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553 Karangahape Road, Auckland CBD

021 277 3677

This little endeavour has carved out an enviable spot amongst Auckland’s booming coffee scene. It makes sense then that unique coffee stores like Eighthirty are sprawling outwards from the CBD to lure the adventurous types.

The fact that the roaster and the café are one in the same make you feel like you’re getting a glimpse backstage at the true transformation of the everyday coffee ground. The giant six foot contraption behind the counter lets you know there’s real work to be done when it comes to sorting out your morning fix – as does the assortment of café-related equipment tucked neatly away on the rustic shelves.

Eighthirty keeps it minimalist with only a few tables and chairs and a couple of outdoor benches giving caffeine lovers a chance to sit down and appreciate the quality of what they’re drinking. Eighthirty is so eager to get you your shot of coffee that they will even send someone on a pushbike to deliver it.

Patrons can also down the black gold with a clear conscience because Eighthirty is one of the cleanest greenest coffee beanest decafs around Auckland and possibly New Zealand.

Words by Nic Brookland & Photography by Josh Griggs

553 Karangahape Road, Auckland CBD

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