Veto’s Charlotte Greer’s Guide to Downtown Tauranga

A woman holding paper bags and smiling to camera.
Meet Charlotte Greer. She runs Veto, which produces everyday cleaning products designed to save money and space without causing waste. Here’s her guide to Downtown Tauranga.

12 Hours Tauranga

A street at dusk in Tauranga New Zealand.
Downtown Tauranga
When you only have 12 hours somewhere you want to hit the best places first, right? Here’s our guide to the coolest spots in Tauranga.  

One of a Kind Finds in Downtown Tauranga

A birdseye view of pottery on shelves.
Downtown Tauranga

Discover a variety of unique offerings from some of Tauranga’s most loved local businesses and brands.

Insider's Food Guide to Downtown Tauranga

A hand reaching for a piece of fried chicken.
Downtown Tauranga

Nestled amidst the condensed streets and waterfront views, downtown Tauranga has a culinary offering that will both pleasantly surprise and plentifully satisfy.