Innocent Packaging

A photo of Tony Small.

Tony Small

It’s a little scary to think that every little itty bit of plastic that was ever created, still exists on earth in some form … Floating in the ocean, ingested into the stomachs of wildlife, littering our streets, hanging out in landfills, not to mention the ambiguity over what is recyclable and what is not, plastic is quickly becoming no-one’s best friend.

Helping fight the good fight against this silent foe is Innocent Packaging of Auckland, an innovative company redefining the life cycle of packaging and the effect it has on the environment.

Founded in November 2013 by eco-savvy thinker Tony Small, the business has grown impressively over the last few years which can only be a positive thing – more people becoming aware of, and willing to change their throwaway habits.

Kindness to the environment sits at the very heart of the company, with not only their packaging but also all the ink and dyes they use totally compostable and easy on the soil they’ll eventually end up in. Made from either wheat straw (an often wasted byproduct of wheat agriculture), or Poly Lactic Acid (a bioplastic constructed of naturally occurring plant sugar), the products can be simply placed amongst other organic material in a compost heap, where they will then break back down into nitrogen, carbon and water – a cycle so obvious you can be forgiven for feeling a little silly you didn’t think of it first.

The company has a focus on fun too, a vision to set the workplace as an enjoyable and positive place to be, something that finds its way into their customer service and ensures everyone walks away with not only the coolest new packaging on the block, but a sense of feeling supported and included also.

To join the ever growing team of eco-minded people, keep an eye out for Innocent Packaging products at your favourite cafe/food truck/takeaway store.

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