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90 Federal Street, Auckland CBD

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Fans of one of Auckland’s finest restaurants, Cassia, breathed a sigh of relief when the much loved contemporary Indian restaurant reopened within the SkyCity precinct. After the flooding events of early 2023, Cassia’s premises on Fort Lane were damaged to the point of needing to relocate, and just a short eight weeks later, the doors opened at its new, permanent home. 

Cassia’s present housing is reminiscent of the Cassia we all knew and loved: fun, cozy and warm, with a kitchen lending itself to cooking with charcoal powered tandoors - a tool so essential to the iconic flavour of Cassia’s food. There are some additions, however, but in the pursuit of sustainability and to retain a sense of familiarity, much of the old fit out was carried across. 

Anyone who has been to Cassia knows there is a focus on respecting the traditional flavours of Indian cooking whilst marrying them to seasonal New Zealand produce and modern cooking styles. The idea blossomed from lazy afternoons spent in the kitchen. Sid would be whizzing up a confit duck leg or quail while Chand worked her wonders making a traditional Indian curry. The magical pairing made Sid and Chand question why there wasn’t a restaurant offering this kind of food in Auckland, and in 2014 Cassia arrived on the scene. 

Cassia challenges perceptions about what Indian food is and what it’s meant to be. The team at Cassia are passionate about introducing people to new flavours and extending palates with their innovative dishes. Over time, the lamb chops have become nothing short of legendary, and a few years ago, when the Delhi Duck was rotated off the menu, customers demanded it returns permanently. Vegetarians swear by the roasted carrot and vindaloo. If the choice is too much, opt for the ‘Journey menu’, a degustation that invites visitors on a regional tour of India and showcases the differences within Indian cuisine. 

It wasn’t closed for long, but for locals, it felt like forever, though fortunately, the much loved Cassia is here to stay.

Words by Nicole Mudgway & Photography by Jerome Warburton

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90 Federal Street, Auckland CBD

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