Hotels to Huts: Where to Find the Best Accommodation in Auckland

Outdoors area at Warblers Retreat in Auckland

Tāmaki Makaurau, Auckland is New Zealand’s biggest city, and a popular destination for Kiwis and international travellers alike. The city of sails, as it is fondly known, has much to offer with great food, nightlife, natural beauty, culture and shopping... The list goes on and on.

Your Comprehensive Guide to Devonport

Street view of Dulcie on King Edward Parade in Devonport
Picturesque Devonport is one of Auckland’s most quaint suburbs, and with its natural assets, characteristic buildings, and quality shops and eateries, it’s hardly surprising that locals never want to leave. It’s a tourist attraction without being overrun by tourists. 

The Neat Places team’s favourite places to brunch

Someone holding a plate of eggs hollandaise with smoked salmon on the side

Here at Neat Places, we're certainly partial to great food – and brunch is no exception. We've spilled the beans on our team's favourite spots around the country to enjoy a slow morning over eggs, smashed avo, pancakes, omelettes, and more goodness...

Glow Up With Auckland’s Best Facials

Women in spa with under-eye skincare patches wearing a dressing gown and towel wrapped around head

We all need a little ‘me’ time every now and again - especially when life in the big smoke becomes a little too hectic. And what better way to remedy (or at least mitigate) the chaos than by booking a facial and giving your skin the TLC it deserves?

Your Guide to North Island Road Tripping

Lush and green Te Toto Gorge Lookout in Raglan New Zealand

The North Island is bountiful in its diverse scenery, from geothermal activity to golden sand beaches, enchanting forests to rolling green farms - it’s a landscape that ticks all the boxes. The North Island is also rich in Māori culture, vibrant cities and authentic Kiwi experiences.

A New POV: The Best Seats in Tāmaki Makaurau, Auckland

Beautiful view looking out across Auckland from Mt Eden
With approximately 53 volcanic centres spread out across the region, it’s hardly a surprise that Auckland offers an abundance of seriously good views.

A Parnell Guide to Christmas

Colourful items of clothes on a rack under bright lights.

Take a trip to Auckland’s oldest suburb, wander the historic buildings and beautiful shops, and embrace the Christmas magic of Parnell.

Kid Friendly Places in Auckland

A clown hanging from the ceiling at Circus Circus.

In Auckland, family fun needs to know no bounds. From breweries and playgrounds to sprawling parks, there is so much to do in New Zealand’s biggest city, especially with the little ones in tow. When it’s time for a meal, Auckland offers everything from charming cafes adorned with colourful decor to restaurants with play zones that spark the imagination. There are a multitude of dining options that cater to both discerning young palates and the adults accompanying them.

Icing on the cake: Where to find the best sweet treats in Auckland

A woman holding a cookie in two hands.

Without sugarcoating it, Auckland has us well covered when it comes to sweet treats. The city is popping at the seams with culinary wonders, so it should really come as no surprise that sweet tooths can easily embark on a journey of indulgence, tantalising even the most discerning of taste buds. Whether it be to neighbourhoods with quaint corner bakeries or to institutions with queues a mile long, sweet enthusiasts won’t have to search too hard for their perfect piece of sugar-coated paradise.

Neat in the Neighbourhood: Grey Lynn

A street in Grey Lynn on a sunny day.

Said to be home to Auckland’s ‘free thinkers’, Grey Lynn prides itself on being a neighbourhood with charm and a different way of doing things. Houses in the district were mostly built in the 1880s, and low rent in the 1950s attracted many immigrant workers who quickly made this neighbourhood home. Now, having undergone a similar renewal to Ponsonby, Grey Lynn has become a much sought after place where locals live close to neighbourhood shops and within easy reach of Point Chevalier beach.

Dine Al Fresco-Style in Auckland Tāmaki Makaurau

Plates of food on an outdoor table at Bandung Cafe.
One of Auckland’s greatest appeals is its prolonged summers, often sticking around until well after the last of the Easter bunny’s goodies are gone. And even when it starts getting cooler, there’s something invigorating about cosying up with a delicious bowl of food or hot drink, a blanket and an outdoor heater.

