12 hours Hamilton


The interior of Mr Pickle's in Hamilton.

Lovers of sport, great food and wine are all part of a population of people who have a palpable sense of loyalty to their city, and with plenty to be proud of it’s no wonder they have made Hamilton their home.


Making his mark

Alan Deare

Alan Deare has made his mark on the cultural sector and publishing, picking up a swag of awards along the way. A decade on from establishing Area Design, Alan shares his thoughts on contemporary culture, music and the brand identity of some of those neat places he’s had a hand in creating.



From rags to riches, Frankton has long been touted as the Cinderella of Hamilton. With a rollercoaster history in its rearview, this railway suburb is under ongoing transformation, guided towards a rather trendy future. With plenty of beautiful old buildings, business investment and a younger population calling it home, Frankton is quickly rising as a destination.