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43 Ward Street, Hamilton Central

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We all know what it’s like to try on (what feels like) millions of jeans until you inevitably leave the shop frustrated and hopeless. Thankfully, Texas Radio is here to change that.

This is a true denim speciality shop (there’s only a handful left in the country!). They carry as many as 25 brands - including the classic and coveted Levi 501s - so you’re sure to find a pair of jeans that suit your figure. The passionate and knowledgeable staff make you feel right at home while they get to work finding you the ideal fit for your preferences and body type. Rather than an awkward stranger talking to you through the changing room door, you’ll be paired with a welcoming specialist who understands just how great a bloody good pair of denim can make you feel.

Crafting jeans is hugely labor-intensive, so Texas Radio takes care to review each brand individually to make note of their ethics, sustainability, and traceability. You can rest easy knowing your new denim has been ethically and responsibly sourced, as they continue to push suppliers to be more transparent about their sustainability practices.

If you’re after a mix of casual streetwear, they’ve got you covered there too. You’ll find a range of t-shirts, shoes, hoodies, shorts and tops, all made by highly regarded, international clothing brands. If you’re jonesing for the ease of online shopping, you can find plenty of options on their website as well.

Words by Hayley James & Photography by Anna Briggs

43 Ward Street, Hamilton Central

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