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87 Victoria Street, Te Aro

04-499 2321

If there was ever a shop whose essence was perfectly captured by its name, then Vessel might be it. For as unassuming as the place may seem, the items it sells aren’t mere crockery - they’re works of art, vessels carrying their own story.

With its glass frontage and wide sliding door opening out onto the street, Vessel offers a warm welcome for passersby on the busy Victoria Street. Whether you’ve got a piece in mind or just happy to browse for now, the shop presents a shelter from the hectic city surrounds, with concrete floors and plain marine ply shelves lending it an informal and relaxed atmosphere.

Celia Howden opened Vessel in 2003 after spotting a gap in the market for quality, locally handmade homeware, a vision the store continues to fulfil to this day. Vessel specialises mainly in artisan products, with an emphasis on locally made pottery. You could spend a day perusing the exquisite bowls, plates, and cups laid out on the uniform rows of shelves. There are some pieces from overseas as well, such as the Sophie Digard scarves from Paris; knives from France and Spain; German brushes; and Japanese towels.

Functionality has always been a big theme at Vessel, with each item in the eclectic catalogue chosen for its quality and usefulness. There’s an immense amount of care invested into the curation process, and Vessel’s following, driven by a reputation for style and quality, is well-deserved.

You shouldn’t expect the ordinary when you visit Vessel. Not merely a shop where you drop by to pick up a few bowls, it’s a place where form and function combine to bring art into your kitchen.

Words by John Son & Photography by Anna Briggs

87 Victoria Street, Te Aro

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