Your Insider's Guide to Eastbourne and Days Bay

The exterior of Goldie Home store in Eastbourne.

Just across the harbour from Wellington are the charming seaside villages of Eastbourne and Days Bay. Their tranquillity and natural assets certainly see both coastal villages become popular destinations for sunny-day excursions, and the community feel of the local businesses not only binds the residents it keeps the visitors coming back for more. 

48 Hours Hutt Valley

People dining at tables inside an Italian restaurant.
Hutt Valley
Just across the harbour from Wellington city lies the Hutt Valley, an underrated and outdoorsy destination offering popular eateries and a somewhat happening cultural scene. Spending 48 hours in the Hutt Valley has never been so easy (in fact, you’ll likely be pressed for time!) as the sister cities of Upper Hutt and Lower Hutt continue to grow and offer an abundance of things to do. There are picturesque parks and walking trails, bountiful shopping, arts scenes and an array of culinary delights, and this guide is designed to help you make the most of two days spent immersed in this vibrant community.  

Beers, Bites, and Bowling: A Guide to Upper Hutt’s Brewtown

People walking under a large 'Brewtown' stign.
Hutt Valley

Just a stone’s throw from Upper Hutt train station lies Brewtown, a 6,000 square metre entertainment and dining hub that effortlessly attracts families, parties, and thrill seekers from around Wellington and beyond.

Lower Hutt

A cafe counter at Twenty Eight in Lower Hutt.
Hutt Valley
For a smallish city - often seen by many as an extension of Wellington - Lower Hutt certainly packs a lot of punch.Only a short drive from the Wellington CBD and hosting an incredible range of things to see and do, it’s no wonder Lower Hutt is a popular day trip or weekend option for families around the region. Each suburb in the city brings a unique flavour to the overall Lower Hutt experience, from the arts and culture of central Lower Hutt; to the brunch, beach, and shopping hotspot of Petone; and the industrial yet welcoming embrace of Seaview. Like the Hutt River that weaves its way through the heart of the city, a sense of creativity and community is the common thread, linking the disparate locations together. With some of the region’s trendiest cafes and plenty of cultural highlights to explore, it’s never a dull day in Lower Hutt.

10 Trails in the Hutt Valley and Where to Treat Yourself After

People biking on a trail in native bush.
Hutt Valley

Nestled within the lush, rolling landscapes that make up the lower North Island, the Hutt Valley offers an expansive network of interesting walks appealing to both seasoned hikers and casual strollers alike. Whether you’re after a leisurely meander or a more challenging multi-hour ‘slog’, the Hutt Valley trails offer a variety of native bush landscapes and panoramic vistas, meaning there really is something for everyone. Fortunately, the adventure doesn’t have to end with the last step of the walk; the Hutt Valley also offers a yummy selection of culinary spots to reward the tired explorer. Our guide below unveils ten of the best walks in the Hutt Valley and our suggestion of the perfect places to treat yourself afterwards.

How to Spend a Day in Petone, Lower Hutt

Old buildings lined up in a row on a street.

Nestled along the picturesque shores of Wellington Harbour, Pito-one, or Petone, is a suburb of Lower Hutt offering a well-blended happy mix of old-world charm and modern-day sophistication. Its seaside location adds to its natural allure and its historic main street exudes a charm that is often hard to come by in small towns — or in this case, suburbs.

Upper Hutt

The exterior of Dough Bakery in Upper Hutt.
Hutt Valley
Upper Hutt can perhaps be best described as a harmonious juxtaposition. While much of it can have a gritty, industrial feel, largely due to its history, it’s also a real breath of fresh air and home to some of the best natural places to explore in the country. The city has embraced both of these qualities over the years to turn itself into an immensely popular place to visit.From the sprawling Kaitoke Regional Park, with its swimming holes, walking tracks, and its own little slice of Middle Earth, to the ever-popular Staglands Wildlife Reserve, there are plenty of spots to explore for nature lovers and adventure seekers. Venture towards the heart of the city centre and you’ll encounter Brewtown, a beer craft connoisseur and foodie’s paradise that also doubles as an entertainment hub.Sprinkled elsewhere throughout the city you’ll find art galleries, cosy cafes, and all manner of eateries from chicken shops to sandwich bars to keep you nourished.