Neat in the Neighbourhood: Your Guide to Point Chevalier

Just a stone’s throw from the CBD (well, almost), Point Chevalier is one of central Auckland’s outermost suburbs and a patchwork of family friendly activities, funky eateries and natural attractions.

Neat in the Neighbourhood: Parnell

Bread, sandwiches and salads in the cabinet in Little Rosie.
Parnell is one of Auckland’s oldest and most picturesque suburbs. It effortlessly blends history with contemporary charm, and it exudes a vibe that compels visitors to return. Nestled on the eastern fringes of Auckland's central business district, Parnell beckons with its quaint streets, heritage buildings, boutique shops, and an array of enticing culinary and beverage delights. Whether you're a local looking to rediscover your neighbourhood or a visitor eager to explore the heart of Auckland's art and culture scene, Parnell is one of our favourite places to eat, drink, shop, and wander. Treat this guide as your local passport and embark on a journey through this quaint central Auckland suburb.

Pizza Pilgrim: The Best Places for Pizza in Auckland

A pizza coming out of a hot oven.

In a city that is recognised for its diverse culinary options, there is one dish that continues to capture the hearts (and stomachs) of locals and visitors alike: pizza. Whether you are craving a classic Margherita, a packed meat lover’s delight, or just some oozy cheesy goodness, Auckland’s mouthwatering pizza landscape offers something for all pizza fans.

Green Party: Where to find the best plant-based food in Auckland

The entrance to a restaurant on a sunny day.

Whether you're a committed herbivore or simply curious about exploring the world of plant-based food, Auckland’s vibrant and diverse culinary scene offers a huge range of delicious plant-based options. Featuring mouth-watering plant-based burgers, tantalising Thai curries and indulgent gluten or dairy-free desserts, this guide includes dishes that are so tasty they rival their meat- or dairy-based counterparts in both taste and satisfaction.

The Taco Lowdown: Where To Find Auckland's Tastiest Tacos

A hand holding a taco.

From night markets and food trucks to the tucked-away gems that locals whisper about, Auckland has no shortage of epic taco joints to discover.

New Zealand’s Top Hotels For Unforgettable Staycations

A massive red 'HOTEL' sign on a wall.

Forget the stale hotel stereotypes; New Zealand's staycation scene is flourishing with bold character and unrivalled charm.

Take Your Tastebuds To Vietnam: The Best Spots For Vietnamese In Auckland

A banh mi on a table.

We’ve combed through the city’s bustling food scene to bring you a handpicked selection of the absolute best Vietnamese eats that won’t disappoint.

Tokyo on a Plate: Exploring Auckland's Best Japanese Cuisine

A hand holding a plate of food.

Delicious Japanese food in Auckland is not hard to come by, which is fortunate because it tends to be loved by Aucklanders all year round.

Our Picks of the Best Indian Food in Auckland

A staff member scooping up curry from a buffet behind glass.

If your regular Indian order is heavy on the butter chicken, samosas and cheesy naan, we're sorry to say you're missing out. Auckland has some of the best Indian restaurants in New Zealand Aotearoa, each showcasing India's diverse flavours and dishes. If rich and aromatic Mughlai Cuisine, fresh Punjabi Indian food or traditional South Indian street food sounds like something you could get into, read on. Indian restaurants make up an integral part of Auckland's foodscape, each crafting a unique and delicious taste experience all of their own. Whether you're a meat-lover, vegetarian or vegan, there are plenty of dishes to choose from. They can range from mild to very spicy, so err with caution when placing your order!

Neighbourhood Hangs: Your Guide to Karangahape Road

A covered arcade filled with shops.

The somewhat brighter, more vivacious cousin of Ponsonby Road, Auckland's Karangahape Road boasts just as much foot traffic and loyal lovers who come for the vintage shopping and community-conscious eateries.

Neighbourhood Hangs: Your Guide to Ponsonby

A view of old shops next to the road at dusk.

