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19 Khyber Pass Road, Grafton

09-379 9949

There is no staple more important to a person’s wardrobe than a quality leather bag, and Georgia Jay sure knows how to make them. After finishing up at design school, Whangamata native Georgia Jay turned to making leather goods after a chance purchase of a leather pillow and a possum fur at a gypsy fair.

Since then, Georgia has spent years learning everything there is to know about the art of working with leather and fur. Four collections deep, her range includes bags, purses, wallets, clutches and pouches, with something perfect for everyone - from the large slouchy ‘mon tote’, which makes a perfect fill-all for everyday use, to the more formal ‘mini dutch’ with detachable strap for special nights out, or the ‘taco’, the perfect clutch with a wrist strap, which also doubles as a luxe daily cosmetic bag.

Bags come in a range of materials, from rabbit fur to cow suede, lamb skin to cow leather, all available in an impressive array of on-trends hues. The leather is all locally sourced from New Zealand or Australia and all the furs used either come from hunting pests in New Zealand or as a bi-product of meat production.

Georgia Jay is now a fixture in Auckland’s hip neighbourhood of Grafton with her purpose built store selling her wares. Polished concrete floors pair perfectly with white wooden plinths and marble tabletops, too long draped curtains, purpose-built day beds and vases filled with dried flowers give the space a romantic and gentle feeling, reminding us of the tranquility of New Zealand’s coastlines, bushes and open air spaces.

Words by Nic Brookland & Photography by Josh Griggs

19 Khyber Pass Road, Grafton

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