12 Hours Hamilton

The interior of Mr Pickle's in Hamilton.

Lovers of sport, great food, and wine make up the population of people who have a palpable sense of loyalty to their city, Hamilton.

Join the growing throngs of visitors who know Hamilton is much more than meets the eye. A place where quirky cafés and world-class eateries are popping up in every alley, it’s worth taking the time to explore.


As the sun rises you best get yourself dressed and out the door, Hamilton’s finest breakfast spots are calling…

Breakfast at Hayes Common

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33 Jellicoe Drive, Hamilton East, Hamilton

In the hip hub of East Hamilton overlooking the river, Hayes Common is known for waking up the township on the right side of the bed with fresh, locally-sourced morning fare and beautifully brewed Atomic coffee. Settle into a comfy corner or pull up a chair at their family-sized tables and eye up their current menu, bursting with top quality free-range produce. Whatever will it be… baked pancakes with seasonal toppings? Pork belly or cripsy Sichuan tofu bao buns? There’s a whole evening menu dedicated to vegan folk too. This place does it all – and does it well.

Ice Cream at Duck Island then a visit to Hamilton Gardens

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300a Grey Street, Hamilton East, Hamilton

It’s lucky there’s no such thing as being too full – or it being too early – for ice cream. Stroll north along the river and, would you look at that – you’ve ended up at Hamilton’s best icy treat store. Duck Island has grown quickly to smashing success and are renowned for their imaginative flavours including Boysenberry Cheesecake, Sweetcorn + Blueberry Jam, and Banana Brûlée + Ginger Caramel Swirl.

It’s always nice to wander with a cone, so meander down to Hamilton Gardens which have been sitting pretty since 1960. The ‘Paradise collection’ of international gardens is a favourite among visitors and feels like a trip through five countries in an afternoon.

Shopping at Lovegrove Lane

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394 Grey Street, Hamilton East, Hamilton

Thought that was all the East had to offer? Nah! There’s a whole heap of good stuff going on in this hood. You must check out Lovegrove Lane, an upmarket alleyway where boutique businesses sit side by side and offer you everything from yoga classes to freshly pressed juice. After a framing service or a bunch of pretty florals? Framing House and The Flower Crate have you covered.


Lunch anyone? Hamilton’s hospo scene is just too good to let a mealtime go by. Especially when you’re a hop or two away from one of the town’s tastiest little gems...

Space Cadet

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Lovegrove Lane, 6/394 Grey Street, Hamilton East

One look at Space Cadet's cabinet will convince your stomach that yes – you're definitely hungry again. Making a home in Lovegrove Lane’s sixth and final shed, this cosy café is humming with good vibes aplenty. Decorated with 80s and 90s knick-knacks that will leave you reminiscing over hours spent at the arcade, Space Cadet is well known for their chocolate lamingtons, delicious savoury scones, flavour-packed toasties, and hearty soups.


If an afternoon pick-me-up is in order, then Hamilton continues to provide the goods. Spend the later part of the day ticking off those earlier town sights you missed in the morning.

Coffee at Rocket Coffee Roasters

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302 Barton Street, Hamilton Central, Hamilton

We hear you, we hear you, all that wandering through awe-inspiring greenery can leave you feeling a little fatigued, so why not pop back over to Hamilton Central and have yourself a caffeine pick me up from the people who know a quality coffee when they see one, Rocket Coffee Roasters. Open till 4:00pm, you best make it before the doors close for a chance to see them roasting the very coffee you’re drinking.

Clothing shopping at Sisters on London

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61 London Street, Hamilton Central, Hamilton

Just down the road is Sisters on London, a designer clothing store stocking brands from around the globe as well as clever designs from our New Zealand designers.  Aptly named, the boutique was established by sisters Julie and Claire in 2008, whose love of fashion and individuality led them to open a boutique where other locals could visit, be impressed, and perhaps leave with a little more self-confidence thanks to a new stylish wardrobe.

Clothing shopping at True

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302 Barton Street, Hamilton Central, Waikato

Continue the clothes shopping at True, a beautifully curated store on Hamilton's Barton Street. True’s range of lovely, ethical European labels are carefully laid out and arranged to help you curate your look with timeless style. Not forgetting New Zealand labels, Ingrid Starnes soaps and candles are for sale, as well as a range of accessories that may provide you with the finishing touches you’ve been looking for.

Culture at Waikato Museum

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1 Grantham Street, Hamilton Central, Hamilton

What’s a visit to a new city without checking out the local museum? Hamilton is not short on history, and you can find out all about it at the Waikato Museum (Te Whare Taonga o Waikato). Wander around the thirteen galleries and be amazed by one of the museum’s major highlights - the 200-year-old waka taua (war canoe) Te Winika, which was gifted to the museum by the late Māori Queen.


In a city reluctant to go to sleep, you need only visit one of these evening establishments to see why locals choose to stay up late.

Dinner at Riverbank Lane

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298 Victoria Street, Hamilton Central, New Zealand

A place to meet, eat, and drink, Riverbank Lane is home to a number of bespoke businesses that offer a perfect transition from boutique browsing to dinnertime. Before tucking into a feed, you could sharpen up with a trim at Fox & Kennedy Barbers. Fancy a few page-turners? The towering shelves at Browsers should keep you occupied. The cocktail list (and pro bartenders) at Mr Pickle’s will pull your nose out of the books and onto their patio to enjoy your favourite tipple overlooking a phenomenal riverside sunset. Stay on here for a dinner of BYO (that’s build your own) charcuterie platters and small and large plates to share or head to their neighbours, Banh Mi Caphe, for a hit of punchy Southeast Asian flavours.

Night cap at Wonder Horse

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236 Victoria Street, Hamilton Central, Hamilton

Don’t call it a night just yet! On the same street is Wonderhorse, an establishment at the heart of Hamilton’s night scene with amazing service, soul, and a menu of magnificent cocktails. The place for good chats, group hangs, or after-dinner drinks, and open to the public from Wednesday till Saturday every week, wind down your night here in the intimate two-story loft.