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Firstly Australia, and with locations in the UK, the nature company Unyoked has at long last made it to the shores of New Zealand. Tapping into a growing desire for being more present in the outdoors, Unyoked offers eco-adventurers a unique and intentionally created nature experience across a network of off-grid, thoughtfully designed cabins in both immersive and accessible locations. 

The idea grew from twin brothers across the ditch who required an antidote to their corporate lifestyles. They had a vision of unlocking the wilderness, helping all the other adventure bandits stuck in the office get their outdoor fix, and bringing more nature into their day-to-day life. With that in mind, the concept of Unyoked was born. 

There’s currently six cabins in the upper North Island, each architecturally designed to be both stylish and sustainable. They offer everything you need and nothing you don’t, such as luxury bedding, a fire pit, and the all important, odourless high-grade composting toilet. Expect thoughtful touches throughout, including local coffee beans, co-branded cocktails, craft beer and wines. There’s an old school tape deck with a few classics, bespoke Unyoked content and curated cassettes, along with plenty of games, books and activities suited to nature.

The concept of Unyoked focuses not just on the cabin, but on the entire wilderness experience and the positive effects of forced downtime. It's about realising the benefits of nature and what it can do for our bodies. Equipped with a comprehensive (and highly useful) ‘Field Guide’, each Unyoked experience is designed to encourage visitors to slow down and get in touch with nature quickly, easily and effectively. 

With a mission to educate more people about the impact of spending time in nature, Unyoked is now a globally recognised company with over 100 cabins across three countries. There is a vision of unlocking several more beautiful NZ locations later this year, providing more New Zealanders with an antidote in the form of nature.

Words by Nicole Mudgway & Photography by Supplied

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