Why McKinlay Shoes Have Stood the Test of Time

Graeme McKinlay

A photo of Graeme McKinlay smiling.

Lots of Kiwis grew up wearing McKinlays shoes to school and many now take their children and grandchildren in for new pairs as they grow. The business has been operating in Dunedin since 1879.


A Day Guide to Dunedin Arts and Architecture

Buildings in the Warehouse Precinct in Dunedin.


Dunedin is a city rich in history and culture. It’s a place where creativity is abundant and old and new are celebrated - with both impressive and iconic architectural designs, and quirky modern gems dotted throughout the town.


Moray Place

A forward-thinking early surveyor left the central part of Dunedin bare of buildings, making Moray Place a favourite spot to meet up with friends, have lunch in the sun, or simply soak up the Dunedin culture.

A fire station built in the 1890s was moved from Moray Place 14 years after completion due to disgruntled residents being woken up by noisy trucks. Now Moray Place is a popular spot to dance the night away, and it's likely the sound of students partying that keeps neighbours up to the early hours.