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HOLIDAY(cafe 66 Mount Eden Road, Mount Eden, Auckland

021 361 017

Who doesn't love the feeling of being on holiday? That’s the ethos behind Holiday, an understated café in Mount Eden aiming to bring the relaxed joy of a vacation to everyday life. Holiday offers top-quality coffee, simple but delicious snacks, and good company in a welcoming, stylish setting. 

The decor is humble, both inside and out. Don’t miss it through the simple glassy exterior, which opens into a sleek, contemporary wooden space marked with similar timber toned walls, bench seating and tables. The fit out may be minimalistic, but it is both extremely comfortable and timeless.

The vibe at Holiday is all about laid-back relaxation and enjoying the good things in life - naturally, that includes a well made brew. Offering not just their own roasted specialty coffee but also an array of beans from renowned roasteries worldwide, Holiday’s commitment to quality and variety ensures that coffee enthusiasts can always explore and enjoy diverse and interesting flavors.

Presenting the unique blend of coffee culture and culinary simplicity to Aucklanders, Holiday has created a refined but delicious menu, featuring a variety of sandwiches on house-baked focaccia to complement the exceptional coffee selection. 

Everyone loves being on holiday, and at Holiday, visitors can connect, share, and enjoy life's simple pleasures over great coffee and food - just like being on holiday.

Words by Nicole Mudgway & Photography by Jerome Warburton

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HOLIDAY(cafe 66 Mount Eden Road, Mount Eden, Auckland

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