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352 Karangahape Road, Auckland CBD, Auckland

09 218 2011

We all know that Karangahape Road is a melting pot of global cuisines, but until recently Latin-influenced options were notably lacking from the scene. Cue: Tempero, a Latin ‘bistronomy’ combining the casual and approachable ambience of a bistro with high quality gastronomy: in the form of Latin-inspired food and drink. 

Head chef, Fabio Bernardini, and partner Tiffany Low, are something of a power couple when it comes to hospitality. Fabio grew up on a Brazilian coffee farm amongst a family of excellent cooks, living off and cultivating the land where possible. Fabio moved to New Zealand at the age of 20 to learn English, his first job was working front of house, and his flatmate was head chef at the same restaurant. Fabio’s journey saw him follow his flatmate into the kitchen, where he was clearly a natural, and over the next few years he combined his passions (travel, culture and cuisine) and honed his skills, whilst living and cooking in seven different countries at esteemed establishments such as Pujol, and Michelin-starred D.O.M in Brazil and Saison in San Francisco.

Tempero’s menu is designed to be inclusive of solo diners, sharing enthusiasts and those with dietary requirements. Conveniently, Latin cuisine often uses roots rather than grains for flours, often lending itself to being gluten free. Adopting a sustainable and simplistic approach, each dish uses fresh and flavoursome ingredients to showcase classic Latin dishes with a personal touch. From the mole negro that Fabio would consume each day in Mexico City, moqueca eaten overlooking a Brazilian beach or acarajé he’d purchased from a street market, each dish means something special to Fabio. And when food is created with such finesse and passion, you can always tell. 

One of the menu highlights is the cheese bread (pão de queijo) - freshly baked, straight from the oven, just like his mum used to make. These bite sized doughy balls with a gooey cheesy filling are perfect for mopping up sauce or just devouring on their own. PSA: always order the cheese bread! Another dish that warrants trying is the acarajé  - traditionally a street food made with shrimp, Fabio has recreated the dish to be vegan and it’s proving popular with even the most hearty of meat-eaters. Round out your meal with something light and tasty such as the passionfruit mousse, yet another nod to the fresh flavours of Brazil.

To drink, Latin culture continues to be well represented with options that complement the food. The Latin-inspired cocktails are handcrafted with premium spirits and exotic ingredients found in Latin countries and the wine list is carefully curated, introducing titles such as the Rugientes Pinot Noir from Patagonia and the White Tempranillo from Spain, showcasing unique characteristics to embody the spirit of Latin culture. Of course, there is also a classic mix of fun natural wines that frequent K'Roaders love. For those after something non-alcoholic, try the house-made horchata or refreshing agua de sabor.

Tempero adds a point of difference to the K Road scene by introducing authentic Latin culture. The menu is unique, tasty and fun and Fabio and Tiffany are excited to introduce their patrons to flavours little experienced. After all, it is much easier to travel 20 minutes to Tempero than it is to travel 36 hours around the world just to try tasty Latin cuisine! Bookings are encouraged otherwise walk-ins are always welcome.

Words by Nicole Mudgway & Photography by Jerome Warburton

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352 Karangahape Road, Auckland CBD, Auckland

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