Bottoms Up ... 9 of the Best South Island Pubs

A wooden bar with green downlights where there are 4 beers on tap.
Pack up the car, gather a group of mates and most importantly designate a sober driver… it’s time to embark on a tour of the South Island.

11 Craft Beer Destinations To Add To Your South Island Getaway

A staff member pulling a pint of craft beer behind the counter at B.Effect in Wanaka.

Few things top the feeling of sampling a local craft beer while on holiday. Lucky for you, the South Island is brimming with places to get your small-batch fix.

New Zealand’s Top Bakeries to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Worker behind cabinet serving almond croissant onto plate using tongs.

Carb lovers rejoice, we’ve scoured the country for the best baked goods establishments aka bakeries! No sourdough loaf, flaky almond croissant or pillowy brioche doughnut has been left unturned in this quest.

Follow the Crumbs ... 9 NZ Pâtisseries Worth Knowing

Pembroke Patisserie's cabinet filled with yummy treats

Walking into a pâtisserie is an experience that can overwhelm your senses - in the best way possible.

Recline and Unwind: NZ's Independent Cinema Experiences

The pink and black exterior of The Mayfair in Kaikoura.

Picture this, it’s Friday night, you’re settling into your favourite reclining lounger, a glass of wine in hand and the opening credits are beginning on the screen in front of you. Sure this situation could be in your living room at home but why not amp up the cosiness vibes and treat yourself to a trip to your local independent cinema.

7 Urban Hotels Worth Travelling For

A colourful bedroom inside The Intrepid Hotel in Wellington.
In the UK, the term ‘city-break’ is frequently used to describe a weekend away visiting the European city of the moment, exploring everything on offer and most often staying in boutique accommodation. Now, we may be thousands of miles away from being able to achieve a casual few days in a European city, but here in New Zealand, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to urban hotels that are worth travelling around the country for.

Chase Candyfloss Skies With The Best Places To Catch A Sunset In NZ

Sunset at Piha in West Auckland, New Zealand.

In the light of golden hour, take your seat and let the sunset take centre stage.

7 South Island Road Trips to Add to Your Bucket List

View of Milford Sound in South Island, New Zealand.

Fill up the tank; a South Island road trip adventure awaits.

Seven Vegetarian Spots to Travel for this Meat Free May

Waiter holding two vegan dishes at Hillside Kitchen in Wellington.

Challenge yourself and go Meat Free this May. The planet, the animals and your body will thank you for it.

Forget the Chocolate Eggs, Let’s Hunt For The Best Hot Cross Buns

A big tray of hot cross buns from Volare, Hamilton.

It’s that time of year; hot cross bun season and we’re all about it.

An Ode to Long, Lingering Lunches Across New Zealand

People having a long lunch at Tussock Hill Vineyard, Christchurch.
Is there anything more satisfying than a lingering long lunch?

Stock Up On Vinyl At The 8 Best Record Stores In New Zealand

Interior of record store.
Give Spotify a rest and throw your money behind local artists and record retailers.

Lift Your Gallery Wall Game With Our Guide To Buying Art Online

Woman hanging art print on the wall by Mathilde Langevin.
Wave goodbye to boring blank walls.

Score The Inside Scoop On New Zealand’s Best Ice Cream And Gelato Spots

Two ice creams in holder at Utopia Ice, Christchurch.

Because ice cream is categorically the best thing about summer.

Shop Feel-Good Fits With 11 Sustainable NZ Clothing Brands

Woman wearing gingham hat and dress from Mina.

This is feel-good clothing in more than one way.

A Day Guide to Dunedin Arts and Architecture

Buildings in the Warehouse Precinct in Dunedin.
Dunedin is a city rich in history and culture. It’s a place where creativity is abundant and old and new are celebrated - with both impressive and iconic architectural designs, and quirky modern gems dotted throughout the town.

9 of the Best Dunedin Walks and Where to Treat Yourself Afterwards

Canoe Beach in Dunedin.

Dunedin was designed for adventure. And not only is it beautiful, it’s also home to some of the tastiest brews and bites in the country.

A Beer Lover's Guide to Eating and Drinking in Dunedin

A group of people sat around a table drinking beer at Steamer Basin, Dunedin.
Home to the oldest beer in the country, the Dunedin brewing scene is buzzing.

A Guide to Dunedin Fashion and One of a Kind Pieces

Interior view of Peeps in Dunedin.

Here’s our guide to finding the famous and more fringe Dunedin fashion stores.

9 Best Independent New Zealand Florists to Celebrate Spring

Close up of a bouquet.

Are you ready for a fresh bunch of blooms as we head into Spring? Here's where to go for your floral fix.

Cure Your Cravings With 10 Locally Made Craft Chocolates

A stack of Bennetto chocolate.

Embrace your inner Willy Wonka, here’s the golden ticket to ten of the best craft chocolatiers in Aotearoa.

Where to get Down with Donuts

A tray of doughnuts from Baked.

Doughnuts or donuts--who really cares? We've rounded up the best doughy deliciousness you can find in NZ.

12 Hours Dunedin

The Dunedin Railway Station.
Your guide to the best things to do in Dunedin

Come Hungry, Here's Exactly What You Need to Devour in and Around Dunedin

Close up of a burger.
Otago is spoiled for choice when it comes to food.

6 of the Best Brunch Spots in Dunedin

A plate of brunch on a table at Buster Greens.
Brunch combines two daily meals, which means it’s got to be doubly good. These Dunedin cafés and restaurants do it best with a range of classic dishes, modern takes and plant based options that all hinge on supreme quality and taste.

Why McKinlay Shoes Have Stood the Test of Time

A photo of Graeme McKinlay smiling.
Lots of Kiwis grew up wearing McKinlays shoes to school and many now take their children and grandchildren in for new pairs as they grow. The business has been operating in Dunedin since 1879.

This Local Fashion Designer Is Taking Dunedin by Storm

A photo of Sara Munro in Company of Strangers.
Designer and local, Sara Munro, built her Company of Strangers brand on a strong ethos, bright colours, and bold designs in Dunedin.

How Bruce Mahalski Brought Dunedin's Museum of Natural Mystery to Life

Bruce Mahalski wearing a skull on his head.
A museum unlike any other, Dunedin's Museum of Natural Mystery is local artist Bruce Mahalski’s greatest work.

Moray Place

People milling about on Moray Place in Dunedin.
A forward-thinking early surveyor left the central part of Dunedin bare of buildings, making Moray Place a favourite spot to meet up with friends, have lunch in the sun, or simply soak up the Dunedin culture. A fire station built in the 1890s was moved from Moray Place 14 years after completion due to disgruntled residents being woken up by noisy trucks. Now Moray Place is a popular spot to dance the night away, and it's likely the sound of students partying that keeps neighbours up to the early hours.

Cocoa Dreamer

Liz Rowe of Otago Chocolate Company.
A passionate maker of chocolate ever since she was taught the craft by a man in Ecuador, Liz Rowe now supplies stockists up and down the country, with each bar privy to the ethos that means it can be traced right back to the very farmer co-operative where it started its life as a cocoa bean.

Coffee Roasters

A coffee on a table.

Those roasting, brewing and serving it the best