Boar and Blade in Wellington
When it comes to looking your best, it helps to have a hairdresser you can trust. With so many options in the capital you might be overwhelmed by choice, so here is your guide to some of Wellington’s top hair professionals.

A Beaches, Brews and Views Guide to Kāpiti Coast

The ocean on the Kapiti Coast.
Kāpiti Coast is renowned for its stunning views, beautiful coastline and petite villages brimming with interesting discoveries. Tucked between the mountainous Tararua Range and the Pacific Ocean, this narrow strip of land is home to creative communities, bakers and brewers, nature lovers and ocean enthusiasts, culinary aficionados and those in search of a slower pace of life.

Lydia Harfield of Apostle Hot Sauce - Her Guide to Kāpiti Coast

A woman wearing a stripped top smiling.
Kāpiti Coast

Meet Kāpiti Coast local Lydia Harfield. She runs Apostle Hot Sauce with her partner Mat; they make a range of noteworthy small-batch chilli-based condiments. Lydia also works as a Graphic Designer for One & Only Agency, a Kāpiti based design agency. Here are her picks on the best places to experience in Kāpiti Coast.

48 Hours Kāpiti Coast

A view inside of an art gallery.
Kāpiti Coast
Panoramic views across the ocean, endless sandy beaches, delightful small villages dotted with art galleries, boutiques and cafes, plenty of outdoor activities and world-class accommodation options – it's no wonder Kāpiti Coast is turning into a holiday destination for lots of folks well beyond the capital region.

Best Summer Day Trips from Wellington

A view of a white light house at dusk at Castlepoint in New Zealand.

Got nothing planned for the weekend? There are plenty of options for an impromptu day trip from Wellington - here are some of the best.

The Best Vegan-friendly Spots in Wellington

Two hands holding a vegan pastry on a plate.

Whether you’re a seasoned vegan or keen to dip your toes in this culinary world, Wellington is the place to be.

Chasing the sun: Where to Dine Al Fresco in Wellington

People dining outside a bar that has a yellow painted exterior.
Found a good day in Wellington? Make the most of it by heading to one of these eateries for a spot of al fresco dining.

Neat in the Neighbourhood: Brooklyn

A photo of a blue building with cars whizzing by out front at dusk.

It might not quite be as big as its New York namesake, but Wellington’s Brooklyn is a charming part of town set against plenty of greenery.

12 Hours Underground at Willis Lane

The black and white entrance to Willis Lane in Wellington.
For a city renowned for its eclectic food scene and spirited nightlife, Wellington's latest venture, Willis Lane, sets a new benchmark. Nestled beneath the iconic Aon Tower, at the intersection of Willis Street and Lambton Quay, the avant-garde dining and entertainment district promises a dawn-to-dusk sensory voyage.Are you ready to fill your weekend with irresistible delights? Join us as we guide you through 12 unforgettable hours at Willis Lane.

Taste of Tokyo: The Best Japanese Restaurants in Wellington

A plate of sushi.

Fresh, fast, and always filled with flavour, Japanese cuisine is a winner for any occasion.

Love, Legacy and Tacos: The Story of Wellington’s Best Mexican Food

A man and woman holding a bowl of fresh vegetables smiling to camera.

Andrés Pimentel, the man behind Willis Lane’s ‘Hot Like A Mexican’, transformed his life from veteran hairdresser to outstanding chef - crafting a culinary tale as rich and vibrant as his menu.

Neat in the Neighbourhood: Newtown

A view of shops from the other side of the street in Wellington's Newtown suburb.
There are plenty of things to see, eat, and do in Newtown, arguably one of the coolest little suburbs in Wellington.

Rincones Sabrosos: The Best Latin American Restaurants in Wellington

Mexican meals on colourful plates.
Taco Tuesday coming up? Here are the best places to head to in Wellington for a fix of Latin American soul food.

Curry Capital: The Best Indian Eats in Wellington

Indian food being scooped onto a plate.
Whether it’s a red-hot vindaloo or a soul-warming biryani you’re after, you’re never far from a fantastic Indian feed in Wellington.

