Go Plastic-Free With These 10 NZ Homeware Brands

Inside the GoodFor store.

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite online resources throughout New Zealand to help you towards plastic-free bliss.

Words by: Ashlyn Oswalt

Living a plastic free life may sound like a far-fetched fantasy. Thoughtfulness and quality have often been traded for convenience in many of our daily routines, and removing plastic from the equation seems like a monumental task. Lucky for us, New Zealand is chock full of resources for eco-friendly, plastic-free products that suit every facet of our lives, making the change easy - and dare we say - chic?

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite online resources throughout New Zealand to help you towards plastic-free bliss.

Kitchen Basics

GoodFor & Food For Thought

From the pesky single-use plastic wrapped around supermarket bread to takeaway containers, the mountain of plastic waste seems never-ending in the kitchen. Luckily, it’s now very en-vogue to transform your kitchen into a waste-free one. Buying in bulk, baking and cooking your own staples like bread and stock instead of buying from the supermarket, and avoiding packaging when necessary are three easy ways to cut down on plastic waste in the kitchen. 

We’re particularly fond of the growing trend of refilling glass jars at bulk food stores. Not only does this make your pantry look great for the ‘gram, but it significantly reduces plastic waste. A great resource for said glass jars, among other drool-worthy kitchen basics, is the The Waste Free Home. Stock up on various sizes and head to GoodFor to fill up. The plastic-free bulk store (which you can shop online) has over four hundred ingredients to choose from, as well as oils, vinegars, coffee, and so much more, you’ll be sure to leave inspired - and plastic-free. (P.S. If you’re a Christchurch local, we love Food For Thought as a family-run refillery that also stocks eco-friendly alternatives to everyday products.)


The Natural Co; Ethique & Be Kind Body Co

If you’re ready to take your bathroom game to the next level, we highly recommend The Natural Co as your one stop shop. From bamboo toothbrushes, natural soaps, dry shampoos, stainless steel razors, and more, you’ll find everything you need to banish plastic in the bathroom. Don’t stop there - they have just about every other essential under the sun to get you started on your plastic free journey!

Another great resource for bathroom essentials is the Christchurch based Ethique. Focusing on solid shampoo, conditioner, and deodorant bars, the brand has shown the world that there’s no place for plastic in our bathrooms. The shampoo bars are roughly the equivalent of using three bottles of shampoo - so the math is easy! The brand also makes moisturisers, scrubs, and cleansers. We highly recommend treating yourself. 

Eco-friendly used to be synonymous with minimal bathing, no makeup, and a grungy clothes kind of lifestyle. Now with eco-friendly and plastic-free options for pampering ourselves, it’s safe to say we’ve come a long way. The Be Kind Body Co is a great resource for handmade makeup and other feel-good products. Offering toxin-free balms, scrubs, serums, and more, this Nelson based company will have your skin feeling dewy and fresh in no time. 

Little Ones I Queenstown

Naked Baby

Having little ones is hard enough without the eco-guilt. With single-use nappies, plastic toys, baby wipes, and the like, finding a way to simplify a young child’s life can feel exhausting. In steps Naked Baby, a Queenstown based eco boutique fully stocked with wooden toys, cloth nappies, and more to start your child’s life out without a plastic burden. Check out their online store for great gift options for the new baby, young children, or mama in your life, ready to ship across the country.



If lockdown in New Zealand taught us anything, it’s that we value what we have in our home and quality outweighs quantity. From sitting down next to the fire with a cosy blanket to setting the table with beautiful plates for a family dinner, quality pieces made from earthen, plastic-free materials stand the test of time - and taste. Etico has nailed this simplistic ideal with their lust-worthy pottery, wooden cutting boards, and storage solutions. After one peek around their online store, you’ll swear off cheap, plastic decor for good. 


Eco Store

If there’s anything to be excited for when it comes to the green revolution, it’s your cleaning regime. Swapping out harsh chemicals (we’re looking at you, bleach) for naturally scented, antibacterial cleaners made from good-for-the-earth products are now the norm. We find Eco Store’s range of laundry detergents, soaps, baby, and body care products tick the “smell good” and the “do good” boxes. Founded on the Northland coast in 1993, the Eco Store is here to stay.

Their packaging is made from renewable sugar cane plastic packaging, but the real earth saver is their nationwide refillery programme. Start stocking up on glass jars and head down to your nearest refillery here for liquids to help with cleaning, dishwashing, laundry, and more. 


Frances Nation

Finally, if you’re looking for one of all of the above, or perhaps just want to spoil someone without taxing the environment, look no further than Frances Nation. A curated collection of New Zealand made goods, we dare you to not fill your cart with one of everything. From personal items like handmade soaps to beautifully blown glassware and woollen blankets, you’ll be able to find quality, handmade items for all your friends and fam.

Neat Christchurch & Canterbury Places


Looking between clothing racks towards the entrance to the Stencil store in The Colombo mall.
Place Christchurch & Canterbury
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Variety is the spice of life, and you’ll certainly find something to spice up your wardrobe at Stencil.

Movement Art Practice

Woman dancing at Movement Art Practice.
Place Christchurch & Canterbury
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Start the journey into contemporary dance without judgement.

The Beer Library

A large bar surrounded by a fridge of beers.
Place Christchurch & Canterbury
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Listen up craft beer lovers of Christchurch and beyond, if you haven’t already visited The Beer Library, you must rectify this situation immediately.

Posh Porridge

A bowl of porridge on a table against a white background.
Place Christchurch & Canterbury
Cafes key icon.

Posh Porridge offers boutique flavours and lashings of luxury toppings for its porridge bowls. Just pop into its Montreal St location and find out for yourself.