The Lucky Taco

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Sunday12.00PM - 3.00PM.

597 New North Road, Kingsland, Auckland

021 362 008

The Lucky Taco comes in the form of a Taco truck which is often situated at Urbanaut Brewery most Sundays (although they have been known to spontaneously drop in randomly on other popular locations around Auckland).

The story behind The Lucky Taco is almost as great as the food itself. Born out of passion, self-motivation and sheer drive to deliver great Mexican food, Sarah and Otis have created a truly unique eating experience for New Zealanders, and every time the food truck is about, the area is packed.

The tacos themselves are divine. Made with the soft shell tortillas, so it doesn’t bust apart in your hands, these little morsels will set you back $8 bucks a pop, and it is recommended to get your fill on as many flavours as you can. Vegetarian and fish adorn the menu along with a few seasonal specials. The pulled pork taco literally melts away in your mouth to the point you can’t finish it fast enough. This one often runs out, so get in as soon as they pull on the handbrake!

Words by Nic Brookland & Photography by Josh Griggs

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597 New North Road, Kingsland, Auckland

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