New Zealand’s Top Hotels For Unforgettable Staycations

A massive red 'HOTEL' sign on a wall.

Forget the stale hotel stereotypes; New Zealand's staycation scene is flourishing with bold character and unrivalled charm.

In the Kitchen with David Lee: The Man Behind New Zealand’s Top Eateries

Two men working in a hot looking kitchen.

In the heart of Wellington's new lively dining and entertainment district, Willis Lane, is the latest masterpiece from award-winning restauranter David Lee (of Aigo, Pōni, Candyshop and Gochu fame): a humble, softly-spoken man responsible for shaping Auckland's dining scene. Let us introduce you to his newest venture: Crack Chicken.

For the Sweet Tooths: Where to Dessert in Wellington

Two hands holding an ice cream cookie sandwich.

For those times when you just need to finish with something sweet, Wellington has got you covered.

The Best Places to Eat on Cuba Street, Wellington

The entrance to Fred's in Wellington.

Here is our definitive list of the best places to eat on Wellington’s most iconic street.

Take a seat: Your guide to dining solo in Wellington

An empty restaurant brightly lit by the sun.
Looking to treat yourself to a meal away from home? Here are the best places to dine if you're alone in Wellington.

Best Winter Day Trips from Wellington

Trees lined up along the edge of a lake on a sunny day.

There’s more to a Wellington winter than staying wrapped up at home with Netflix and the heat pump on. Escape the winter blues with one of these easily accessible, fun-filled day trips from Wellington.

Glow On: Discovering Wellington's Best Facials and Body Treatments

A woman pushing hands onto their face.

You deserve a break! Relax and recharge with our list of the best salons and day spas around Wellington.

Cosy Corners, Filling Foods and Winter Warmers around Wellington

A fluorescent sign that says 'just as hot as you'.

Wherever you go in Wellington, you’ll be sure to find a cosy corner offering a hearty meal or a punchy cocktail to keep you warm in winter.

Beach Boutiques & Village Vibes of Raumati and Paraparaumu Beach

The green and pink exterior of The Wilderness store in Paraparaumu.
Kāpiti Coast

Take a leisurely stroll around the neat boutiques of Raumati and Paraparaumu Beach.

The People Behind the Places: Meet the Food & Drink Heroes of Kāpiti Coast

A woman holding dutch pancakes in front of a white caravan.
While Kāpiti Coast might be more commonly associated with a holiday destination where the classic fish n’ chips on the beach scenario is a fit-for-purpose culinary experience, scratch the surface, and you’ll find the region brimming with food and drink locations that will have you toss away the thought of eating off paper.


A t-shirt with 'Paekākāriki' printed on the front.

Nestled between the ocean and the hills, Paekākāriki is the southernmost township of the Kāpiti Coast. The offerings of this quaint village are dotted along its main street, aptly named Beach Road. As one end of the popular Escarpment Track, plus a variety of other tracks of various lengths, the village bustles with walkers during the weekends throughout the year, and over the summer months, it attracts herds of beach holidaymakers. 

The locals of this tiny town are a creative bunch, and if you happen to visit when the monthly market is on, you’ll get to glance at a variety of products and produce from the area. Another way to appreciate its inhabitants is to take the Paekākāriki Arts Walk, which showcases poetry and visual arts by the people who call this special spot home.


A street in Paraparaumu on a cloudy day.

The beating heart of Kāpiti Coast, Paraparaumu, is the unofficial capital of the region. Everything you might need can be found here, from essentials such as banks, supermarkets and cinemas, to back alley breweries, local roasters and authentic dining experiences. True to the nature of the coast, there are also plenty of walks, bike tracks and other outdoor activities to keep visitors entertained.

Paraparaumu Beach is home to a number of quality boutiques, specialty plant stores and destination restaurants. The heart of the village sits right on the seaside, and walking along the streets, you can feel the salt in the air and catch glimpses of the glistening ocean with the silhouette of Kāpiti Island in the distance. Paraparaumu is also the launching spot for tours to Kāpiti Island, one of Aotearoa’s oldest nature reserves.


