9 Second-Hand Stores to Shop in Auckland

vintage handbag and clothing

If you don’t feel like trawling around Auckland trying to find the best second-hand shops, look no further.

Words by: Hayley James

This guide will give you a sneaky itinerary of where to get the best vintage and retro finds from Ponsonby to K Road. Not only are you sure to walk away with unique, one-of-a-kind pieces, but you’ll also be shopping sustainably— a major win in our book.

With options spanning from designer clothes and homewares to books and revamped clothing, you’ll want to make a whole day out of exploring these treasure troves. Pro-tip: Don’t forget to bring lots of reusable bags for all your goodies!


161 Ponsonby Road, Auckland

These guys are the ultimate in designer second-hand fashion, boasting brands like Balenciaga, Karen Walker, Kowtow, Alexander Wang and many, many more. Although their pieces are typically marked at a higher price point than the others on this list, the quality and attention to detail at Tatty’s is second to none. You’ll forget that you’re even shopping second-hand when trying on clothes in-store! Plus, if you have any designer brands hiding away in that wardrobe of yours you can sell them on for a wee bit of cash (which basically funds your next shopping trip)!


Crushes Vintage

225 Karangahape Road, Auckland

Located on Karangahape Road (also known as K Road), this quirky wee shop has made quite the name for itself for those who love second-hand shopping. Celebrating conscious consumerism and NZ designers and makers, this is the place to go if you want a special one-off piece. In addition to vintage clothing, they also stock candles and home fragrance, stationery, publications, home decor and jewelry. The entire shop is a feast for senses--you’ll want to touch and smell everything at least once. Crushes ethos are to be admired, focusing on sustainability, handmade goodies, being socially conscious, and using natural materials in their store.


Paper Bag Princess

202 Karangahape Road, Auckland

Paper Bag Princess’s mission is to give the best selection of second-hand clothing at the best prices, and they definitely deliver. This place offers it all, from casual clothing to show-stopping party dresses. They also support several charities around NZ - there’s no better (or easier) way to reduce textile waste, find a new fave piece of clothing, and support locals than popping into Paper Bag Princess for a peek at their amazing second-hand threads (they even carry shoes and accessories). If you have clothing that has been sitting pretty in your wardrobe without any love, these guys also take clothing donations.


Smoove Vintage

145 Karangahape Road, Auckland

If you’re after a statement vintage piece with a 60s vibe, then this is the place to go. Smoove Vintage transforms pieces from a time when quality was expected and pieces were made to last, and reworks them to suit modern times. Keeping quality and style high on their priority list and set in a gorgeous 60s lounge, they offer racks on racks of vintage dresses, as well as accessories, shirts and other vintage treasures. You’ll undoubtedly leave with multiple pieces to add to your existing wardrobe, while reducing textile waste and supporting conscious consumerism in the process. Keep an eye on their social media to be the first to hear about the latest and greatest arrivals.

Instagram @smoovevintage

Recycle Boutique

9 Darby Street, Auckland

With plenty of designer brands on hand—Karen Walker, Stolen Girlfriends Club and Kowtow, to name a few—as well as one-of-a-kind vintage pieces, Recycled Boutique have become a household name when it comes to shopping second hand. Their mission to bring quality second-hand clothing to the masses in order to reduce textile waste from “fast fashion” prompts us to shift the way we think about our clothing. This shop makes sustainable fashion feel more attainable than ever, and who doesn’t want some bloody cool threads while they’re saving the planet?


Encore Designer Recycle

305 Ponsonby Road, Auckland

 Encore boasts recycled designer women’s fashion that offers a curated, considered approach to buying second-hand. While you’ll find higher prices here (think $70+ for a high quality, designer jacket), the team has done most of the leg-work for you, allowing you to seriously trim the hours you spend combing through the racks. Plus, they now offer the ability to shop online, so you can enjoy sustainable, second-hand shopping from the comfort of your couch!


The Open Book

201 Ponsonby Road, Auckland

The Open Book in Ponsonby is every book lovers’ dream thanks to seven rooms full to the brim of books in all genres. If you’re not in a rush, you can even soak up the rays and enjoy your finds in their sunny garden. A stand-out offering is their “Books By the Metre” initiative—a creative service where the team curates a second-hand book collection (around 40 books!) for you by subject, color, style or subject. They even offer the choice to buy or rent, and will change the titles periodically from time-to-time, at your request!


Flotsam and Jetsom

84 Ponsonby Road, Auckland

You don’t want to miss the treasures to be found in Flotsam and Jetsam—a shop full of unique pieces that will inject tons of character to your living space. With coffee table books, wooden art pieces, furniture and everything in between, it’s the kind of place you can’t possibly experience in just one visit. If you don’t live in Auckland or prefer the flexibility of online shopping, Flotsam and Jetsam is also available as an online store that you can browse to your heart's content. They even use recycled materials to package your orders, keeping the entire process sustainable.


Vixen No 8

191 Karangahape Road, Auckland

Look no further than Vixen No 8 to provide jaw-dropping vintage and retro pieces at mid-range prices. In addition to clothing, they also stock accessories and homewares, sharing their latest arrivals across social media. With brands like Levi’s, Harley Davidson, vintage Adidas, and even Dior, it’s easy to score big here. Don’t be surprised if you get asked where your latest threads came from when you’re out and about—these pieces will give your wardrobe some serious pizazz. The stock is ever-changing, so make sure to stop in regularly to take full advantage of the best deals.

Instagram @vixen_vintage_krd

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