If you know anything about Auckland, you’ll have heard of Ponsonby Road, which features a vibrant and bustling atmosphere. With eateries along the strip serving up everything from pizza to prawns, Ponsonby Road caters to all sorts of visitors who come to revel in its eating and drinking scene as much as the people watching.

Seoulful Delights ... Auckland's Finest Korean Cuisine

A group of customers sitting at a table inside Hello Beasty in Auckland.
Featuring everything from fried chicken and hotdogs to classic Korean BBQ, check out the list below for your comprehensive guide to Auckland’s favourite Korean restaurants

Food with friends: Our favourite Auckland places for dining in a group

Customers dining under colourful bulbs at Gemmayze Street in Auckland.
Get the gang together. Here are our picks of the best places to dine in Auckland when you're with a group.

Exploring Our Top Picks for Auckland's Best Mexican

Hands reaching for different types of Mexican food on a table.e
When one pictures Mexican food, many different images come to mind. From saucy, stuffed enchiladas to fresh, crispy baja tacos, cheesy quesadillas or the classic guac’ and chips, perhaps accompanied by a chilli margarita and or crunchy, doughy churros to follow; Mexican is one of the international cuisines Kiwis are probably most familiar with. It’s accessible, it’s comforting, and it’s delicious - what’s not to love?

Our Picks of the Best Italian food in Auckland

Pasta and bread on a table at Pick in Auckland.

Auckland’s Italian restaurant game is strong. Here are our picks on where to go for Auckland's finest Italian food.

Auckland's Favourite Chinese Cheap Eats

A flatlay of a plate of dumplings on a table.

Chinese food is one of those cravings that are extremely hard to ignore, but when done right, it really is one of the best cravings to have satiated. Do it wrong, though, and you may be left with some (greasy) regrets. Thankfully in Auckland there are only about a million good options, and most of them won’t break the bank.

Wander the Heart of Auckland Tāmaki Makaurau

A large brick building on a sunny day at Britomart in Auckland.
Auckland is an incredibly beautiful, vibrant city offering plenty of views, restaurants, cool shops and open spaces. We all know the notoriety of Auckland traffic, so what better way to see the inner city than by ditching the car, donning your walking shoes and exploring the big smoke on foot?

Eating for One: Where to Dine Solo in Auckland

Tables and chair inside Daily Bread Auckland on a sunny day.

Dining out alone can sometimes feel like a daunting experience - we assure you, it shouldn’t have to be! Some (lucky) people have no hesitations about doing so, but for the rest of us, feeling comfortable might be a work in progress. The eatery itself plays a huge role in how individuals will feel about eating there - certain places are definitely better at creating environments perfect for a party of one. Whether it be the seating style, table arrangement or simply the location itself, each plays an important role in making diners feel at home.

Best Urban Wine Experiences in New Zealand

Glasses and a bottle of wine sitting on a table in the outdoor seating area of Puffin Wine Bar in Wellington.
All around New Zealand, we are blessed with incredible wine experiences right in our own urban backyard. No matter your vino preference from a classic Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc to a Central Otago Pinot Noir or perhaps an interesting blend from a far away European vineyard, you don’t have to travel far to sample and enjoy a glass or two (responsibly of course!).

Your Guide to Auckland’s Best Burgers

Birds eye view of silver trays filled with burgers and fries.

In a city absolutely brimming with burger options, it can feel challenging knowing where to start. Soooo, let us help you out.

Aotearoa's Underground Haunts, Rooftops and The In-betweens

A view of the Pink Lady building looking up from the ground.
From rooftop bars to underground haunts and hidden gems in-between, New Zealand has plenty of incredible spots hiding in our cities and towns. They may be a bit hard to find, but the best stuff takes a little effort, right?

A Foodie's Guide to Auckland Tāmaki Makaurau

Bowl of Noodle Soup

Tāmaki Makaurau is New Zealand’s largest city, and it’s filled to the brim with plenty to eat. A wonderful array of cultures, traditions and nationalities reside in Auckland, making it a diverse and rich food city that’s buzzing from day to night.

7 Urban Hotels Worth Travelling For

A colourful bedroom inside The Intrepid Hotel in Wellington.