A colourfully decorated building that houses 'Sunday Cantina' cafe.
Kāpiti Coast
Raumati is the Te Reo Māori word for summer, and this is a town that truly shines in the sunshine. The beach, while not directly in view from the village centre, is within reach, and a few minutes stroll will have you walking on golden sand.While the drawcard of this coastal town is naturally the beach itself, the village offers an impressive array of boutiques, gift stores, restaurants and cafeé to keep visitors intrigued. Local artists’ studios give glimpses into the creative side of the town, and the kids can be kept entertained at the Marine Gardens, complete with a water play area. A few minutes' drive from the beach sits Raumati South, a tiny settlement known for its charming eateries. This is where you’ll find live music and chilled vibes most weekends, or a place to grab a coffee to enjoy while strolling through the beach side streets of this unique place.

A Night Time Wine Crawl through Wellington City

A hand holding a glass of rose next to a plate of food.

With some of the country’s finest wine bars conveniently at hand, Wellington is a great place in which to embark on a wine crawl.

Our favourite Malaysian restaurants in Wellington

A plate of laksa on an orange table.

When you’re looking for dinner ideas, a hearty Malaysian laksa or fried noodles usually does the trick. Here are our favourite places to find Malaysian food in Wellington.

Wellington’s Favourite Neighbourhood Spots

The sunny beach at Titahi Bay in Porirua Wellington.

Venture out from the city centre and visit one of these neighbourhood favourites from across Wellington.

Seats in the City - The Best Places to Take in the View in Pōneke

A view of Mt Victoria on a sunny day.
Appreciate the beauty of Wellington from the best angles by heading to these seats with a view in the capital.

Feast on the Fly: Our Guide to Wellington's Best Takeaway Food

A person holding a plate of grilled cheese and tuna toasted sandwich.

Need a quick - but quality - meal to keep you going? Wellington has an astounding range of top-notch takeaways.

Customs' Tim Norriss on the Culture of Coffee and Connection

Tim Norriss standing in the door way to his cafe Customs in Wellington.
As someone addicted to the rhythm of daily coffee, and an enthusiast of café culture and the social connection it provides, I was excited to chat with Customs co-owner Tim Norriss about the recipe for their success, the rituals that help keep it there and what the Wellington café scene could look like in the future. 

Travel the flavours of Asia in Wellington Te Whanganui-a-Tara

A flatlay of bowls of Chinese food at Dragons Wellington.

Take your tastebuds on a whirlwind tour through Asia from the comfort of our compact capital city.

Where to Find Wellington's Best Pizza

A man putting a pizza in a wood fired oven.

From the tried and tested classics to more contemporary twists, there are plenty of fantastic pizzas to be found around Wellington.

Pick of the Bunch: Best Cheap Eats in Wellington

A bowl of noodles and a bowl of fried rice against a white background.
Noodles, burgers, pasta and more - here are some of our top picks in Wellington for a meal that won’t blow your budget.

A Foodie’s Guide to Wellington

A woman sitting at a table with plates of food at Ombra Wellington.
Whether you’re in Wellington for a good time, a long time, or anything in between, here are our top picks to sate your hunger.

Best Urban Wine Experiences in New Zealand

Glasses and a bottle of wine sitting on a table in the outdoor seating area of Puffin Wine Bar in Wellington.
All around New Zealand, we are blessed with incredible wine experiences right in our own urban backyard. No matter your vino preference from a classic Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc to a Central Otago Pinot Noir or perhaps an interesting blend from a far away European vineyard, you don’t have to travel far to sample and enjoy a glass or two (responsibly of course!).

Your Guide to Wellington’s Best Burgers

Someone holding a fried chicken burger with a sesame seed bun.

There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction and satiation you get when you finish a burger that delivers on all fronts. So we have left no stone unturned in our search for where to find the best burgers in Wellington.

