Port Lyttelton

Looking out to Port Lyttelton from Lyttelton Coffee Co-op.

Over the rolling Port Hills in Christchurch, you’ll find the eccentric suburb of Port Lyttelton. This is a place where cosy houses teeter on steep streets and the weekend farmers market brings London Street alive with the colourful characters who call this side of town home.

Lyttelton was historically known as the ‘gateway to Canterbury’ for colonial settlers who came to the bustling port back in the 1700s. With a love for music, food and culture, the port suburb lays claim to some of the country’s current music stars - Aldous Harding, Nadia Reid, and Marlon Williams to name a few. With a passion for community, local produce, and doing things their own way, any Lyttelton dweller will be quick to tell you this is one of Christchurch’s best-kept secrets.