Lovegrove Lane

394 Grey Street, Hamilton East

Long gone are the dodgy days of dimly-lit graffiti-riddled lanes. Here on the Hamilton East side a group of like-minded business owners are shaking up the notion of ferocious company competition and instead are finding a flourishing following for their collection of shops and wellness studios.

Made up of The Flower Crate, Hearth Juice Bar & Grocer, Sun Salute Yoga Centre, Framing House and GG's café, visitors here often find themselves pleasantly surprised by what’s on offer. Come for family friendly ‘mums and bubs’ yoga, then stay for a town famous lamington and coffee, or get that much loved gift finally framed and take home a bunch of flowers to really brighten up someone’s day.

The aptly named Lovegrove Lane is a colourful and holistic display of businesses run by a group of people clearly determined to support one another and grow their up and coming suburb collaboratively. Pots of greenery and outside furniture filled with easy-going lunch goers makes for a stress free air of tranquility and a true escape from more industrial parts of town. Bring your basket, your yoga mat and positive vibes, and walk away charmed by Lovegrove Lane.

Words by Rosie Morrison & Photography by Anna Briggs

394 Grey Street, Hamilton East

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