Aotearoa's Underground Haunts, Rooftops and The In-betweens

A view of the Pink Lady building looking up from the ground.
From rooftop bars to underground haunts and hidden gems in-between, New Zealand has plenty of incredible spots hiding in our cities and towns. They may be a bit hard to find, but the best stuff takes a little effort, right?

7 Urban Hotels Worth Travelling For

A colourful bedroom inside The Intrepid Hotel in Wellington.

In the UK, the term ‘city-break’ is frequently used to describe a weekend away visiting the European city of the moment, exploring everything on offer and most often staying in boutique accommodation. Now, we may be thousands of miles away from being able to achieve a casual few days in a European city, but here in New Zealand, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to urban hotels that are worth travelling around the country for.

Celebrating A Decade of Six Barrel Soda Co.

Joe Slatter holding two gold ballons with the numbers 1-0.
On 2nd May, Six Barrel Soda Co. will celebrate 10 years. We chatted to Joe Slater, Co-Founder and Managing Director, about how he feels to be celebrating a decade making these utterly delicious drinks.

Estère's Wellington

Estere smiling to camera.
I’m a sound nerd and an anthropologist. I was born on Waiheke and grew up in Wellington. My mum's a Pākehā New Zealander and my dad's from Cameroon in Central Africa.

Miriama Grace Smith's Wellington

Miriama looking to camera.

I am a Māori artist based in Wellington. I dabble in a few different areas within the creative arts, as a curator, muralist, illustrator, fashion designer and film art and wardrobe director.

Samuel Flynn-Scott's Wellington

Samuel Flynn Scott reclining on a chair.

I’m one of the singer-songwriters in The Phoenix Foundation and I make music for film and TV with Conrad Wedde and Lukasz Buda as Moniker. On top of that I write about food for The Spinoff and Cuisine magazine and am generally obsessed with anything delicious.

Stock Up On Vinyl At The 8 Best Record Stores In New Zealand

Interior of record store.

Give Spotify a rest and throw your money behind local artists and record retailers.

Tick Off Your Reading List At New Zealand’s Independent Bookshops

Bookcase jam packed with books at The Last Chapter, Wānaka.
Bibliophiles gather around; here's your comprehensive guide to New Zealand's best bookshops. Each of these fiercely independent bookstores brings a strong sense of personality, enriched by the culture and history of the towns they call home.  From North to South, from mystical fantasy to heartfelt memoirs, there's plenty to tickle your bookish brains at these local spots. So clear your shelf and break out your Good Reads list; here's where to get your literature fix across Aotearoa.  

Score The Inside Scoop On New Zealand’s Best Ice Cream And Gelato Spots

Two ice creams in holder at Utopia Ice, Christchurch.

Licking back an ice cream on a sweltering hot day is a Kiwi pastime we all know and love. As far as summer favourites go, it's up there with long balmy nights, beach days and sausage sizzles. Whether your vice is hokey pokey, mint choc chip or cookies and cream, the list goes on. 

So it's only fair we save you the hassle of scouting out the best spots to pick up a scoop (or three) when the temperature rises. From North to South, these are the best ice cream and gelato shops in New Zealand.

What To Eat In Porirua

Artwork on the wall above table at Gear Eatery, Porirua.
Whether you want a laidback brekkie at a beachside café or tasty burgers at a historical homestead, there's much to feast on in Porirua.

6 Best Porirua Walks and Where to Treat Yourself Afterwards

Pukerua Bay in Porirua.
Explore the great outdoors (and hospitality) with these walks in the Porirua region.

7 of Our Favourite Wellington Brunch Spots Right Now

People eating at Fidel's Cafe on Cuba Street in Wellington.

From ocean vistas to inspired menu offerings, there’s never been a better time to get brunch in the nation's capital.


