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4 Owairaka Avenue, Mount Albert

09-971 3836

Hidden away in an otherwise ordinary Mt Albert street is a rather extraordinary eatery. Chinoiserie is a Taiwanese street food joint that has made quite the impact on the Auckland dining scene. Known for it’s originality, the menu features small plates for small prices that pack a mighty punch in terms of flavour.
Chinoiserie is a new venture from brothers Ludovic and Jasper Maignot of neighbouring café L’ouef. The menu is refreshingly simple and Chinoiserie’s theory of doing one thing very well seems to be paying off. Based around gua bao, or milk steamed buns, the menu provides four choices of flavours and all of the buns are served with Asian slaw and peanuts. Accompanying the gua bao is a list of Asian inspired drinks and tempting snacks such as squid rings, sticky chicken nibbles and wasabi mayo fries. You can even top it all off with a delicious portion of black sticky rice or Taiwanese doughnuts for dessert.
Between the colourful fixings, the beautiful dragon mural and the fresh greenery, Chinoiserie have pulled off a very unique vibe. Everything on the menu is portable, qualifying it as street food, although we’re quite sure that you’ll want to stick around and enjoy the feeling this place offers.

Words by Grace Hall & Photography by Naomi Haussmann

4 Owairaka Avenue, Mount Albert

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