A Day Guide to Victoria Esplanade, Palmerston North

Large palm trees on both sides of a road.
If you only have a day to spend in Palmerston North, make sure you spend most of it at Victoria Esplanade.

Palmerston North: NZ's Underrated Coffee Capital

A man holding a red cup of coffee outside a coffee cart.
Palmerston North

Move over, Wellington - Palmerston North is quietly but confidently building its case as an alternative coffee capital.

Your Self-Guided Urban Arts Tour of Palmerston North

A sliver metal sculpture of a house frame on stilts.
Palmerston North

Palmerston North is a city that continues to surprise us with its abundance of neat cafés, shops and galleries, so it’s no great revelation that it’s also home to an active arts scene.

Where to Shop for One of a Kind Pieces in Palmerston North

Two tall white concrete look vases on the floor next to a wire basket.
Palmerston North

Where to Shop for One of a Kind Pieces in Palmerston North.

Best Walks in Palmerston North and Where to Treat Yourself Afterwards

The sun setting over Edward Pit Park on a clear day.
Palmerston North

Six of the best walks in Palmerston North and places to visit for treats afterwards.

Dine Around the World At Palmerston North’s Best International Eateries

Interior view of Libre, Palmerston North.

If there’s one thing we love about globe-trotting, it’s the food. Nothing beats picking up a Bánh Mì on the streets of Ho Chi Minh City or sidling into a cosy Izakaya down a Tokyo alleyway. 

Dine your Way Around Palmerston North

A chef making pizza next to a wood fire oven.
Palmerston North

When it comes to New Zealand’s foodie destinations, Wellington is almost always top of mind. But just above Wellington, you’ll find Palmerston North situated in the heartland where many of our most prized ingredients originate.

Palmerston North's Secret Handshake

Simon and Catherine from Pork Chop Hill
Palmerston North
Te Motu o Poutoa/ANZAC Park, affectionately known as “Pork Chop Hill”, is a lookout point, observatory, and car park perched on a bluff above the Manawatū River. Like many Palmerston North locals, creatives Catherine Russ and Simon Francis hung out there as teens. In 2014 they helped establish an independent clothing label PORK CHOP HILL. The iconic t-shirts can be seen all over the city.

Innovation and exploration in Palmy and beyond

Mahalee and Benoit with their family on the streets of Palmerston North.
Palmerston North
Like many people you’ll meet in Palmerston North, Mahalee and Benoit Guieysse aren’t originally from the region, but they’re some of its most genuine ambassadors.

Jemma & Alex - The Last Church of Āpiti

Gemma standing in the doorway at Apiti Church.
Palmerston North
Kiwis Jemma Brackebush and Alexander Robertson of Palmerston North are a busy pair. They have created one of Palmerston North’s quirkiest, quaintest and most lovable accommodation options: The Last Church in Āpiti.

Charcoal Maker and Master

Naga Tsutsumi sitting on a chair.
Naga Tsutsumi is one of Palmerston North’s most cherished artists. His large scale charcoal drawings are considered and full of movement and detail to explore.

12 Hours Palmerston North

People sitting at high tops in a brick brewery building.

Toss any preconceptions you might have, there is A LOT to do in Palmerston North. If you like food, drink, art, shopping, and friendly people, you’ve come to the right place. 

7 Things you Should Eat in Palmerston North

Pastries at Babco.
Palmerston North has more than their fair share of delicious, local ingredients to work with.