Street in Newtown.
Newtown has a distinct scruffiness yet achingly cool feel. Originally a working-class suburb, in more recent years, Newtown has attracted a wave of students, immigrants and young creatives making the neighbourhood a place to seek out for many. The longstanding and much-loved Newtown Festival that takes place every year attracts Wellingtonians from across the city. With diverse cuisine, exceptional coffee, vintage stores and bars, there's much to fall in love with on the quirky side of the city.

Guide to Wellington’s Hidden Art Galleries

Sign for Enjoy gallery.

The perfect accompaniment to any decent “you can’t beat Wellington on a good day” day, hit the cobbled streets and take a look around some of these incredible art spaces around the CBD

Embracing the Thrift - Second Hand Shopping Wellington

Denim overalls and hats on a wall at Emporium Vintage Boutique Wellington.

Nothing beats the thrill of stumbling across something special on the racks (the best finds are rewarded after a good scavenge) and Wellington is the place to be when hunting for vintage bargains.

12 Hours Porirua

A flatlay of food and coffee at Local Authority cafe.

Your guide to the best things to do in Porirua

Making Clothes with Heart and Soul

Rachel from Twenty Seven Names painting.
Rachel Easting and Anjali Burnett know a thing or two about fashion, after all, they've been running their company and brand Twenty-Seven Names since 2006.

My Desk: Jessie Wong

Jessie Wong looking to camera.
Jessie Wong is the founder of Yu Mei, a luxury leather goods label based in Wellington with stockists and clients both in New Zealand and abroad. She has successfully built a brand renowned for its quality and luxury, while keeping the manufacturing local with her team supporting her along the way.

Flavours in Jars: Talking 'feel good food' with Esther Lewis

Jar of pickle against a blue wall.

Esther’s food production kitchen and her “flavours in jars” grew from requests from customers across Wellington.

Support from the Bottom Up

A photo of Elisha Watson with her team.
Elisha Watson’s business Nisa is simultaneously providing work for refugee women in Wellington while making “kick-ass” undies.

12 Hours Wellington

A customer and baristas standing inside the timber-lined Customs coffee shop.

The neatest things to see, eat, and do.

Hannahs Laneway

Artwork in Hannahs Laneway.
The laneway to trump all laneways, Wellington’s maze of inner-city alleys are all worth investigating, and none so much as Hannahs Laneway. Cautiously dubbed ‘the world’s tastiest laneway', you'll wander through to find boutique batch peanut butter sold window-side, the capital's very own chocolatier, and plenty of tucked away bars to settle into. Hannahs Laneway is happy to remain a hidden secret that only those clever enough to track down will have the pleasure of enjoying. Be brave and push on through some new doorways, as you never know what you might find on the other side.

Cuba Street

People sitting on tables on Cuba Street in Wellington.
Named after an early settler ship, Cuba Street was once a thoroughfare for Wellington trams, but now this street offers pedestrian-only access to Wellington's most popular street. Channelling bohemian vibes, you’ll find vintage shops galore on Cuba Street, alongside the abundance of world-class cafés, restaurants, and bars. On any given day you’ll see buskers playing instruments, flash mobs dancing to Spanish music, and small children engrossed in the bucket fountain water feature that marks the city’s innermost playground. You’ll be forgiven for eating, sleeping, drinking, and dancing all in the perimeter of Cuba Street and not feeling like you’re missing anything at all.

Tommy Millions

A photo of Tom Kirton.
Tom Kirton is the mastermind behind the legendary Wellington pizzeria Tommy Millions.

Loaves to Love

A photo of Catherine Adams.
We get Catherine to dust off her hands for a moment and tell us what makes Wellington Sourdough a rising star in the baking world.

Mud to Magic

A photo of Felicity Donaldson.
The clever artist behind ceramic company Wundaire tells us how her successful business started off with YouTube clips and simple repetition.

A Guide to New Zealand's Coffee Roasters

A coffee on a table.
Not all coffee is created equal, so in our guide to New Zealand’s coffee roasters, we pay homage to those roasting, brewing, and serving it the best. You’ll find micro-roasters rubbing shoulders with the country’s biggest producers.