Neat in the Neighbourhood: Grey Lynn

A street in Grey Lynn on a sunny day.
Said to be home to Auckland’s ‘free thinkers’, Grey Lynn prides itself on being a neighbourhood with charm and a different way of doing things. Houses in the district were mostly built in the 1880s, and low rent in the 1950s attracted many immigrant workers who quickly made this neighbourhood home. Now, having undergone a similar renewal to Ponsonby, Grey Lynn has become a much sought after place where locals live close to neighbourhood shops and within easy reach of Point Chevalier beach.

Western Springs

Kids and adults sitting and walking around a lake on a cloudy day.
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Just a hop, skip and a jump from Auckland’s CBD lies Western Springs Park, an inner city oasis perfect for unwinding from the city’s hustle and bustle and...

Hotel Britomart

A view of a hotel room on a sunny day in Auckland.
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Contemporary and chic, The Hotel Britomart opened in October 2020, but its journey had started long before.

Checks Downtown

Interior image of Checks clothing store with a table of hates and shoes.
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There’s no other way to say this; Checks Downtown is just damn cool. New to the local streetwear label of the moment? We’ll catch you up.

Albert Park

Large old trees in Albert Park.
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Sitting on the east side of the city only a minute’s walk from Queen Street, this grassy knoll is often packed with uni students and suits.

Silo Park

Courtyard outside.
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Silo Park is a far cry from the refinery image it presents, and has grown substantially over the past few years into one of Auckland’s ‘to be’ places, especially over summer.