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A photo of Emma Mettrick from Twenty Sven Steps restaurant Christchurch.

Emma Mettrick

We sit down with Emma Mettrick – co-owner of much-loved Christchurch restaurant, Twenty Seven Steps - to find out what makes her tick.

Emma Mettrick shares with us a bit about life, work and her favourite spots for wine and snacks in between.

What is it that you do?

I am a co-owner of Twenty Seven Steps in Christchurch which means I do everything but the actual cooking of the food. My day can include anything from running the floor or waitressing a section, paying the wages, sourcing produce, tasting wine, washing tea towels, and fixing door handles! I am also the lucky mum of Finn who is seven.

Why did you set up your business?

Hospitality is all I've ever done and it was a matter of right place, right time. I'm in hospitality because I genuinely love people, from those who create/grow what we sell, the nutters in the vineyards, the people we work with, and of course the customers, there's nothing like truly making someone’s night, or introducing someone to your favourite wine that’s made by one of your favourite people!

Are you from Christchurch originally or did you move here from somewhere else? + reasons for staying or moving?

I'm from Christchurch. Post quakes with it all falling down I felt really nostalgic and loyal and wanted to move back (five years overseas followed by five and a half years in Akaroa). We have no practical building skills but we could create a restaurant for people to come to so after a couple of years of searching for a site, we were stoked to find where we are in New Regent Street. It is really nice being back in Christchurch.

What’s your favourite thing about living in Christchurch?

There's that wonderful familiarity of it being the place you grew up so you know it through and through yet with all the changes it is constantly evolving and surprises you. I am blessed to have all my immediate family here at the moment which are a huge support.

If you weren’t owning/running Twenty Seven Steps what would you be doing?

No idea!

Who in the world would you most like to have dinner with and what would you eat?

My kid unless he was in one of his moods – then Deborah Frances-White, I am loving her Guilty Feminist podcast. I love how the big issues are tackled with compassion, insightfulness and humour.

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