Roses to Riches

A photo of Natalie-Rose holding a bunch of flowers.

Natalie-Rose Rutherford

We chatted with the green-fingered entrepreneur Natalie Rose Rutherford of Flowerhead to discuss posies, best work practices and what it takes to run a floristry business.

After arriving back home to New Zealand in 2014 equipped with years of expertise working in the boutique flower business in London and Amsterdam, Natalie Rose of Flowerhead has hit the ground running and hasn’t stopped moving since.

What's the most memorable event you've supplied flowers for?

While working in Amsterdam I helped do the flowers for Karl Lagerfield's Christmas party. Gardenia's are his favourite flower and were an absolute must!

Here in Christchurch, the Cancer Society Ball 2015 was incredibly memorable - we created giant magnolia trees to decorate the huge space at the Wigram Airforce Museum along with 80 winter inspired table arrangements.

Can you tell us a bit about the 'green work conscience' behind your business?

We have our own spray free picking garden, and all our green waste is seperated and composted. Supporting local growers is also very important to us. Not only do they come without air miles, they are fresher and more often than not spray free.

 What tunes could we expect to hear while you're working in your studio?

Depending on the mood we listen to anything from Beyoncé for a pickup to Tom Odell for something a little more mellow. 

Being a florist seems to be the world's best ever job, what are the tough parts about working with greenery all day?

We're on our feet a lot of the time which is great to be moving around;  however after a 15 hour day my feet do tend to get numb and swollen.

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