Your Guide to Auckland’s Best Burgers

Birds eye view of silver trays filled with burgers and fries.

In a city absolutely brimming with burger options, it can feel challenging knowing where to start. Soooo, let us help you out.

Words by: Nicole Mudgway

Friday night, work’s out - what better way to kick off a weekend than with a burger? Cool, sorted! … except, where are you headed? In a city absolutely brimming with burger options, it can feel challenging knowing where to start. Soooo, let us help you out. Covering everything from pop ups to plant based, smash burgers to Asian fusion, the list below will be sure to point you in the right direction, regardless of the occasion or your dietary restrictions. Next time someone suggests post-work burgers, you’ll have them covered, and everyone will thank you for it.

Jo Bros

35 Point Chevalier Road

If you’re looking for a no fuss Kiwi twist on an American classic, look no further than Jo Bros. As they say, it’s like other burgers, just better. Josh and Brody are the burger maestros behind Jo Bros (see what they did there?) and together they strive to create sustainably built burgers using locally sourced and high quality ingredients. They offer organic sodas, freshly baked buns and a signature sauce, begging the question ‘What more do you need?’. Well, they have an answer for that too: their fried apple pie. What started out as a roaming food truck now includes two permanent locations, and they also have a food truck and taco joint in Titirangi (Loco Bros Taqueria) that goes down a treat. Both food trucks are bookable, if you have an upcoming function.

Peach's Hot Chicken

1/100 Queens Road, Panmure

In case its name didn’t already give it away, Peach’s specialises in fried chicken and its chicken burger is up there with the best. The menu is a nod to the deliciousness of southern U.S. food, and its fried chicken is made from a secret spice recipe that dates back generations. Start by choosing your chicken’s spice level (five levels ranging from mild to Holy Cluck) and then opt to have it as a burger inside a tender brioche bun, or branch out and have it with a white bread and pickles, in a buttermilk biscuit (both authentic to Nashville, Tennessee) or paired in the classic chicken and waffle combo. It is located out in Panmure, which, before you raise an eyebrow, is well worth the trip.

Wise Boys, Grey Lynn

604 Great North Road, Grey Lynn and Commercial Bay

Animal lovers, rejoice! And carnivores, never fear: you probably won’t notice the difference. The lads behind Wise Boys got fed up with menus featuring a ‘token’ vege burger, so decided to quit their office jobs, build a food truck from recycled materials and create an entirely plant based menu that checks all the boxes - featuring a range of beef*, chicken*, pork*, tofu and blackbean patties, as a start. Wash your burger down with a banoffee shake and some perfectly crisp tater tots, for a match made in burger heaven. Visit Wise Boys for indulgent burgers that are also good for the planet, packaging that is fully compostable and sauces that are all made in house. *plant based, of course.

Ralph's Bar and Eatery, Mount Eden

225B Dominion Rd, Mt Eden

New Zealand rightfully takes pride in having an eclectic dining scene, and Ralph’s sure makes a strong case for the classic American diner. It may be tucked away, but the friendly staff, beer selection and epic courtyard ensure that Mt. Eden’s locals have no hesitation returning for more. With a cozy vibe and ear-catching soundtrack, don’t be surprised if your feet start tapping! The burgers are unpretentious, sizable and delicious, so it’s no wonder Ralph’s gets a mention in basically every ‘best burger’ conversation, ever. Pair this with some curly fries and a round of jalapeno poppers, and we guarantee you’ll be popping back for more.


250 Ponsonby Road

While we’re on the subject, another American diner that pokes its head above the rest is Ponsonby’s Parade. What began as a successful pop up, has now become a permanent resident in the heart of Ponsonby itself, building a cult following for its decadent burgers in a remarkably short time. What do fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, nacho chips and dill pickles all have in common? They’ve all been stacked between Parade’s delicious house-made pretzel buns of course! Just think of a better vessel for delicious burger ingredients… go on, we’ll wait.

Tiger Burger

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590 Dominion Road, Mount Eden, Auckland

A happy marriage between Korean and Western flavours, Tiger Burger has sure made its mark in Auckland’s burger scene. Ingredients such as bibimbap slaw, hoisin sauce, kimchi and gochu mayo are all right at home on the Tiger Burger menu, but so too are ingredients like signature blend NZ grass fed beef, aged cheddar and shredded lettuce (in fact those last three are essentially the ‘basic’ burger, for those that prefer the shallow end of the menu). Don’t sleep on the K fries, with kimcheese sauce, creme sauce and kimchi. Make sure you check out their secret garden courtyard - a perfect place to enjoy a cocktail or craft beer.

Urbanaut, Kingsland

597 New North Rd, Kingsland

Come for their beer, stay for their burgers. Urbanaut is one of Auckland’s most creative breweries, and it just so happens to be the home of Burgernaut, known to serve a mighty fine burger. Smash burger, to be exact. The menu is simple - three different burgers, available in meat, vegetarian and vegan form. Something for everyone, and we dig it. In addition there is a rotating weekly special, also available in all three forms. To top it off, the burgers are well priced, and with a side of their loaded fries, it’s a perfect combination to be polished off by one of their freshly brewed, hoppy innovations.

Baby G Burgers

Ask just about anyone, Baby G burgers has a stronghold over Auckland’s collective taste buds. It could be down to the mystique of having no fixed location, or it could be because their burgers are simply delish - but it's fair to say demand is outstripping supply. Positioning themselves as cheeseburger specialists, Baby G is constantly pairing up with some of Auckland’s biggest food names (think Orphan’s Kitchen, Daily Bread) to fire up the grill and keep hungry punters grinning. It may not yet have a permanent home, but it has a permanent place in this list of best burgers. With a string of sell out events in their short history, we suggest you strike while the grill is hot.

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