In the UK, the term ‘city-break’ is frequently used to describe a weekend away visiting the European city of the moment, exploring everything on offer and most often staying in boutique accommodation. Now, we may be thousands of miles away from being able to achieve a casual few days in a European city, but here in New Zealand, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to urban hotels that are worth travelling around the country for.

Danijela Unkovich's Auckland

Danijela in a vegetable garden.
I was born and raised in Auckland. I’m a registered nutritionist by trade, with additional training in culinary arts. My professional background spans community nutrition, nutrition practise and workplace wellbeing.

Yeshe Dawa's Auckland

Yeshe in her kitchen stirring dough.
I’m the owner of The Midnight Baker, a gluten-free bakery in Maungawhau (Mt Eden). I’ve lived in Tāmaki Makaurau for 10 years now. I love food and engaging with where it comes from and how it’s grown.

Toby Morris's Auckland

Toby sitting at a table looking at the camera.
I’m Toby Morris - a cartoonist, illustrator, writer and Creative Director at The Spinoff. I’m from Wellington originally, but have been in Auckland for about seven years now, and I’m still finding new favourites all the time. We live right between Sandringham Rd and Dominion Rd and we love the mix of cultures in that area.

Dariush Lolaiy's Auckland

Dariush looking to camera.

I’m a chef and cookbook author, hunter and co-owner at Cazador Restaurant and Delicatessen. My restaurant specialises in serving New Zealand game meats and fresh, local produce with an emphasis on ethically sourced ingredients and minimal waste.

Christina van Bohemen's Auckland

Christina smiling to camera.

I am an architect living in central Auckland. I moved to Auckland in 1996 and have witnessed huge changes in the city’s urban built character that make it a more complementary fit with our beautiful natural environment.

Sarah & Otis Frizzell's Auckland

Sarah and Otis Frizzell standing in front of their fodo truck.

Otis and I met on a blind date, set up by Otis’s brother, Josh. The rest, they say, is history. We’re pretty fortunate to be best friends, which definitely helps when you’re married and run a business together!

Janine and Charles Williams's Auckland

Janine and Charles looking to camera.

We are graffiti and contemporary artists. We create visual stories that connect us to the whenua (land) and to the tangata whenua (local people) we encounter along the way. Tāmaki Makaurau / Auckland is my turangawaewae. I grew up in South Auckland and we still live there with our four teenage children. Charles moved here at 13 from a challenging childhood and for him Auckland was a place of opportunity. He started a graffiti crew (TMD) in the early 90s that went on to win the world championship (twice), and holds a Guinness World Record for the world’s longest graffiti scroll in Dubai alongside the Ironlak Team.

12 Hours in Parnell

The entrance to Auckland Museum.

The best things to eat, see and do in Parnell.

Stock Up On Vinyl At The 8 Best Record Stores In New Zealand

Interior of record store.

Give Spotify a rest and throw your money behind local artists and record retailers.

Tick Off Your Reading List At New Zealand’s Independent Bookshops

Bookcase jam packed with books at The Last Chapter, Wānaka.
Bibliophiles gather around; here's your comprehensive guide to New Zealand's best bookshops. Each of these fiercely independent bookstores brings a strong sense of personality, enriched by the culture and history of the towns they call home.  From North to South, from mystical fantasy to heartfelt memoirs, there's plenty to tickle your bookish brains at these local spots. So clear your shelf and break out your Good Reads list; here's where to get your literature fix across Aotearoa.  

Score The Inside Scoop On New Zealand’s Best Ice Cream And Gelato Spots

Two ice creams in holder at Utopia Ice, Christchurch.
Licking back an ice cream on a sweltering hot day is a Kiwi pastime we all know and love. As far as summer favourites go, it's up there with long balmy nights, beach days and sausage sizzles. Whether your vice is hokey pokey, mint choc chip or cookies and cream, the list goes on.  So it's only fair we save you the hassle of scouting out the best spots to pick up a scoop (or three) when the temperature rises. From North to South, these are the best ice cream and gelato shops in New Zealand.

Parnell’s Best Art Galleries And Where To Treat Yourself Afterwards

Looking through the open door of the Black Door Gallery in Parnell.

