Dunedin Botanic Garden

903 Cumberland Street, North Dunedin

03 477 4000

There aren’t really words for the wonders of a garden, or, in fact, there are many. Poets have been inspired for thousands of years, recording, describing and re-iterating the beauties of flora and foliage. If you find yourself worn down by the grind, tired of looking at concrete and street signs and text books, put your iPhone away, leave your laptop behind and escape to the green peace of the Dunedin Botanic Gardens. You may find more than you expected; playgrounds, glasshouses, herb gardens, duck ponds and woodlands, wild plants from every continent but Antarctica and then a range of chirpy parrots from Australia and New Zealand in the Garden’s famous aviaries.

What does one do there, you may ask? Picnics, wanders, adventures, day-time naps, romantic dates, duck-feeding, bird-watching, acorn collecting, cloud watching, reading, singing, humming, skipping, laughing, playing, walks, meanders, frolics and rambles. Taking time out never looked so attractive. Possibly the best part about this experience? It doesn’t cost you money and you may even find that the more time you spend, the more you get back.

Words by Abigail Egden & Photography by Naomi Haussmann

903 Cumberland Street, North Dunedin

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