Upper Hutt

The exterior of Dough Bakery in Upper Hutt.

Upper Hutt can perhaps be best described as a harmonious juxtaposition. While much of it can have a gritty, industrial feel, largely due to its history, it’s also a real breath of fresh air and home to some of the best natural places to explore in the country. The city has embraced both of these qualities over the years to turn itself into an immensely popular place to visit.

From the sprawling Kaitoke Regional Park, with its swimming holes, walking tracks, and its own little slice of Middle Earth, to the ever-popular Staglands Wildlife Reserve, there are plenty of spots to explore for nature lovers and adventure seekers. Venture towards the heart of the city centre and you’ll encounter Brewtown, a beer craft connoisseur and foodie’s paradise that also doubles as an entertainment hub.

Sprinkled elsewhere throughout the city you’ll find art galleries, cosy cafes, and all manner of eateries from chicken shops to sandwich bars to keep you nourished.