Because there are few finer pairings in life than art and food.

4 Creative Ways To Spark Inspiration In Parnell

A large public art sculpture on a hill in Parnell Auckland.
Throw on your walking shoes, gather your creative crew and get among the scene in Parnell.

9 Mouth-Watering Foodie Destinations To Discover In Parnell

Table of delicious dishes from Simon & Lee in Parnell.
Whatever you do, come hungry.

Sip Your Way Through Our Guide To Kiwi-Made Spirits

Cardrona Distillery looking out to the mountains.
From specialty gin to artisan whiskey, amp up your next cocktail party with our curated selection of homegrown spirits.

Guide to Auckland Cafés and How to Brunch Best

Guests dining inside Bestie Cafe in Auckland.

Some of the best brunches to hit up in Auckland

Unwind at these 9 Auckland Hotels and Retreats

Inside the Britomart Hotel lobby.

Lay your head at some of the best

5 Auckland Streets to Eat Around the World

Chefs working inside the kitchen at Paradise in Auckland.

Our picks for the best international food in Auckland

The Key Ingredients for a Wellness Weekend in Auckland

A woman doing yoga in a studio.

Rest, Revive & Recharge

9 Best Auckland Walks and Where to Treat Yourself After

A lone man standing at Anawhata Bay.

Walk (then eat) your way around Auckland

A Guide to Auckland Galleries & Cafés for the Perfect Day

A sign pointing to an art gallery.

Auckland's art galleries and where to grab a drink after

Linger a While with Leslie Hottiaux, Chef and Co-Owner of Apéro

Leslie Hottiaux sitting in her restaurant.
As an Auckland transplant, we were curious to see what kept Leslie Hottiaux in the city after venturing over on a working holiday visa over ten years ago. Seems like it was the magic of the city.

Brazilian Beats and Eats from DJ Bobby Brazuka

Bobby Brazuka standing in front of his business the Ponsonby Social Club in Auckland.
We caught up with DJ and owner of Ponsonby Social Club, Bobby Brazuka, to learn more about why Auckland is home.

Eat My Lunch Founder Shares Where in Auckland She Eats HER Lunch

Lisa smiling to camera amongst some beautiful trees.
We caught up with Lisa King from Eat My Lunch to see where her favourite spots are in her adopted city.

Almighty’s Founder Ben Lenart on What Makes Him Stay in Auckland

Ben Lenart holding a pastry and drink and smiling to camera.
We were thrilled to catch up with Ben and learn about what makes a health-conscious entrepreneur tick in Auckland.

9 Second-Hand Stores to Shop in Auckland

vintage handbag and clothing
If you don’t feel like trawling around Auckland trying to find the best second-hand shops, look no further.

Transcending Essentials

Rachel Mills at work cutting a pattern.
Mount Eden-based designer Rachel Mills has made a name for herself as the go-to pattern maker for the likes of Trelise Cooper, Stolen Girlfriends Club, Karen Walker, and others.

Joel Woods of Holiday Records

Joel from Holiday Records inside his Auckland CBD store.
Joel Woods of Holiday Records is breathing new life into the analogue music scene with his stunning retail space in Auckland’s CBD.

Feel Good Fashion

A photo of Keva Rands.
We chat to designer and maker Keva Rands about the why, the what, and the who of her company, Papa Clothing.

12 hours Auckland

People dining inside St Kevins Arcade in Auckland.

The best things to see, eat and do in Auckland.

Innocent Packaging

A photo of Tony Small.
It’s a little scary to think that every little itty bit of plastic that was ever created, still exists on earth in some form … Floating in the ocean, ingested into the stomachs of wildlife, littering our streets, hanging out in landfills, not to mention the ambiguity over what is recyclable and what is not, plastic is quickly becoming no-one’s best friend.

A Guide to New Zealand's Coffee Roasters

A coffee on a table.

Not all coffee is created equal, so in our guide to New Zealand’s coffee roasters, we pay homage to those roasting, brewing, and serving it the best. You’ll find micro-roasters rubbing shoulders with the country’s biggest producers.