From Novice To Advanced Yogi, These Are The Best Yoga Studios in Christchurch

A yoga teacher taking a class of students lying on their backs.

In the heart of the city and the surrounding suburbs, there are several specialist yoga studios that know their downward dog from their chaturanga. Here are our picks of Christchurch's best places to practice yoga.

Words by: Julia Rutherford

Photos by: Nancy Zhou & Supplied

Yoga was first practised many thousands of years ago, known in many different cultures and religions for its health benefits and for connecting the mind and the body. Today it is one of the most popular forms of exercise around the world, with a yoga class on the schedule at most gyms and fitness centres, not to mention the millions of videos online. And yet there’s nothing quite like the experience and connection you get from going to a bespoke studio that specialises in yoga.

In the heart of Christchurch and the surrounding suburbs, there are several specialist studios that know their downward dog from their chaturanga. Whether you are looking for a gentler Yin style or want to increase the intensity and heat and go full Bikram mode, you’ll be able to find a class and space that suits you from our picks of the best studios around Christchurch.

Flow Yoga

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229 Fitzgerald Avenue, Christchurch Central City,

Based in the Flow Wellbeing Centre on the edge of the central city, Flow Yoga centres all their classes on the principles of breath, movement and awareness. With four purpose-built studios in the centre, these are all climate-controlled to encourage various outcomes, such as a comforting reset versus a detoxifying sweat. All abilities are welcomed at Flow from newbies right through to advanced practitioners. If you are unsure about what kind of class to head along to, the Flow team are there to guide you, taking into consideration your experience and what you want to get out of a class. Every teacher at Flow brings their own set of experiences to their classes and they all share a passion for the practice of yoga and helping you on your own journey.

A woman doing a stretch in the dark at Apollo Power Yoga.

Apollo Power Yoga

46 Salisbury Street, Christchurch Central City, Christchurch & 23 Humphreys Drive, Ferrymead, Christchurch

With two studios in Christchurch, one in the central city and one in Ferrymead, Apollo Power Yoga has built a community of teachers and students that are dedicated to a practice of growth and empowerment. No matter your experience or starting point when you walk through the doors of an Apollo studio, the classes and teaching are designed to help you grow in a variety of ways, both in the physical and mental sense. There are three main styles offered at Apollo; if you want a dynamic flow, then Power Vinyasa is for you, Power Pilates focuses on strength and cardio fitness, and then there is Relax and Restore - a yin-style that is grounded in stretches and a deep meditative focus. No matter what type of yogi you are or are aiming to be, you’ll find the instruction at Apollo Power Yoga attentive and engaging, and you can gauge the progress you are making with the teachers’ guidance.

A group of yogis in a sun salute pose in Grassroots yoga studio.

Grassroots Yoga & Health

The Tannery, 3 Garlands Road, Woolston, Christchurch

Located in the beautiful Tannery complex, Grassroots Yoga & Health is a stunning studio to attend classes. There’s natural light aplenty, providing a grounding experience for your practice. Everything at Grassroots is guided by their mission to empower everyone that comes into their space. The teachers are focused on the concept of finding freedom and supporting everyone on their individual journeys. All experience levels are catered for in the classes at Grassroots, and they also have a special prenatal class specially designed for mothers-to-be and their babies. Grassroots is a nurturing studio, so if you are looking to embark on yoga for the first time, revisit practice from long ago or try a new style, it’s worth giving it a go!

Two women hanging from the ceiling at Aerial3.


366B Tuam Street, Christchurch Central City

Keen to take your yoga skills to new heights? Then why not try pushing your boundaries and giving a class at Aerial3 a try? They specialise in aerial yoga classes, which involve using the support of a hammock to try different stretches and inversions. You even spend time at the end of the class doing a meditation within the hammock, providing you with a safe cocoon and a chance to push away outside thoughts and relax. All levels of experience are welcome at Aerial3, and it truly is unlike any other yoga class you have tried before.

A group of yogis in warriors pose at Uprising.


199 Ferry Road, Waltham, Christchurch

You might not expect to find one of the city’s best yoga studios inside a bouldering gym, but it turns out that climbing and yoga make a great match. Uprising Yoga is all about catering to different needs and abilities, with its philosophy focusing on being simple, relevant and relatable. They teach classes specialising in many different styles of yoga and targeted at various clientele. For example, there is a specific yoga for climbers class on their timetable and a ‘your pace’ class allowing you to receive one-on-one guidance in a group setting. Uprising Yoga also hosts regular events, workshops and retreats that allow you to expand on your practice and yoga knowledge.

An empty yoga studio at IHF Health Club.

IHF Health Club

The Crossing, 166 Cashel Street, Christchurch Central City

we have come across. This calming space allows you to enjoy classes that are designed to support both mind and body, with all fitness levels, experience and goals catered for. Whether it’s a strong and sweaty flow you’re after or something more gentle and grounding, there’ll be something on the IHF timetable to suit you. Practising yoga at IHF also has some additional benefits, if you are a member you get to enjoy the on-site lounge and it’s the ultimate place to unwind pre or post-yoga. With complimentary snacks and drinks, and seating that provides you with ultimate relaxation mode, it all adds to the IHF yoga experience.

A yoga teacher taking a a class at O Studio.


14/26 Welles Street, Christchurch Central City,

O-Studio has a unique approach to health and well-being, bringing multiple disciplines together and providing a welcoming space to discover your best self. Their yoga studio is a focal part of the O-Studio experience, offering a variety of styles to suit your goals and fitness level. All classes have one thing in common, with breath, agility and exercise always being at the forefront and focused on. Take advantage of O-Studio’s holistic approach and take part in their other services such as meditation and flotation therapy to enhance your yoga experience and deepen that mind-body connection.

Women stretching on the ground.

Soul Studio Hot Yoga

25 Mandeville Street Riccarton, Christchurch

Get ready to work up a sweat at Soul Studio Hot Yoga. With the temperature being a big focus of the classes here, they have also been built upon the principles of intention, breath, movement and awareness. Depending on your abilities and goals, a range of styles is offered at Soul Studio, which matches different room temperatures. For example, you can do a Chill Soul Flow at 26˚C versus 26&2, which is done at 40˚C. The team at Soul Studio are incredibly collaborative and supportive, so if you’ve never tried hot yoga before, have a chat with them about the best approach for your first classes.

Neat Christchurch & Canterbury Places

Dux Central

Dux Central exterior, Christchurch.
Place Christchurch & Canterbury
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If bars could be left or right handed, Dux Central would be ambidextrous. There’s nothing this place can’t be.

The Birdwood

Customers eating breakfast at The Birdwood, Christchurch.
Place Christchurch & Canterbury
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Much-loved neighbourhood cafe by day, knock-out contemporary Italian eatery by night – The Birdwood might just be the dream local hospo joint.

Grizzly Baked Goods CBD

Bread, croissants and sandwiches behind glass at Grizzly Baked Goods in the Christchurch CBD.
Place Christchurch & Canterbury

Grizzly's shop at The Welder offers classic sourdough breads as well as cookies, donuts, sammies, bear claws and croissants.


A wide view of colourful clothes on racks inside Uncommon store.
Place Christchurch & Canterbury
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Championing slow fashion, unique designs and clever craftsmanship, Uncommon is known for its beautifully curated selection of contemporary womenswear.