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20 Don Street, Invercargill

03-214 2000

Serving up New York Style bagels that are made with hand-picked ingredients (no gross chemicals!) this casual breakfast and lunch stop is a tried-and-true favourite amongst students and local office workers.

With the same ownership as another local favorite, Auction House, you’ll walk into Toasted with high expectations, and they’ll easily surpass them. Though they’re most known for their bagels, that’s not all that’s on offer--not even close. In fact, we’d highly recommend you don’t leave the premises without trying the Malaysian street food Hawker Roll (the Korean Pulled Pork version is to die for, and one of their crowd favourites). 

Of course, if you’re in search of a classic bagel option, they’ve got you more than covered, from old standbys like Everything and Sesame Seed, to inventive flavours like Jalapeno & Cheese. They even cater to those with dietary restrictions, and offer both Keto and gluten-free selections, so no one has to miss out on the joy of starting the day with a bagel and schmear. 

Of course, we would be remiss to not mention their Patagonia ice cream selection, which boasts 20 exciting flavours from Queenstown. 

Be sure to check out their “Unloved Bagels'' section before leaving, where you can score a killer deal on 6 day-old bagels for just 4 bucks. New York Style bagels in the comfort of our living room? Don’t mind if we do.

Words by Caitlin Brown & Photography by Nancy Zhou

20 Don Street, Invercargill

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