Just because they can be found in the Southernmost major city in New Zealand doesn’t mean Dunedin restaurants are content to sit in the culinary shadows. From Japanese to Italian, and everything in between, Dunedin restaurants don’t hold back when it comes to offering visitors a taste of cuisine from all over the world. A mixture of cultures calling this Southern city home means there’s plenty of choice when it comes to that evening time question ‘where should we eat?’. Similar to the humble people who live here, Dunedin restaurants are not ones to blow their own trumpets, so lucky we’re here to do it for them.

Whether you’re feeling like fish and chips down at the beach, a cheap and cheerful Asian meal in town, or it’s time to celebrate and go all out with a fine-dining option, restaurants in Dunedin meet all your eating and drinking requirements.

A harbourside city means there’s constant access to fresh kaimoana, and if seafood hasn’t made it onto your plate before, Dunedin is very much the place to try it. Get greasy with a piece of battered cod, or sip on an oyster straight from the shell - Dunedin restaurants aren’t ones to judge how you like your food, they’re just here to offer it up in the best way possible.