An Eco-Tourism Guide To Golden Bay

Two people leaning towards the water at Te Waikoropupū Springs.

For many travellers, it’s important to know that their holiday doesn’t have a negative environmental impact. After all, as so many popular tourist destinations in Aotearoa New Zealand are renowned for their beauty, it’s important to ensure they’re preserved for the next generation.

Drift Off Grid - Luxury Eco Glamping

A view of the bed from the deck at Drift Off.
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One of the best draws of Golden Bay is its gorgeous scenery, and at Drift Off Grid Glamping, you can immerse yourself in nature while staying at stylish, eco-conscious...

Farewell Spit Tours

Two men walking along the beach on a sunny day.
Place Golden Bay
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Offering sustainable visits to Golden Bay’s most iconic geographic feature for over 70 years, the family-run Farewell Spit Tours is the perfect way to visit this...