A street in Paraparaumu on a cloudy day.

The beating heart of Kāpiti Coast, Paraparaumu, is the unofficial capital of the region. Everything you might need can be found here, from essentials such as banks, supermarkets and cinemas, to back alley breweries, local roasters and authentic dining experiences. True to the nature of the coast, there are also plenty of walks, bike tracks and other outdoor activities to keep visitors entertained.

Paraparaumu Beach is home to a number of quality boutiques, specialty plant stores and destination restaurants. The heart of the village sits right on the seaside, and walking along the streets, you can feel the salt in the air and catch glimpses of the glistening ocean with the silhouette of Kāpiti Island in the distance. Paraparaumu is also the launching spot for tours to Kāpiti Island, one of Aotearoa’s oldest nature reserves.