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A photo of Dominic Ellett from Indigo and Provisions looking to camera.

Dominic Ellett

Step inside the historic Boys’ High building in central Christchurch and you’ll find your way upstairs to Indigo & Provisions, a stunning retail space. Focussed on quality, the space has a great brand story for the curated fashion and homeware items that adorn the shelves. We caught up with owner/operator Dominic Ellett to hear more about the brand, his ethos, and his inspiration for the store.

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What inspired you to open Indigo & Provisions?

I decided to open I&P after moving to Christchurch in April of 2018 and seeing all the exciting changes the city was (and still is) going through. I wanted to get in on the action! I was also inspired by the amazing retail concepts I have visited in the UK and Europe and wanted to bring some new brands and concepts to New Zealand.

What’s your most popular product?

I think the item we have sold the most is the Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag by local brand Common Goods Co, especially over Christmas they were a hot gift choice. Second place would probably go to our French heritage brand Armor Lux, everyone loves stripes and these guys pioneered the style!

Which season is your favourite to dress for?

Probably Autumn as that's when I can start layering more without needing anything too heavy.

What is your process for selecting/curating stock?

I go after brands I love. I look for quality, detailing, colours, textures and sustainability. I basically have a checklist I go through before reaching out to a brand or saying yes to one that contacts me.

Favourite tattoo and why?

Hard to pick a favourite really! I have a coffee pot on my arm because I love coffee and my girlfriend got me a stovetop pot one year for my birthday so I enjoy making a brew in that for us.

How would you describe your personal style?

I suppose I'd call myself a denimhead; I love selvedge jeans, boots, workwear fashion and Japanese design. I combine a bunch of different influences into my style.

Strangest request you’ve had from a customer?

Luckily no strange ones since opening Indigo & Provisions! Some people want to buy the couch or the coffee mugs we keep under the counter for when I make a brew (they're sometimes dirty too!).

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Indigo & Provisions
Level 1, 28 Worcester Boulevard,
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