Upgrade Your Home Cooking with the Best Craft Food Stores in Christchurch

Pantry items for sale at Akaroa Butchery.

Whether you’re looking to treat your friends to a bountiful dinner party or yourself to something sweet, Christchurch can fill all your foodie desires. With incredible farmland surrounding the city and local makers, bakers, and tasters, there’s plenty to find around here. While there’s a good night out to be had in Christchurch, we’re quite fond of filling our pantries and hampers with local goodies, enjoying some delicious food at home. 

We’ve rounded up our favourite foodie places to shop if you want to enjoy Christchurch’s budding hospitality scene at home.

Grocery Stores & Filleries

If you’re looking to stock up on goodies for home, the natural first place to stop is the grocery store. But before you run into the local supermarket, consider a smaller and arguably more pleasant shopping experience. 

Harbour Co-Op

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12 London Street, Lyttelton, Christchurch, Christchurch & Canterbury

Located on London Street, Harbour Co-op is an organic foodie haven. With bulk bins placed throughout the store among fresh produce, you won’t have to search far for dinner inspiration here.

Frances Nation Grocer

28 Worcester Boulevard, Christchurch Central

A newcomer on the block, Frances Nation Grocer is the brainchild of Tessa Peach, owner and curator of Frances Nation, a well-loved shop stocking home goods handmade by New Zealanders. The Grocer features the same ethos — prepared foods from makers in New Zealand. Here, you’ll find handmade jams, cheese, honey, and even wine. You’ll be tempted by the freshly baked bread and brewed coffee, so come hungry!


The bright, open bulk bins at The Welder’s GoodFor will surely inspire new recipes. This package-free shop stocks plenty of pantry staples like rice, pasta, spices, and herbs, as well as all the baking supplies one could ask for. They also stock locally roasted coffee beans and a “mill your own flour” section for those without the ability to grind up their purchases at home.

Wholefoods Market and Health Store

52 Riccarton Road, Christchurch

The Wholefoods Market and Health Store on Riccarton is a great place to stop for fresh vegetables, organic supplements, and packaged vegetarian foods. A bright and airy space, you’ll find everything you need to make dinner from scratch, and a few treats to snack on while you make it!

Photo credit: Wholefoods Market and Health Store

Piko Wholefoods

229 Kilmore Street, Christchurch

A mainstay on the corner of Kilmore and Barbados for years, Piko Whole Foods has stocked organic, bulk bin items before it was cool. The earthy shop has an impressive bulk bin section, locally sourced organic veggies, fresh bread, cheese, wine, and even organic cleaning products. You won’t want to miss their expertly prepared items as well — featuring items like handmade hummus and more.

The Mediterranean Food Co.

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2/96 Oxford Tce, Riverside Market, Christchurch

For a truly delightful shopping experience, step inside The Mediterranean Food Co. and be transported to Italy. From the music playing to the friendly staff ready to offer a helping hand, you’ll want to linger longer in the aisles of imported tomato sauces, pestos, and pasta varieties. Further in, you’ll find a delicious array of Mediterranean wines (trust us, Chianti will pair well with any pasta dish), imported cheeses and meats, as well as a healthy array of olives. If you’re looking for something extra special, don’t miss their deli section or their homemade tiramisu.

Liberty Market

493 Moorhouse Avenue, Christchurch

A certified organic retailer, Liberty Market features all sorts of organic goodies waiting to be found. From their produce, eggs, and milk at the front to the many shelves of gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan items, you’ll find every obscure ingredient listed in that new recipe you’ve been meaning to try.

Photo credit: Markus Spiske

Local Traders

If you’re coordinated enough to wait for weekly markets or are looking for a unique way to spend a weekend morning, try some of Christchurch’s best local markets.



From Friday to Sunday, you’ll find the best in local Cantabrian pride ranging from fresh produce to mushrooms and cheeses. If you’re looking to make a day (and a meal) out of your experience, head down to the Christchurch Farmers Market in Riccarton. From fresh produce stalls to prepared products (like wine!) to food stands from Posh Porridge and Bacon Bros, you won’t have to worry about shopping on an empty stomach. Lyttelton provides a similar atmosphere but is located on bustling London Street. From local purveyors to street performers and a buzzy atmosphere from local businesses, you’ll find yourself strolling the street several times.

If you have less time but still want an atmosphere and fresh food, head out to the Ohoka Farmers Market on Friday mornings, the Mt Pleasant Market on Saturdays, or the beloved South Christchurch Farmers' Market on Sunday for local foods and entertainment. 

Charcuterie & more

If you’re not in the mood for a whole shop and just want a few pieces for a platter or hamper, there’s plenty of places to find tantalising treats of the cheese and meat variety in and around Christchurch.



Look no further than Canterbury Cheesemongers, who stock nearly every variety under the sun and are happy to help you find what you need. From local to imported flavours, you’ll fill and cheese board in no time. For more of the local variety, head out to Akaroa and stop at Barrys Bay Cheese for memorable flavours made from grass-fed, Banks Peninsula cows. 



While on your way to Akaroa, stop at the Akaroa Butchery for award-winning hams and sausages, as well as Akaroa salmon from this French shop. If you’re trying to stick closer to Christchurch, try the Cashmere Cuisine Butchery for more award-winning, top-quality roasts, salamis, patties and more. Finally, if you’re more inclined to a vegan platter, stop by Grater Goods for plant-based parmesan, plant pastrami, and more

Expert Bakers

A true staple of life, you’re forgiven for not wanting to miss out on the bakery experience and pick up a loaf on your grocery run.



Lucky for Christchurch folk, expert bakers have been popping up all over the city, enticing us with deliciously baked bread and other treats. From beautiful sourdough loaves to lemon tarts, stop in at Bohemian Bakery. For classic pastries — almond croissants, anyone? — baguettes, and batards, head to Bellbird Bakery. Finally, you’ll want to make room for fan favourite — Grizzly Baked Goods — who make pain au chocolat, bagels, and double rye cookies so good you just might weep. 

Sweet Treats


For some sweet treats to wow dinner party guests or devour yourself, try Christchurch favourite Cakes by Anna. From tried and true chocolate cakes to delightful creations like marmalade and earl grey cakes, Anna’s cakes are delicious and stunning, typically topped with incredible floral arrays. If you’re more inclined to smaller treats, head out to Lyttelton to take a part in cult classic Glamour Cakes for donuts, lamingtons, bars, and more. Finally, if you’re looking for something a bit healthier or vegan, try Make It Raw for peppermint mousse chocolate bars, citrus slices, and more.

Home Delivery

 Finally, if you can’t be bothered to go shopping and prefer for local foodie treasures to arrive straight to your door, check out our favourite home delivery services.

Produce Boxes


All featuring fresh, local produce harvested by locals, you’ll be eating in season and finding new foods you didn’t know existed.  Streamside Organics also delivers their fresh, bountiful produce in weekly boxes from their farm in Leeston to your home. Finally, Untamed Earth is a certified organic regenerative farm that offers fruit and vegetable boxes delivered to your door.