Discover Taranaki and New Plymouth's best place to eat, drink, shop and explore with our guide.

Jutting out on the west coast of Te Ika-a-Maui, Taranaki is a nature’s playground. Wild coastlines and creative locals collide in this spectacular region blessed with majestic maunga, black sand beaches, beautiful parks and pumping surf (more than 12 world-class surf breaks, no less)!

Located halfway between Wellington and Auckland, the port city of New Plymouth has emerged as the cool cousin of the former, whose laidback charm resonates with friendly locals and visitors alike. The city has rightly become a burgeoning metropolis of excellence; bespoke microbreweries, artisan producers, generous hospitality and world-class art and culture melt together here in harmonious splendour.

New Plymouth boasts an impressive 13.2km serpentine-shaped coastal walkway that undulates its way from Pioneer Park at Port Taranaki to the sprawling eastern beach, Bell Block offering an award-winning public space for the whole community to enjoy.

12 Hours New Plymouth

Baristas making coffee at Ozone Coffee Roasters.

Your guide to the best things to do in New Plymouth

The Best of Winter Fest: 6 Must-See Shows & Where to Go in Between

A man and woman playing musical instruments on a stage.
New Plymouth & Taranaki
As the cooler days close in, there’s a sense that hibernation mode has hit many pockets of the country, where leaving the house past 5pm starts to feel worthy of a standing ovation. But over in Taranaki, things are only just warming up as the arrival of winter brings with it one of the most exciting cultural festivals in Aotearoa’s calendar. Winter Fest plays host to award-winning homegrown talents, who set the town alight with a wonderland of ideas, words, and stories told through a kaleidoscope of genres, from comedy to music to theatre. With over 30 shows across 10 days (6-16 June), there’s something for everyone – but we’ve gone ahead and picked six events we’re most looking forward to. And, in keeping with the spirit of Neat Places, we’re inviting you to make a day out of each spectacle, with bonus recommendations for pre-show dinners, daytime cultural fixes, independent boutique shopping, and cosy nightcaps in New Plymouth and the wider region.

New Zealand’s Top Hotels For Unforgettable Staycations

A massive red 'HOTEL' sign on a wall.

Forget the stale hotel stereotypes; New Zealand's staycation scene is flourishing with bold character and unrivalled charm.

The People Behind the Places: Meet the Food and Drink Heroes of Taranaki

A man and woman standing outside their cafe Proof and Stock.
New Plymouth & Taranaki

Taranaki is a mecca for artisan bakers, brewers, coffee roasters, gin distillers and ice cream makers.

9 Taranaki Walks and Where to Treat Yourself After

The mountains of Taranaki surrounded by New Zealand native plants.
New Plymouth & Taranaki

Taranaki is a natural playground, with its wild coastline, rugged terrain and majestic Maunga.

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The Hour Glass

The exterior of The Hour Glass in New Plymouth at dusk.
Place New Plymouth & Taranaki
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Tucked away on Liardet Street, The Hour Glass is a beloved restaurant and tapas bar that has fed and watered New Plymouth people since 2013.

House Wine

The black exterior of House Wine Bar New Plymouth.
Place New Plymouth & Taranaki
Bars key icon.

Let’s be honest. The world of wine can have its exclusive, and shall we say, somewhat snobby pockets.

Toret Cucina Italiana

A close up of a staff member holding three plates of food.
Place New Plymouth & Taranaki
Restaurants key icon.

Located in Ōakura, a charming seaside village 20 minutes out of New Plymouth, Toret offers a dining experience that is as authentically Italian as they come.

The Ōkato & Slippery Bill’s

The exterior of Ōkato & Slippery Bill’s, Okato.
Place New Plymouth & Taranaki
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At first glance, it might not seem like there’s a lot going on in the small rural town of Ōkato in the Taranaki region.

Fenton Art Collective

Landscape on an easel at Fenton Art Collective, Taranaki.
Place New Plymouth & Taranaki
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What do you get if you put art, history, gin and espresso under one roof? An eclectic melting pot like Fenton Art Collective in Taranaki.

The Burnt Place

Bench seating at The Burnt Place, Taranaki.
Place New Plymouth & Taranaki
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The Burnt Place is quickly coming home away from home for Hāwera locals with its cosy neighbourhood vibes.

Juno Gin

Dave looking at still at Juno Gin, New Plymouth.
Place New Plymouth & Taranaki
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The origins of New Plymouth’s boutique gin distillery, Juno, is a compelling tale of relentless passion and a scientific approach.

Vintage Industries

Exterior of Vintage Industries, New Plymouth.
Place New Plymouth & Taranaki

Vintage Industries in New Plymouth  is a beacon - twofold in fact - for its salvaged antiques from across the globe and golden exterior.

Liardet Street Projects

Two food caravans sitting next to each ohter.
Place New Plymouth & Taranaki
Restaurants key icon.

A cohort of cool hospitality vendors come together to create Liardet Street Projects in New Plymouth; an open air foodhall that boasts a variety of authentic street food and...

Kingsroy Gallery

Wide angle of the gallery space at Kingsroy Gallery, New Plymouth.
Place New Plymouth & Taranaki
Galleries and museum key icon.

New Plymouth’s burgeoning art scene is vibrant and exciting and Kingsroy is a notable addition to the swathe of galleries opening in the coastal city.

Bleached Coffee and Crystal Cylinder

The inside of Bleached Coffee cafe.
Place New Plymouth & Taranaki Editor's Pick
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Shimmy yourself into Bleached and Crystal Cylinder, an industrial coffee shop slash lifestyle store tucked behind Devon Street West that’s oh so sunny.

Shining Peak Brewing

The blue and white exterior of Shining Peak Brewing in New Plymouth.
Place New Plymouth & Taranaki
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Drink beer, do good. That’s what Shining Peak Brewing Company boldly encourages patrons to do when they enter their New Plymouth microbrewery.

Nice Hotel and Restaurant

The colourful and luxurious living room inside Nice Hotel.
Place New Plymouth & Taranaki
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At the top of a hill, on the cusp of the green Pukekara...

Tawhiti Museum

Tawhiti Museum sign.
Place New Plymouth & Taranaki Hāwera
Galleries and museum key icon.

Tawhiti Museum is unlike any other provincial museum in New Zealand as it is the amalgamation of one man's dedicated heritage project.

Wild Pear Kitchen

Woman holding a smoothie at Wild Pear Kitchen, New Plymouth.
Place New Plymouth & Taranaki
Cafes key icon.

Wild Pear Kitchen in New Plymouth is a haven for lovers of vegan and vegetarian cuisine, a welcoming and award-winning café that specialises in fresh and tasty...

Tartan Rose Cakery and Deli

A coffee menu on a wall at Tartan Rose in New Plymouth.
Place New Plymouth & Taranaki
Cafes key icon.

Tartan Rose is somewhat tucked away on the fringe of New Plymouth’s centre but you’ll be more than rewarded after your short walk to this incredible cakery and deli.